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The Robert Scott Bell Show
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Hosted by Robert Scott Bell.

Robert Scott Bell hosts the fastest two hours of healing information on radio, dealing with gardasil catch up dosing of cipro everyday health issues from the perspective of alternative/holistic health care. Robert Scott Bell tackles the tough issues and shows no fear when confronting government and corporate bullies who would stand in the way of health freedom.

You will be amazed by the amount of information about healing that is kept secret from you and what you can do to learn more about it!

Oct 30, 2015

Health Ranger Zero Zeolite Challenge, Dr. King on a non-GMO Halloween, Liam Scheff Cali Oil Alarm tour, Ukrainian Carnivora success story and more!
Some of you are ready for Halloween, but are you ready for Daylight Savings Time to end and normal time to begin? RSB and Super D discuss the dangers associated with the time change. It couldn't possibly be as dangerous as Trick or Treat GMO candy, could it? Are you up for a challenge? The Health Ranger has put out some new information regarding the heavy metal contents of zeolite. Turns out that there's loads of lead and aluminum in them-thar zeolites. Could this be the reason that naturally inclined detox-docs mistakenly recommend it to everyone for a metal cleanse? People who ingest these supplements show increased output of lead and aluminum, leading many to conclude that it was a great chelater of metals. Who would have thought it was because it was putting them in the body in the first place? What's the challenge? Stop taking them for 28 days and see if you feel better. Happy Heavy Metal-less Halloween! On today's Healing Revolution with Dr. Frank King, he and RSB pre-explain the coming illnesses in children and adults who indulge in the multi-colored, artificially flavored and sugared treats of the costume door knocking evening coming up. In hour 2, RSB catches up with Official Stories author Liam Scheff. What's the latest on The Oil Alarm tour in California? What's up with the millennial generation? Are they all a bunch of narcissists who expect that everything is either owed to them or just given to them? Of course, it's not polite to generalize, but since when is it not OK to express human emotions in the course of conducting business or completing projects on which a group of people are working together? What is the "Nobody's Wrong" generation? We'll revisit the collapse of the Soviet Union as Dmitry Orlov explained why millions of Russians did not starve after the infrastructure crumbled almost overnight. Or did it? What did the Soviet Empire have to do with peak oil? Are you growing food yet? Why were villages always in close proximity to the fields of food? We'll let you ponder on that as you look around America in search of towns connected to food production. Will the wonders of Carnivora ever cease? RSB talks to a real Hometown Healer, or survivor, from Ukraine who overcame pancreatic cancer by using the Venus Flytrap extract (CARNIVORA) and Lymphatic drainage support.

Oct 29, 2015

Sacred Fire for Liberty w/ Emord, Chumley, Singleton, U.S. ISIS raid and the brewing World War, Anna Victoria Rodgers and truth about breast implants!
Its time once again for another portion of the Sacred Fire of Liberty hour with Cheryl Chumley of WND, Jonathan Emord, the FDA dragon slayer, and Norm Singleton, of Campaign for Liberty! First on the plate is the heroism of Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler, who was killed in a raid on a ISIS prison in Iraq. How many more soldiers need to die before the U.S. stops playing king maker, by funding radical terrorism around the world? Will this lead to a major return by U.S. forces to the region? Defiantly a possibility, as boots on the ground policy has been announced by Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, in our nations seemingly endless war against terrorism. The freedom bunch will also dissect last night's Republican presidential debate and the performance of CNBC journalists. It seems media bias is becoming mainstreamed! Even with the ridiculous conduct of the moderators, which Republican candidate comes out on top after last night and which lost the most? Also in the political realm, whats the real skinny on the house budget battle? Is it the death of the tea party and/or the GOP? What about the new speaker of the house, is Paul Ryan going to be a blessing or a curse? Will the power players use Paul Ryan to push through the TPP and further fiscal irresponsibility? In hour 2 RSB is joined by Anna Victoria Rodgers, writer, author, and crusader for educating women about the horrors of breast implants! Each year in the United States approximately 300,000 women and teenagers undergo breast augmentation. It's thought that the total number of implants carried out each year worldwide is anywhere between 5 to 10 million. Before the operations women are often told by their surgeons that it is a safe procedure with "very little" risk. The FDA also says breast implants are relatively safe. Yet most of these women don't know that this is simply not the case. There is in fact a growing body of evidence, in conjunction with thousands of horror stories from women all over the world who have had implants which have ended up in disaster, to prove that they are not safe and are actually causing debilitating autoimmune disorders and other physical problems in many women. If you have breast implants, or are considering them, I urge you to take this article very seriously. Http://

Oct 28, 2015

Fraudulent Science selling poison through GMO's and drugs, TMB outside the box, mammogram failure, California church pays fine to worship God
The hijacking of modern science by corporations hellbent on profiting at the expense of public health is no more evident than in published scientific literature. There, you'll find all sorts of papers claiming that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are safe, chemicals are good for you and pharmaceuticals drugs are the only medicine worth taking, but how much of all these information are actually valid? New study from the World Health Organization finds for the first time that tuberculosis infections rivaled HIV/AIDS as a leading cause of death from infectious diseases. Right up RSB's ally, scores of leading scientists have urged the creation of a major initiative to better understand the microbial communities critical to both human health and every ecosystem. In a moment of duh, a new study shows teens who are given prescription narcotic painkillers may run a higher risk of abusing narcotics after high school. In hour 2 RSB will be joined by Ty Bollinger for another Outside the Box Wednesday! New York state will require physicians to complete an educational course before they can authorize medical marijuana for patients an unusual mandate not applied to other new drugs or seen in other states with medical marijuana programs. A new report raises fresh questions about the value of mammograms. The rate of cancers that have already spread far beyond the breast when they are discovered has stayed stable for decades, suggesting that screening and early detection are not preventing the most dangerous forms of the disease. The report, in Thursday's New England Journal of Medicine, is by three prominent cancer specialists and is based on federal statistics going back to the 1970s. In what is yet another sign of government's war on Christianity, a Baptist church in Oakland, California, has been threatened by city officials to tone down its choir practice or face heavy fines for being a noise "nuisance." As reported by CBS San Francisco, lovers of Gospel music think of it as "joyful noise" and acknowledge that it's anything but quiet. Lastly, we've all been there: The little one makes a mess or causes a problem, and it's up to you as the parent to remind them to apologize for their wrongdoing. Being regretful for hurtful behavior or actions is something everyone should know about. But sorry to be the bearer of bad news: It's not the right way to go, according to one expert! All this and more! Http://

Oct 27, 2015

WHO: diets high in processed meats cause cancer, Ryan Greschuk D.C. "Its not your fault you've been lied to", cancer causing chemicals and more!
It's official: Ham, sausage and other processed meats can lead to colon, stomach and other cancers - and red meat is probably cancer-causing, too. While doctors have long warned against eating too much meat, the World Health Organization's cancer agency gave the most definitive response yet Monday about its relation to cancer - and put processed meats in the same danger category as cigarettes or asbestos. A group of 22 scientists from the WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon, France evaluated more than 800 studies from several continents about meat and cancer. Based on that evaluation, they classified processed meat as "carcinogenic to humans" and red meat as "probably carcinogenic." Soylent Green is People! This may not be far from the truth according to a study from Clear Labs, a food analytics startup, 10% of vegetarian hot dog products contain meat. Perhaps worse, the company found hygiene issues in four of its 21 vegetarian samples. It also found human DNA in 2% of its hot dog samples -- and two-thirds of the vegetarian samples. RSB will also be joined by Dr. Ryan Greschuk to talk about the fight for health freedom in the great snowy alps of Canada, from the perspective of a practicing millennial doctor! Dr. Ryan Greschuk is a wellness chiropractor and owner of Doctor of Living Big Health Coaching, as well as a adventurer at heart, and honours graduate from Life Chiropractic College West. Sound a lot like the message we stand for here at The Robert Scott Bell Show? Be sure to check out Dr. Greschuk's new book debuting today "It's Not Your Fault You've Been Lied To"! In hour 2 RSB will dissect the new attack on picamilon (a safe supplement combining the natural substances GABA and vitamin B3) spearheaded by the attorney general of Oregon, with the assistance of Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO), and how it has likely been orchestrated by the US Food and Drug Administration. Is this the next big push against supplement use in the country? What is the difference between a chemtrail and a contrail? RSB will break it down here! A new study has confirmed what most already knew, cutting most of the sugar from a child's diet can immediately improve health! Even if the diet still contains the same amount of calories and carbohydrates as before. In another interesting study, young adults who ate the most fruits and vegetables apparently had the least calcified plaque buildup in their arteries decades later, which indicates a reduced risk of heart disease! As we rap up the mainstreamed 'breast cancer awareness month', a new study sheds some light on something to really be aware about! A group of chemicals commonly used in cosmetics and other personal-care products may stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells at doses much lower than previously thought.

Oct 26, 2015

RFK Jr Interview and #CDCWhistleblower rally re-run, Advanced Medicine w/ Dr. Buttar, The Challenge to CDC fraudster Frank DeStefano and more!
RSB will be re-broadcasting last Wednesday's 1st hour broadcast live from the 2015 United States Health Freedom Congress, in the heartland of Twin Cities in Saint Paul, MN. While RSB is at this gathering of state and national health freedom leaders and advocates, he has been blessed to interview the man behind bringing national attention to the CDC whistleblower movement, Robert F. Kennedy Jr! RFK Jr. will be attending a rally this weekend at the CDC's Atlanta headquarters, along with our assistant producer Op-ED, to bring awareness to the flagrant corruption which has thrived on secrecy, silence, and the inactive status-quo of good people. The CDC rally aims to continue shattering this veil of silence and force the conversation around runaway drug company monopolies that have declared humanity's health secondary to their bottom line. The rally also demands answers from the CDC concerning the 2014 whistle blowing by their senior scientist Dr. William Thompson who publicly admitted research fraud while at the agency doing MMR vaccine studies. In a new study, some infants carry the diarrhea-causing bacteria Clostridium difficile in their guts without any symptoms, but the bacteria may rapidly disappear when these infants switch from drinking breast milk to cow's milk. Watch out folks Supplements are the plague! (satire). The mainstream media is using a new study funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), released last week, to renew the false charges that supplements are unregulated, unsafe, and require more federal oversight. In hour 2 RSB will be joined by Dr. Rashid Buttar for another episode of Advanced Medicine Monday! Get ready as RSB and Dr. Rashid Buttar double down on the gauntlet thrown at the CDC's Dr. DeStefano by RFK, Jr. It appears that Bobby Kennedy has read The Art of War. We'll share our astonishment and approval for his integrity and commitment to a most worthy cause! There's strategy with that passion. Years ago Dr. Buttar was interviewed by PBS and Frontline, where he made a challenge to the medical establishment that still stands today. They never aired it. We'll review it again and set the stage for a challenge they will likely never engage in. Why? Why has Sesame Street introduced an autistic Muppet character? Is it to normalize vaccine injury and deflect attention away from true cause?

Oct 25, 2015

Big Pharma Martin Shkreli beaten at his own game, #CDCwhistleblower update, Trump's true feelings toward Monsanto and the malaria shot expose
Martin Shkreli was widely criticized late last month after his Turing Pharmaceuticals announced an increase in the price of Daraprim, the only approved treatment for a life-threatening parasitic infection, from.50 to 0 per capsule after buying rights to sell the drug. But now the former hedge fund manager has competition. A San Diego biomedical company on Thursday announced it's selling an alternate medication to Daraprim for a capsule, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. For the first time, a team of researchers looked at exactly which types of foods could be the most addictive. They asked a group of 120 undergraduates at the University of Michigan, and another group of nearly 400 adults, about 35 different types of food, from pizza to broccoli, and whether they think they could have problems controlling how much they ate of each one. Eighteen of the items were processed foods, meaning they contained added sugars and fats. Topping the list were pizza, chocolate, chips, cookies, ice cream, French fries, cake and soda, all considered processed foods. They were followed by cheese and bacon, both unprocessed foods, but high in fat and salt. RSB will be joined by Kim Ritchie to talk about this weekends rally for truth at the CDC in Atlanta. Lastly Super Don and RSB will break down the findings of a new survey which found that many U.S. teenagers have willingly accepted a ride from a drunk driver within the past year. In hour 2 RSB will break down something we have previously covered regarding the medical kidnapping story of Leanna Smith, who had her two daughters removed from her family and eventually adopted out due to allegations of "medical abuse" and Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. Leanna has been fighting in court for several years now to seek justice, and earlier this year her case was heard in the 9th Circuit Court. In an interesting twist this week, Leanna found a GoFundMe page put up by the foster parents of her youngest child requesting funds for medical needs and to move out of their home which was infested with mold. Leanna wonders if CPS and the State of Arizona did any investigations with the foster parents as they have publicly admitted that her youngest daughter now has DRESS syndrome, severe rashes, and "serious damage to her liver." Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump continues to lead in most of the polls, with his popularity he's seemingly taken on the world's most evil corporation: biotech seed giant Monsanto. Http://

Oct 23, 2015

Dr. Frank King and The Healing Revolution, CDC rally for vaccine truth in ATL, Susan Kraemer and helping neurologically damaged children and more!
Are you at the CDC rally for vaccine truth? We've got updates and you still have time to get there for the weekend events in Atlanta (Grant Park Saturday). RSB reports from the Twin Cities about the state of Health Freedom in America. Where to begin? We'll review the events that recently transpired at the U.S. Health Freedom Congress. What's your issue? There were discussion on geo-engineering, GMO food, vaccination and much more! Prayers go out to the people of Mexico affected by this monster hurricane today. We'll do a little boxing update on today's Healing Revolution with Dr. Frank King as he and RSB discuss the father-son trip he took to NYC last weekend. What was it like to see the big fights at Madison Square Garden? Imagine having a conversation with Bernard Hopkins, Roberto Duran and his son! That's exactly what happened! Did they talk about arnica and prevention of Parkinson's? Imagine if professional athletes made the Sporting Edge part of their daily regimen. Got Muscle Maximizer? Then we'll get into stress and how to de-stress. How do we thrive despite a heavy stress burden? Remember to use the Whole person Appraisal at the King Bio web site to help you self-assess. In Dr. King's book, the 8 Essentials to Life are revealed with helpful techniques for identification of stress and its reduction. Do you know about the vascular stress receptors in your forehead? What can you do with scalp points when you are washing your hair in the shower to get your day off to a distressed start? How about before sleep; can you make an appointment with the divine? In Hour 2 RSB interviews one more health freedom warrior from the United States Health Freedom Congress in Minnesota. Susan Kraemer is a special kind of healer. An educator by training, plus a massage therapist, she has a special place in her heart for helping children who have been adversely affected by vaccines into the autism spectrum. She will share the results of her technique on kids in the school system who are not able to function well in groups. Get ready to relax and open up to the unconditional love, along with healing touch, that assists the neurological pathways in their recovery. If you have questions about implementing her healing protocols, contact or go to her website here. Time permitting, RSB jumps back in to another QOTD, this time a complex question about Carnivora, lung health, allergies, weight gain, detox and Life Change Tea. Finally, RSB and Super Don lighten it up a little with funny cat videos. Did you know that cats are deathly afraid of cucumbers? No, really! Watch, but then administer some King Bio Stress Control. Remember, the Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest is available for 50% off today only! Hurry and order!

Oct 22, 2015

Sacred Fire of Liberty w/ Emord, Chumley and Singleton, Clinton Benghazi hearing U.S. spec ops rescue mission, raw milk revolution, debt limit drama
Its time once again for another portion of the Sacred Fire of Liberty hour with Cheryl Chumley of WND, Jonathan Emord, the FDA dragon slayer, and Norm Singleton, of Campaign for Liberty! First on the plate Hillary Clinton will be testifying at the Benghazi committee, is it finally time for her to meet some justice for her crimes? Speaking of crimes, her email scandal is only seeming to get spiral more out of control, will she become the first presidential candidate to be indicted during their election run? Old creepy VC Joe Biden seems to have decided to drop his name out of the democratic nomination race, but is it permanent, or just until Hillary gets indicted? In an interesting bid of military news, the pentagon has announced the U.S has experienced our first war casualty since officially withdrawing from the county after a successful spec ops raid on an ISIS camp, to rescue hostages. Our political experts will also dissect Russia's war against anti-Assad forces and what the future looks like for that region with this new super power at the helm! The Raw milk revolution is a foot, as dairy is finally starting to get the mainstream attention it deserves, it's now not only foodies and rural folk who opt for that silky, buttery hit of unctuous white stuff! One of the arguments commonly made by supporters of government-run health care is that free people are incapable of finding or creating ways to meet their needs for affordable health care. Of course, anyone who understands free-market economics knows this is nonsense. The truth is people are quite capable of meeting their own needs for health care if the government gets out of the way! Lastly RSB will discuss debt limit drama, as the U.S treasury announces their real insolvency as they are unable to borrow anymore because they have hit their limit! In Hour 2 RSB will be joined by Radhia Gleis, a specialist in weight loss/management, detoxification and diet related diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory disease, autoimmune diseases and obesity. She teaches/lectures and practices the profession of clinical nutrition with great passion. Radhia is also a Certified Clinical Nutrition, C.C.N. and she sure knows her stuff! RSB will also be joined by Susan Gingrich, who is Sunshine Health Freedom Foundation's Coordinator for State Coordinators, and is a driven force behind Ohio's S.B 194 for complimentary alternative care rights, check it out here! RSB and her will also discuss how the pharmaceutical industrial complex has gone after her and even a local nutritionist for daring to give nutrition advice which is not consistent with Michelle Obama's 'expert' advisories! Peter McCarthy N.D. and Activist will also be joining RSB to speak about his ground breaking work in Texas, to bring the fight for health freedom to the forefront in the lone star state!

Oct 21, 2015

RFK Jr and this weekend's march on the CDC HQ in ATL to expose vaccine corruption, watchdog defends USDA GMO researcher's, pot usage doubles
RSB will be broadcasting live from the 2015 United States Health Freedom Congress, in the heartland of Twin Cities in Saint Paul, MN. While RSB is at this gathering of state and national health freedom leaders and advocates, he has been blessed to interview the man behind bringing national attention to the CDC whistleblower movement, Robert F. Kennedy Jr! RFK Jr. will be attending a rally this weekend at the CDC's Atlanta headquarters, along with our assistant producer Op-ED, to bring awareness to the flagrant corruption which has thrived on secrecy, silence, and the inactive status-quo of good people. The CDC rally aims to continue shattering this veil of silence and force the conversation around runaway drug company monopolies that have declared humanity's health secondary to their bottom line. The rally also demands answers from the CDC concerning the 2014 whistle blowing by their senior scientist Dr. William Thompson who publicly admitted research fraud while at the agency doing MMR vaccine studies. In a new study, some infants carry the diarrhea-causing bacteria Clostridium difficile in their guts without any symptoms, but the bacteria may rapidly disappear when these infants switch from drinking breast milk to cow's milk. Watch out folks Supplements are the plague! (satire). The mainstream media is using a new study funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), released last week, to renew the false charges that supplements are unregulated, unsafe, and require more federal oversight. In Hour 2 RSB will open with news from an anti-corruption public watchdog group, who has sent letters to the chairmen and ranking members of House and Senate agriculture committees in Washington, as well as the Department of Agriculture's inspector general, requesting an investigation regarding an alleged cover-up by agri- and biotech giant Monsanto. In addition, RSB will address the work of the Oakland, California-based group, U.S. Right to Know (USRTK), who requesting a investigation into whether USDA scientists who don't kowtow to the pro-genetically modified organism school of thought pushed by the biotech colossus are being harassed when the results of their scientific work don't jibe with the GMO party line. Just days after it was revealed that Canada is well on its way to ending prohibition across the nation, a new Gallup poll finds that the majority of the American population would support a measure to make the same reform right here in the United States. A solid 58 percent of the respondents said they believe cannabis should be legalized! Additionally, as laws and attitudes about marijuana have relaxed in the past decade, a study shows that the number of Americans who say they smoke pot has more than doubled!

Oct 20, 2015

2015 Health Freedom Congress w/ Tami Goldstein and the discrimination of vaccine injured, Liam Scheff: The Oil Alarm, Atina Diffley and Johanna Jones
RSB will be broadcasting live from the 2015 United States Health Freedom Congress, in the heartland of Twin Cities in Saint Paul, MN. While RSB is at this gathering of state and national health freedom leaders and advocates, he has been blessed to interview his good friend and colleague Tami Goldstein WLMT, NCTMB, CST,from the Upledger Institute of CranioSacral Therapy, to discuss the institutional educational discrimination against vaccine-injured children occurring through the nation. Since discovering that her youngest child had an Asperger's Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, Tami has been pursuing a career in the field of holistic care which includes holding a State and National Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork as well as continuing her training in Cranio-Sacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute in Florida. Tami has also become certified in CranioSacral Therapy in January of 2013, trained in Massage Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy (CST) I and II, Somatic Emotional Release (SER) I and II,CST Pediatrics, and The Kolden Technique and Body Therapy, Reiki Master/Teacher. She is also a Certified Infant Massage Instructor. Tami currently has two offices where she facilitates Cranio-Sacral Therapy. Approximately 38% of her clientele are children, teenagers and young adults on the Autism Spectrum or with other neuro-developmental delays. She has also authored a book called 'Coming Through the Fog'. RSB will also be joined by Liam Scheff, who couldn't actually make the conference, but is instead joining the show from the west coast to discuss revelations he has been having from 'The Oil Alarm'. Listeners, feel free to come down and meet with people from around the nation dedicated to health freedom! In Hour 2 RSB will be joined by Atina Diffley, to discuss the necessity of environmental remediation at the local level, and how we can all get closer to a more natural and healthy style of living. Atina Diffley is a world renowned organic farmer-educator, activist, and author of the 2013 Minnesota Book Award winner, 'Turn Here Sweet Corn: Organic Farming Works', a memoir based on Atina's life running the Gardens of Eagan organic vegetable farm. Her advocacy has addressed the pressures of suburban development, and she successfully led a legal and citizen campaign against the notorious polluters, Koch Industries, to create an Organic Mitigation Plan for organic farms in Minnesota. RSB will also be joined by Diane Miller's lovely daughter Johanna Jones, to war game a review of the congress, and how everyone is looking forward to actions of health freedom in the future. All this and more! As always, remember, The Power to Heal is Yours! Http://

Oct 19, 2015

U.S. Health Freedom Congress in MN w/ Diane Miller and Camilla / EMF, Dr. Buttar Adv Med w/ Dr. Brian Hooker and updates on the CDC whistleblower
RSB will be broadcasting live from the 2015 United States Health Freedom Congress, in the heartland of Twin Cities in Saint Paul, MN. While RSB is at this gathering of state and national health freedom leaders and advocates, he has been blessed to interview his good friend and colleague Diane Miller a Minnesota attorney who is currently Legal and Public Policy Director of the National Health Freedom Coalition (NHFC) and it's sister organization, the National Health Freedom Action (NHFA). Diane also successfully helped to defend a Minnesota farmer from charges of "practice of medicine without a license". After State v. Saunders, Miller proceeded to design health freedom legislation for the State of Minnesota and was the lead lobbyist and legislative consultant to the Minnesota Natural Health-Legal Reform Project responsible for passing the consumer driven legislation entitled the Minnesota Complementary and Alternative Health Care Freedom of Access Act. The new law exempts unlicensed health care practitioners from charges of "practice of medicine without a license". RSB will also be interviewing Camile Rees, who is the founder of, co-author of Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Radiation; co-founder of the International EMF Alliance; Advisor to the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology, and Voting Member of the U.S. Health Freedom Congress, to talk about the intrigue subject of Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF). Listeners, free to come down and meet with people from around the nation dedicated to health freedom! In Hour 2 RSB will be joined by Dr. Rashid Buttar and special guest Dr. Brian Hooker for another information packed Advanced Medicine Monday! Dr. Brian S. Hooker, PhD, PE, was formerly a bioengineer and the team leader for the High Throughput Biology Team and Operations Manager of the DOE Genomics: Genomes to Life (GTL) Center for Molecular and Cellular Systems at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). Hooker also is credited as a co-inventor for five patents. He now works as an associate professor at Simpson University. First and foremost this power trio is going to discuss the updates and developments in the CDC whistleblower case, regarding Dr. Thompson, a former head scientist at the CDC who admitted that not only did the government find that there was a link between the MMR vaccine and Autism Spectrum Disorder, but they actively worked to destroy the evidence and cover the information up from the public! Last update we had, was Florida Senator Posey successfully reading Dr. William Thompson's testimony onto the senate record, but other than that it has been crickets! Tune in to find out the latest in the case which may bring the whole CDC and Pharmaceutically driven Autism narrative crashing down! All this and more!

Oct 18, 2015

Ty Bollinger: Truth About Cancer update and their war against censorship, 9/11: eery bible verse fused to steel beam, Ronnie Mcmullen healing teas
RSB, Super Don and Op-ED open up the day by discussing Don's fun little trip to a local farmers market in Austin, TX where he ran across this brow raising banner 'GF Yourself Kitchen', which actually stands for Gluten Free! Is Super Don finally caving to the pressures from RSB, and giving up his diet of cigarettes, chargrilled red meat, and black coffee for a healthier journey? Tune in to find out! RSB will also address an interesting question from across the pond in good ole England, regarding the differences between the medical approaches and effectiveness of integrative medicine, allopathic medicine and holistic medicine, and how though you shouldn't use a hammer to fix every problem, you should probably should keep it in your tool box for those emergencies! The crew will also be joined by the one and only, Ty Bollinger, from The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest, to update us on how well the docu-series is going, and expose some behind the scenes attempts by the pharmaceutical industrial complex to censor this powerful message of health freedom from the public! RSB will also break down a ridiculous update for the FDA as they have approved emergency use of a drug to reverse the blood-thinning effects of another drug. Sounds more like medical roulette everyday! Lastly RSB and Super Don will break down how those last few rounds at the bar and the resulting hangover costs more than the price of some Advil, The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported excessive drinking cost the U.S. economy 9 billion in 2010, largely from reduced workplace productivity and resulting health problems. In Hour 2 RSB will begin by answering some of the throngs of questions which have come in since the debut of The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest, and will break down the difference between organic and non-organic forms of selenium. Also on the plate RSB, Super Don and Op-ED will discuss an intriguing and eery message of forgiveness from the rubble of the World Trade Center, as a fragment was found in March of 2002 contained a portion of the Sermon on the Mount from the Gospel of Matthew. "Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also." What would have happened had our nation adhered to the teaching of these words back in 2001, would we be in the fiscal and military nightmare we are currently experiencing? RSB will also be joined by Ronnie Mcmullen of Life Change Tea to discuss the power of healing through delicious and nourishing herbal teas and extracts! Lastly the crew will break down the latest inception from the gut killers over at General Mills, as the company offers a box of only the incredibly deadly marshmallows, in exchange for good PR and selfies! All this and more!

Oct 16, 2015

Tom Brady on Coke and Frosted Flakes, Dr. King Healing Revolution, PHAT axis hormones, Liam Scheff Oil Alarm, Mazlo sun vegan, sit/stand and more!
RSB and Super Don welcome you to the weekend with an unusual segment on sports. Do you like Tom Brady of the New England Patriots? He's a lightning rod for controversy, whether it be deflated footballs or Frosted Flakes. Brady just lashed out at Coca-cola and Tony the Tiger as consumables that do nothing good for your health. How is he doing so well as a professional quarterback at the age of 38? Well, there's the controversy as a mainstream reporter from Boston Magazine is gingerly trying to discredit his business partner, a Alejandro Guerrero who got into lots of trouble with the FTC doing dietary supplement infomercials. The fine line the reporter must walk in attacking Brady's health guru is fascinating to read because in Boston, the patriot quarterback practically walks on water. We'll discuss the inevitability that alternative medicine will be mainstream before we know it. With each new sports hero or movie star celebrity acknowledging the use of substances and methods for healing beyond the purview of FDA, millions more people not only become more aware of their options, but they may actually exercise them! How are you? That's the question that the Healing Revolution with Dr. Frank King will seek to answer today! What's really going on when we ask these existential questions? How many of us are prepared to listen as someone answers such questions that you may have posed in passing. When is it more than a mere salutation or greeting? Are we ready to seek the answers within? In Hour 2 RSB is joined by Liam Scheff, who is back promoting "The Oil Alarm", the short film which will be released in November. He's giving a talk in Vegas and then more in the dry, drought-ridden western states. RSB and Liam will talk about the challenges and changes that are a'coming, and they are sure coming quickly. Where does your food come from? Where does your water come from? Why won't science, religion or new age-ism save you from oil decline? This isn't an "end of the world" prognosticiation - it's a pure economic, resource-based observation - we're in a changing landscape of lower energy, food and fuel reserves, and we're all going to have to be active, in our neighborhoods, growing and sharing food and resources. Or, that's Liam's message. See if you agree in this hour. Plus: There Are No Vegans In the Future! What do we mean? We'll tell you all about it. If you like the Liam's work, please buy a book or ebook! Or donate to on Paypal to keep the Oil Alarm ringing. Finally, RSB and Super Don wrap things up with a major announcement of radio expansion beginning Monday, October 19, 2015. Visit to see what has Super Don up late prior to launch! Should we remain sitting or give him a standing ovation? We may need a special desk just to keep up. What does it mean that "A sun salutation a day may keep the doctor away"? Could the medical establishment really get behind relaxation and sun exposure? All this and more!

Oct 15, 2015

Sacred Fire of Liberty: Cheryl Chumley Jonathan Emord, Norm Singleton, Demo debate and Odom supplements, Fruitarian Jessica Sentman and more!
Its time once again for another portion of the Sacred Fire of Liberty hour with Cheryl Chumley of WND, Jonathan Emord, the FDA dragon slayer, and Norm Singleton, of Campaign for Liberty! First up for our patriots is the shamble of an event, also being referred to as the 1st democratic presidential debate. Many things were discussed, many possessions from the middle class promised for further distribution, but one thing that rang true, is that we are really now at a point where the politics of the left and the right are clearly asymmetrically divided in motivations and goals. Outlets informed us that Hillary Clinton was the winner, with polls pinning open socialist Bernie Sanders as the top dog, but all of this was seemingly overshadowed, by the clear mass deflection of all parties involved away regarding Hillary's on going email scandal! In Hour 2 RSB is glad to share a story of grace and redemption from the Health Ranger's ranch, as four years ago, Mike Adam's rescued two 'Jesus donkeys' from the horrific fires of Bastrop, Texas. It turns out today that those donkeys have a had a new baby! As the photos show in the link, the new baby is another Jesus donkey! These donkeys are nicknamed "Jesus donkeys" because they bear a dark cross on their backs. From the side, it looks like a stripe, but from above, it's a cross. I didn't learn until recently that they're called "Jesus donkeys." RSB goes over a new study which shows, side effects from dietary supplements send more than 20,000 Americans to the emergency room each year. RSB will also be joined by Jessica Sentman, a proud fruitarian, Low-fat, raw vegan trying to change the world one idea at a time! Check out her twitter here. Lastly we'll end the night in a little laughter as you file this one under "I'll have some of what he had, but without the stupidity, please." Police said a 22-year-old Ohio man last week called 9-1-1 from amidst a pile of munchies to report he was "too high" on marijuana, reports Kaily Cunningham at Fox 8 Cleveland. When officers arrived, they were directed to an upstairs bedroom by the caller's granddad. As they went up the stairs, they could hear "groaning from the room at the end of the hall." When the opened the door, they found the 22-year-old laying in a fetal position amidst "a plethora of Doritos, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish and Chips Ahoy cookies," according to the police report. The stoned suspect reported that he "couldn't feel his hands." Inside his car, cops found a glass pipe with cannabis residue, two packs of rolling papers, two marijuana roaches and a glass jar filled with cannabis. Http://

Oct 14, 2015

Stuart Tomc and cannabis highlights from Dem-debate, Ronnie Mcmullen and teas that heal Ty Bollinger Ep1: The True History of Chemotherapy and more!
The first Democratic debate for the 2016 presidential election happened Tuesday in Las Vegas, and while the subject of marijuana legalization wasn't discussed by all five candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders made statements, with Sanders taking an interestingly bolder edge. In this transcript provided by debate host CNN, here's what Clinton and Sanders had to say about marijuana, with Sanders taking the approach of highlighting the utter injustices of the United States failed war on drugs. To expand on this perspective further, RSB will be joined by Stuart Tomc, CEO of Cannavest, and our resident cannabis expert and innovator! The war on drugs has harmed many in the country, and especially men like Thomas Patrick Farr, was prosecuted after police raided his home and discovered a lone cannabis plant in his bedroom. He had originally took to growing cannabis as a means of natural pain relief, and has since failed in a bid to appeal his conviction for producing the drug. His statement to the Appeal Court really emphasizes the sheer lunacy behind the legal systems globally that criminalize cannabis and unabashedly assault 'non violent criminals', as he responded to the judge that they should be dealing with rapists and criminals, rather than people like him! In Hour 2 RSB will be joined by his good friend, and compadre in the fight for health freedom, Ty Bollinger, for another action packed Outside the Box Wednesday! First on the plate these two heavy weights for cancer truth, will reflect on the successful debut of the first episode to The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest, regarding the true history of chemotherapy and the endemic pharmaceutical monopoly which has grasped our nation in its talons of tyranny. While on the subject of slimy corrupt pharmaceutical companies, according to a letter from the California Immunization Coalition sent to California Health Secretary Diana Dooley late last month, there is a shortage of mercury-free flu shots available for California's pregnant mothers and infants. As a result, the CIC is asking pregnant women to inject themselves and their babies with a known neurotoxin by asking the State to suspend, again, California's no mercury law. There's only one problem. Last Wednesday, the MSJ contacted Sanofi Pasteur to inquire about a reported shortage of their Fluzone product. After inquiring about the availability of the product and its safety for a pregnant mother who might be seeking the flu shot, we were told something entirely different. Lynn, an R.N. with Sanofi Pasteur, confirmed to the MSJ on the telephone that "there is no national shortage of the mercury-free dose of Fluzone, the pre-filled syringes are shipping on time and are in ample supply." London's Royal Free Hospital says the condition of nurse Pauline Cafferkey, who is being treated for complications resulting from Ebola, is now critically ill after her condition deteriorated. Our prayers go out to her. And to end the night, RSB and TMB will dissect a case of blatant fraud from MedImmune, creators of FluMist, as Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines exposes the recent lies behind the Big Pharma's cash cow, the flu shot. All this and more!

Oct 13, 2015

Ireland moves to reject Gardasil, CDC names 271 new vaccinations, US #1 healthcare spender but lowest life expectancy, Op-ED truth on gun control
The day has arrived, the second iteration of the project to show the world the truth about cancer, and alternative treatment options, has arrived! As TMB's documentary The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest debuts tonight, click here to tune in! In other great news, Irish Senator Paschal Mooney has called the Irish HPV vaccination program a national disgrace, and has condemned the national health authorities for ignoring the basic right to informed consent and ignoring pleas for answers from families affected by adverse health after Gardasil injections. He is putting forth a resolution aimed at forcing the HSE (national health agency) to meet with affected families and answer their questions. He also mentions how the packet insert for the Gardasil vaccine lists 21 side effects, and that this information is not being passed on to the parents and girls between 12 and 17 years of age before deciding whether or not to receive the vaccine. Kudos to Senator Mooney, may Ireland continue to carry the epic momentum behind vaccine awareness globally! In Hour 2 RSB will break down what most may not know, that Americans are spending more on health care than any other industrialized nation! While this may not be a surprise to all people, what is a surprise is that simultaneously Americans also have one of the lowest life expectancies. In 2014, health care spending hit.8 trillion. The average life expectancy for an American is about 79 years old. This is much greater than ever before, when the life expectancy used to be about 60 years old. The life expectancy for people living in Japan is 83, for people living in Western Europe is 82, and for people living in Great Britain is about 82. So why are Americans lagging behind? The main reason is diet. People are most likely aware that America is suffering from an obesity epidemic. In Japan, only 1.5 percent of the population is obese. In France, six percent of the population is obese. In the United States, 36 percent of the population is obese. Why is the obesity rate in the United States so much higher than other countries? Http://

Oct 12, 2015

TMB's debut of The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest w/ RSB and cancer truth, Dr. Rashid Buttar, hormonal balance, epigenetic longevity and more!
Its been a long time coming, but tomorrow is the big day, Ty Bollinger and the crew will be debuting the ground shaking second chapter to The Truth About Cancer, this time with a Global Quest which has led TMB to all ends of the globe, to speak to doctors who all combatting the same problem of a global cancer epidemic, but with the full assortment of tools that God left us here on earth and in innovation, instead of solely with allopathic radiation protocols. Don't miss RSB and Mike Adam's the Health Ranger's segments in the documentary as it airs all 9 episodes for free over the next week and a half! In other news, researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine reported lithium has been found in a recent study to be safe and effective for treating bipolar disorder in children. In other another interesting study, one in three children who were diagnosed and treated for mental health conditions on an outpatient basis saw their primary-care doctors for this care. RSB will also give his take on a British study on how sitting down is no worse for you than standing up as long as you take regular exercise. We may have to call bull on that one! Scientists believe the secret of extending life by decades may lie in switching off certain genes after showing that small genetic tweaks can make organisms live 60 per cent longer. In Hour 2 RSB will be joined by Dr. Rashid Buttar for another information packed Advanced Medicine Monday! First on the plate for our medical geniuses is the issue of lacking reform for pain drug abuse. When the Drug Enforcement Administration announced last year that pharmacies nationwide could accept and destroy customers' unwanted prescription drugs, experts in substance abuse called it a significant step toward easing the painkiller and heroin epidemic. One year later, however, the response has been insignificant, dismaying optimists and leaving communities searching for other strategies. Only about 1 percent of American pharmacies have set up disposal programs, with none of those belonging to the two largest chains, CVS and Walgreens, which have balked at the cost and security risks, according to government and industry data. Countless unused prescription pills like oxycodone and Xanax linger in household medicine cabinets, in easy reach of addicted adults and experimenting adolescents. People who develop painkiller dependencies often move on to heroin, which is considerably cheaper and provides a stronger high. About 23,000 Americans died of prescription-drug overdoses in 2013, more than twice the number from 2001, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Oct 11, 2015

Millions 4 VAX Justice march, NV politician demands SSRI study and mass shooting connection, infectionary falls, FDA approves OxyContin 4 kids!
Yesterday Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered remarks on civil rights and race relations at the "Justice Or Else!" gathering, which was held on the National Mall to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. Since the civil rights movement, have we really made much progress from overcoming the diversionary politics of that era? Why are we having such a hard time as a population on concentrating on the real issues which are eroding our shared quality of life in America? RSB and Super Don will weigh in on their take of this march and Farrakhan's speech, and if his message regarding opposing medical tyranny was really a message of unity, or a possibly virulent call to action for the growing militant arm of the Black Lives Matter movement. In an interesting update from the allopathic gastrointestinal crowd, autologous fecal transplant is gaining notoriety as scientists consider the theory, that it could work like a system reboot disk for those with dying intestinal flora. In this method, one would freeze their feces, which are roughly half microbes, and when ones microbiome became corrupted or was depleted with antimicrobials, you could "reinstall" it from a backup copy. Could this be a possible protocol to combat the growing prevalence of gut disease in our country or just another bandaid tool to facilitate poor daily regimes and diets? In Hour 2 RSB and Super Don will discuss a paradox from the medical community regarding placebos, as the fake drugs seem to be getting more and more effective in the US. This strange finding comes out of a new analysis in the journal Pain, which looked at medical studies going back to 1990. It turns out that people who take placebos in studies today experience a 30% decrease in pain levels, a decrease in pain that has dramatically increased from nearly a quarter century ago! Could the medication be that harmful now a days and the body experiences a positive effect in even a mere moment of its absence, or could it be the power of the mind and chemicals released to the body, which truly ignite the healing process. RSB and Super Don will also discuss the findings of a new study which concluded that people arriving at the emergency room for a fall may be there due to an underlying infection rather than clumsiness! Ever since the Food and Drug Administration approved the use of the narcotic painkiller OxyContin for certain children in August, it has faced justified unabated criticism from lawmakers and public officials who are wrestling with the devastating reality of children adding to the rates of prescription opioid abuse in their communities. Http://

Oct 09, 2015

Dr. King Healing Revolution, fighting the flu w/ homeopathy, Sabha Abour and Atlanta CDC HQ rally, Kate Birch:educating the immune system and more!
Prevention is on our minds as the Healing Revolution with Dr. Frank King kicks into proactive gear! How many ways can we tap into the dynamic potential of homeoprophylaxis (HP)? One thing is for certain, the more proactive we become; the more preventative we will be. Does life happen while you are making other plans? How does health happen? We'll strategize together the most efficient ways to maintain good health, even in the midst of others around you dropping like flies with seasonal colds and flu. What are nosodes and how can they be used safely as an adjunction to enhance appropriate immune response? We'll look into using a Constitutional Enhancer as and underlying basis for making everything work better. Do you know about muscle testing, otherwise known as Applied Kinesiology? Techniques are revealed in The Healing Revolution. It's like you have a truth detector built into your muscles. We have a Question of the Day for Dr. King about undoing the damage caused by vaccines as well. It involves the use of the Vaccinoplex and Multi-strain Flu Relief formulas. Can HP be used when you are involve with high-level athletic endeavors? We'll talk boxing, football and other contact sports and how you can pre-load Advanced Arnica. What about prophylactic use of homeopathic poison ivy formulas? In Hour 2 RSB is joined by Sabha Abour, a Community Health Activist, Speaker, Researcher, Health and Political Blogger, to discuss the coming rally on October 23rd from 7 AM to 2 PM in Atlanta, GA at the CDC headquarters, with the hope of bringing awareness to the utter disregard of human life and common decency of this governmental organization, as the onion of truth is peeled back further and further. Learn more at Rosanne Lindsay, author of 'The Nature of Healing', will also join RSB to give her answer on the sarcoidosis question of the day (check it out at the bottom). Need any more reasons to consider options other than vaccination for disease prevention? Kate Birch RS Hom (NA), CCH, CMT, joined RSB in Dallas last week to discuss Free and Healthy Children International, an organization dedicated to research, education, and access to homeoprophylaxis; for educating the immune system so as to reduce infectious disease, and the preservation of children's health. A Minnesota based homeopath, Kate has been registered with the North American Society of Homeopaths since 1996 and is Certified in Classical Homeopathy (CCH) by the Council for Homeopathic Certification. She is a past vice-president of the North American Society of Homeopaths and remains the North American liaison to the International Council of Homeopathy. She has a busy family practice and lectures locally and internationally on homeopathy for infectious disease, children's health, and vaccine damage. Http://

Oct 08, 2015

Sacred Fire of Liberty:Cheryl Chumley,Jon Emord, Norm Singleton, PhD anti-vaxxers, Fukushima finally linked to childhood cancer spike and more!
Sacred Fire of Liberty hour is upon us once again, as RSB is joined by Cheryl Chumley of WND, Jonathan Emord, the 'FDA dragon slayer', and Norm Singleton of The Campaign For Liberty to rock the mike with the message of freedom and political healing! First on the plate for Jonathan Emord and Cheryl Chumley is the subject of eminent domain, and where the GOP candidates stand on this significant issue of individual property rights. Senator Rubio seems to have an issue with Donald Trump's stance and past on this subject, and is currently touting his projects in Florida to protect residents 4th amendment rights against city economic intrusion as a reason to vote him into office. In hour 2 RSB addresses some hard-hitting vaccine questions set fourth by Jon Rappoport regarding the 2.3% of kids in Los Alamos public schools who don't get vaccinated because their parents have received exemptions. It turns out that's the highest rate of non-vaccination in the state. We're literally talking about parents who work at the US Los Alamos Labs. People with advanced degrees in science. People who work for the federal government. You would think the vaccine rate in that environment would stand at 100%, no questions asked. What do these people know? Why are they opting out of vaccinations for their kids? Maybe it had something to do with medical industry sanitary practices such as what prompted alerts to be sent to dozens of employees of a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey, after officials say a nurse reused a syringe while giving them flu shots at a New Jersey clinic. On the Cancer front, it turns out this disease is much less common in elephants than in humans, even though the big beasts' bodies have many more cells. That's a known paradox among scientists, and now researchers think they may have an explanation, one they say might someday lead to new ways to protect people from cancer!

Oct 07, 2015

The 'Whole' truth about milk, Carnivora cures, kidney tumor, Ty Bollinger Outside the Box, Chris Exley on Time vaccine banana comparison and more!
It looks like congress is taking it upon themselves to look into the interesting nutritional benefits of whole milk! RSB and Super Don will break down how this could mean the beginning of the dismantling of the ludicrous medical misunderstanding surrounding the different between HDL and LDL cholesterol and how the nutritional guidelines of the last decade may have been directly harming our health collectively as a nation. This seems to tie directly into the breaking of the ranks in the health journalism world as Nina Teicholz has faced severe push back from her peers after calling out the authors of the federal dietary recommendations for shoddy science and conflicts of interest in a prominent medical journal late last month. Her most recent book "The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet," shows that the fog is defiantly lifting around the marsh of previously accepted nutritional zeitgeists. In our moment of duh for the day, a new study has revealed teen and young adult cancer survivors, who have undergone chemotherapy, are at surpassingly increased risk of developing other cancers later in life. In hour 2 RSB will be joined by The Truth About Cancer legend Ty Bollinger, for another medical paradigm blowing Outside the Box Wednesday! TMB is in the midst of putting the finishing touches on the next round of The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest in Austin, Texas. First on the plate is a story about Advaxis Inc who said today the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has put on hold the mid-stage trials of its experimental cancer drug after a patient died, sending its shares down 27 percent in extended trading. TMB's new coming addition to his journey of educating the public about the real workings of government subsidized medicine couldn't be coming at a better time, as new projections are showing that 100 billion dollars was spent on cancer drugs last year alone!This paired with the fact that the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics has projected that the amount of money spent on cancer drugs will continue to grow at a rate of 6 to 8 percent a year, means we need to get the information in TSB's new documentary out far and wide! Did you know that you can get any drug approved if you have enough money and the phone numbers of the key people in government? TMB reveals a stunning revelation from a medical doctor featured in A Global Quest that will give you chills if you have ever relied on FDA approved medication for anything. Http://

Oct 06, 2015

Black bun, green poo: BK makes a whopper! Clean food victory: HFCS gone Dr. Harry Van der Zee and Paul Barattiero: homeopathy use in Africa and more!
If you didn't already need enough reasons to avoid Burger King, customers who ate a Whopper since its latest make over have experienced a strange phenomena, as their GMO toxic dye laden treat is turning customers poo an emerald green! In a bombshell admission, the Oregon shooter has been confirmed to have been on SSRI's! Back on the subject of deadly toxins, there has been another string of huge victories for the clean food movement, as a multitude of companies have elected to remove high fructose corny syrup, among other toxins, from their products. Lets keep this unstoppable force moving in the right direction for health freedom world wide! Speaking of unstoppable forces in the health world, the 2015 Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology was given to three researchers who made pioneering contributions to the treatment of parasitic diseases, which affect tens of millions globally, with a completely holistic remedy! Tu Youyou was recognized for her work on the anti-malarial drug artemisinin, a natural product derived from wormwood, with origins in ancient Chinese herbal medicine, likewise, co-recipients William Campbell and Satoshi Omura were cited for their research on a treatment for roundworm using the drug ivermectin, a derivative of a natural product found in soil bacteria. And to end the hour RSB will address the latest slew of propaganda out of the vaccine industry, as TIME magazine attempts to sell the idea that vaccinations are simply like bananas. Are there any medical doctors who use homeoprophylaxis? Of course, but you never hear from them in the mainstream pharmaceutically-conflicted media. Never fear, The RSB Show is here (from Dallas) to introduce you to Dr. Harry Van der Zee, who traveled from the Netherlands to reveal the extraordinary success stories using homeopathic medicine in Africa. Are we in the midst of an evolution of mankind, or just its medicine? How is it that doctors are able to separate the spiritual from the physical? Get ready for some medical synthesis as we integrate metabolic medicine designed to address the whole person in recovery, even from syndromes and diseases as deadly and AIDS and malaria. Sometimes it takes going within to break the cycle of molecular reductionism and a fear based paradigm of patented, synthetic drugs. Dr. Van der Zee shares his incredible journey that eventually led to the essence of healing he found in homeopathy. What is it about immunocompromised patients diagnoed in to the syndrome called AIDS? could their be emotional issues of self-loathing (love deficiency) that need to be remedied before or in conjunction with other therapies? We'll discuss the inspired remedies of Dr. Peter Chappel (PC1) that began to turn patients around from the brink of death. How did he do it? What happens when perviously depressed patients begin overflowing with love?

Oct 05, 2015

Homeoprophylaxis highlights, Dr. Isaac Golden and vaccine alternatives, Dr. Buttar Adv. Medicine, dangerous vax adjuvants, radiation overuse and more!
RSB invites you to learn a bit of what was discussed at the Homeoprophylaxis seminar this past weekend. Dr. Isaac Golden is our guest for the entire hour as we make a bridge for those who still vaccinate as we invite you to consider the options previously hidden from us all. Are we anti-vaccination, as the rabid pharma-skepducks of the mainstream media would have you believe? Or are we pro-informed choice so that parents have all the information with which to make a decision? How can anyone make a real choice when they don't have real information? A real grown-up discussion shall commence with our homeopathic family in Australia. What is the political atmosphere down under? Since they would not allow Dr. Tenpenny in for vacation, how will Dr. Golden have a positive impact on the debate? Why not start the Health Australia Party? He did. Remember that the Measles, Mumps and Rubella, as well as chicken pox are mild disease manifestations in otherwise healthy children, so why not focus on maintaining healthy children, or strengthening the immune function of those who are weaker? When engaging in debate with a pro-vaccination believer, is it possible to find points of agreement first? It's absolutely essential! While allopaths tilt at pathogenic windmills with injectable toxic medicaments in pursuit of herd immunity, we shall endeavor to uncover the hidden and not-so-hidden costs in both short and long term damage to health. Can parents learn of these options that do no harm to children? Absolutely. Dr. Golden offers a free online course to fill the gaps in a westerner's knowledge base on homeoprophylaxis. In Hour 2 RSB is joined by Dr. Rashid Buttar for another information packed Advanced Medicine Monday! First on the plate are the hard sought after efforts of running an ACTUAL cancer awareness month, as October has rolled around, with the pink ribbons of disinformation with it. Dr. Buttar and RSB will give their honest advice on what anyone concerned with the epidemic of cancer should really do to stave the tide! Next is the deadly yearly cash cow of the pharmaceutical industrial complex. No its not cancer medicine, its the Flu Shot! As the FDA has surreptitiously granted fast track approval for Swiss based Novartis's flu shot that contains squalene as an adjuvant to boost what they consider an immune response. Fast track approval is normally reserved for crucial emergencies during vaccine shortages but hey, even though there is no shortage of flu vaccines, and most hyped flu epidemics are bogus, when your a government agency you are immune from official scrutiny! Next, Imagine instead of sweating on the treadmill and forcing yourself through repetitive real exercise, you could have the benefits of exercise without any of the effort. That scenario isn't as ridiculous of a fantasy as it sounds anymore as mainline science has taken this up as a serious scientific goal! As researchers have recently published a major breakthrough that they have created a blueprint of the molecular reactions to exercise.

Oct 04, 2015

Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice for Prevention, Leslie Manookian, Dr Tetyana Obukhanych, Cilla Whatcott, Paul Barattiero and Ananda More
RSB is in Dallas for the Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice for prevention conference. We begin with Leslie Manookian from the documentary film, The Greater Good. Is the audience growing? More people than ever before are beginning to question the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Is it just us homeopaths? We are joined by PhD immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych to expand our understanding of how the immune system really works, including the depths of innate and adaptive immunity. What is the Vaccine Illusion? While the antibody is the holy grail of vaccinologists, immunologic memory is not the basis of true immunity. Did you know that innate immunity knows how to respond to any threat? True, but it is also very sensitive to toxins and deficiencies. Could this be why vaccines do more harm than good? Damage to the microbiome is devastating to your own immune function. Yes, this includes antibiotics. How does a scientist actually see what her training pays her not to? Say hello to mama bear! With all that Dr. Obukhanych knows, does she allow vaccines for her own children? Tune in and find out! Then Cilla Whatcott, author of There Is A Choice joins RSB to discuss the evolution of homeopathy. How did she assemble such an incredible line up of presenters at the World's First Homeoprophylaxis seminar in the U.S.? How can you see the presentation even if you were unable to attend? In Hour 2 RSB is joined by Paul Barattiero joins us from ECHO H2 water to discuss the advancements in releasing molecular hydrogen into the water you drink everyday and the benefits therein. We'll review this extraordinary seminar that intends to reveal information that remove the fear of infectious disease and replace it with healthy options that actually enhance immunity, rather than detract from it. Do you have any vaccine injury stories? RSB has one that is very personal. Get ready to learn about it and what he did to correct the damage years later. Go to Robert's Water to download the free e-book. For a limited time, you can order the new ECHO 9 ionizer for the same price as the ECHO 7. Call 1-800-337-7017. Finally, filmmaker Ananda More joins RSB to share the rest of the story behind the historic and successful implementation of nosodes in Cuba for the prevention of Leptospirosis. Did they work as well, or better than vaccines? What was the response within the medical community? How about peer reviewed publication? Is this too much of a paradigm buster to acknowledge? How is it possible that over 1 million Cubans received a homeopathic medicine sanctioned by the state? Check out snippets from the new film currently in production, Magic Pills. Http://

Oct 02, 2015

Dr. King Healing Revolution Friday, Homeoprophylaxis in Dallas TX, Liam Scheff: Oil Alarm and end to Petrodollar, California's drought crisis and more!
RSB is in Dallas for the Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice for prevention conference. Do you remember earlier in the year when the FDA called for public commentary on a request to further regulate homeopathic medicine? Some were in a state of panic, other remained calm with facts and science in support of the current regulatory framework. Believe it or not, the Huffington Post recently published a comprehensive overview of homeopathy and its status, legally and scientifically, written by Dana Ullman. Did you know that the Australian effort to discredit homeopathic medicine is a disingenuous attempt to wipe out a primary competition to patented drug monopolies? This battle has waged on since the dawn of the American Medical Association in the 19th century, whose express intent and purpose for existence was to eliminate any medicine that dared to compete with petrochemical pharmaceuticals. Read the linked article for a fantastic overview of the many scientific articles and publications that show our favorite remedies to be more effective than placebo in double blind trials. To all pharmaceutical pinheads and skepducks: your closed mind and FDA-approved bias is showing. In Hour 2 RSB is joined by Liam Scheff, author of Official Stories and creator of a new animated feature, The Oil Alarm (premiering this fall), returns to discuss the logical fallacies inherent in historical and modern vaccination practices. When talking to a needle injecting worshipper of the pharmaceutical state, Liam says that it is crucial to define your terms, lest you spin in circles devoid of meaning with egghead PhDs and MDs (much less skepduck wannabees). When you do it right, you will realize that the things that scientists claim about vaccination defies science. Yes, you read that right. What is the Oil Alarm? Why have the major oil companies recently abandoned drilling under the Arctic ice and ocean? What happened to the promise of near-eternal gooey stuff under Brazil? Is it hiding from corruption or oil pipe dreams? What happened to the abundance within the tar sands of Canada? Are we on the brink of WWIII due to the pending collapse of the petrodollar? Why does Russia appear so strong on the world stage all of a sudden? Why is the Central Valley sinking fast? What crop has actually held up well during the withering drought? What are towns in the Central Valley of California doing to weather the mega drought? What effect is it having on schools and families? Get ready for geo-political and environmental disaster insights that will lead us all straight back to the backyard. Why? To start a garden, of course. Open your eyes, if not for you, then your kids and grandkids as we preach the gospel of growing your own food. And teaching your neighbors to do the same. Finally, RSB and Super Don will wrap up with some homeopathic bear. Or something like that, as they discuss the viral video of a bear chomping on a wilderness lady's kayak despite her pleading and protestations. Doesn't that bear know when to take a winter nap? Or maybe he was just a bit peeved at the pepper spray and wanted to let his annoyance be known. Create a wonderful weekend! Hope to see you in Dallas! All this and more! Http://

Oct 01, 2015

Ron Paul and Justin Amash for new Speaker of the House, Jon Landsman dental health, Cheryl Chumley, Norm Singleton, Jonathan Emord and more!
RSB is joined by Cheryl Chumley, Norm Singleton and Jonathan Emord for another freedom packed Sacred Fire of Liberty Thursday! Topics for our freedom loving trio will include Putin's take over in Syria and his strategic alignment with Iran and China, Trump's comment on allowing Russia to take over the fight against ISIS, Trump losing ground to Carson, Fiorina, and Rubio, Hillary Clinton's email scandal and continuing drop in the polls, and even the scary prospects of a Biden and/or Gore entry into this crazy upcoming 2016 election. Additionally we can't leave out the news from Ludwig von Mises Institute founder Lew Rockwell, who published a blog post on Saturday calling for a grassroots campaign to pressure the U.S. House of Representatives to elect former Congressman and libertarian icon Ron Paul to the position of House speaker. According to Rockwell, Ron Paul Peace and Prosperity Institute executive director Daniel McAdams, who also served as Dr. Paul's foreign affairs adviser during his time in Congress, says the U.S. House of Representatives is not required to elect one of its current members to serve as speaker. Consequently, Dr. Paul, who retired from Congress in January of 2013, could in theory be eligible to be elected to lead the House. Another great option is Justin Amash, who based off these 5 great reasons, would also make a wonderful replacement to Boehner. On the subject of Ron Paul, another federal reserve official has come out to admit that the modern day founding father of the Libertarian movement was right after all! In hour 2 RSB is joined by Jonathan Landsmen, the managing director of and organizer behind the upcoming Holistic Dental Summit! RSB and Jonathan will discuss the often overlooked side to holistic care, and what everyone should know to keep their eating adjuvants in tip top fighting shape! Transitioning into a more tragic subject, today 10 were killed and countless others injured in another school shooting, on a pointedly "gun free zone campus". Every death is a horror, but what is even more important to note in this case, is what the media isn't telling you. It turns out 165 times as many people will be killed today by the U.S. medical system than the number who died at Umpqua. Over 2,100 people will be killed today by medication side effects, incompetent doctors, botched surgeries, medical mistakes, chemotherapy treatments and other similar causes. Over the course of a year, a whopping 784,000 Americans will be killed by the medical system. To end the hour RSB and Super Don will discuss a new chapter to political correctness successfully censoring free speech, as an Oxford University free speech magazine has been banned from being handed out to new students because, get this, the Student's Union was worried people would find it offensive! All this and more!

Sep 30, 2015

Million of U.S taxes going to market flu shot, Hillary Clinton to fight Big Pharma, Ty Bollinger Outside the Box Wed, organic for pregnancy and more!
Is Democrat presidential contender Hillary Clinton the one White House hopeful who can put a stop to Big Pharma's fleecing of the American taxpayer? She says she is and, as far as that goes, she's the only one so far to address it as Clinton has proposed a 0-per-month cap on prescription drug prices for patients and that she would seek to end a tax credit for direct-to-consumer drug advertising and allow Americans to import drugs from around the world. Did you know that, as a taxpayer, you are being forced by the government, and without your prior knowledge or consent, to subsidize Big Pharma's drug marketing that boosts their profits while harming Americans? And that you are forced to do this under threat of jail or deadly force, if you decided to try and not pay your taxes? According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) own statistics, the seasonal flu vaccine for the 2014-2015 season was only 19 percent effective. To try and rectify this, the government has recently awarded The American College of Physicians (ACP) with a,002,884 Cooperative Agreement by the CDC to focus on increasing vaccination rates in adults. Thats right folks, tax payer money at work to try and sell you a broken product! Guess we will have to turn to Hillary Clinton to save us from this medical screw job right? In Hour 2 RSB is joined by Ty Bollinger (TMB) for another riveting Outside the Box Wednesday! To start the night off, RSB and TMB will discuss the updates to "The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest" - what is pattern interrupt and why is it important for spreading the message of reversing cancer naturally. RSB and Ty will also discuss the fact that women who consume organic food during pregnancy reduce the likelihood of birth defects in their offspring. Then, they will talk about updates to the co-authored book Unlock the Power To Heal, and the difference between charities that raise money for research into patented pharmaceutical drugs versus research into nutrition and the danger of pesticides, for instance. How brainwashed are we to give money to 501 (c)3 organizations that funnel drug money into the medical monopoly for police state sanctioned treatments? Then onto a discussion about the microcosm versus the macrocosm in light of NASA claims that there is water on Mars. Why are we worried about life on other planets while we are so ill on the one we already have?

Sep 29, 2015

Statins poison cells, Israel superpower of pot, SB277 Sabotage, health freedom congress, Diane Miller, dish washing therapy, asthma and more!
Scientists at Tulane University in New Orleans found that statin drugs, which generate tens of billions of dollars a year for pharmaceutical companies, "deactivate" the stem cells responsible for cellular repair throughout the body. Thats right folks, the same statin drugs prescribed to over 100 million people around the world have now been exposed as cellular poisons that accelerate aging and promote muscle fatigue, diabetes, memory loss and more! We have yet another reason to maybe quit that detrimental habit of smoking, as study has shown that children whose grandmothers smoked during pregnancy are at increased risk for asthma, even if their own mothers did not smoke. Talk about the sins of the father coming back on the 3rd and 4th generations, brutal stuff! In the Cannabis world, Maya Donnelly awoke to what sounded like thunder in the early morning hours, but dismissed it as a typical monsoon storm and went back to sleep. Later that morning, she looked in the carport at her home in Nogales, Arizona, and saw pieces of wood on the ground. She found a bulky bundle encased in black plastic. Inside was roughly 26 pounds of marijuana, a package that authorities say was worth,000, and likely was dropped there accidentally by a drug smuggler's aircraft. Talk about weed coming down from heaven right? In hour 2 RSB will be joined by Diane Miller, the Minnesota attorney who successfully helped defend a Minnesota farmer from charges of "practice of medicine without a license", to discuss the spectrum of legal fights for the health movement at the moment in the country. From SB277 to the GMO labeling laws, people like Diane Miller are the reason why we are able to bring the fight to the enemy in the court house, and successfully time after time beat back their draconian attempts at medical tyranny. Speaking of SB277 and medical tyranny, a major grassroots effort to overturn the California bill recently came to an end yesterday as volunteers reached the Monday deadline to submit signatures they have worked tirelessly to collect over a three-month period. To immediately halt the mandatory vaccine bill and qualify it for the November 2016 ballot, volunteers needed to gather 366,000 signatures. Libertarian Tim Donnelly and other referendum leaders estimated that they had received at least 300,000 signatures, and two weeks later there was buzz that they had reached close to half a million signatures. They had even reached an unprecedented 0,000 in donations. Despite the positive social media posts leading up to the deadline, things started to go awry once volunteers began submitting their signatures, with petitioners citing huge discrepancies in various counties and some claiming that they only received credit for a third of what was turned in to validation companies. While signature totals are still unknown, only an estimated 100,000 of the potential half a million signatures have been accounted for - meaning somehow, hundreds of thousands of signatures are missing. The missing signatures have led some volunteers to claim that the referendum was sabotaged, and likely from within, prompting organizers to file a request for an investigation to the California Secretary of State. Http://

Sep 28, 2015

NASA admits that water flows on Mars, Dr. Buttar Adv. Medicine Monday and REAL Breast Cancer Awareness, DARPA brain chips for soldiers and more!
After years of covering up the truth about flowing water on Mars, NASA has finally come clean and admitted what has been speculated among niche circles for years, Water flows on Mars! Today NASA has ended its decade long cover-up of the water on Mars, admitting in a breaking announcement that "liquid water flows intermittently on present-day Mars." In other paradigm shattering news, for years doctors have been singing the praises of the Mediterranean diet for its link to increased longevity and healthier hearts. But now research suggests we might do well to set our sights farther north, toward The New Nordic Diet (NND). Think Mediterranean but with hardier vegetables and more wild game, RSB will give his take on if he believes the hype that it could be a successful tool in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol to help obese America shed needed pounds. In the realm of unnecessary preemptive mastectomies, a new study claims that the media coverage of actress Angelina Jolie's breast removal and reconstruction last year, was ultimately positive because it improved awareness about breast reconstruction. Don't do it ladies without hearing RSB's break down on the REAL alternatives to this monstrous advice to butcher our women bodies, in the veiled hopes it will prevent cancer development. Apparently the Super Blood Moon left a little present behind, as Burger King has announced it will start selling an A-1 steak sauce infused Halloween themed burger with a black bun. What may be really spooky about this new product is the actual ingredient list! In hour 2 RSB will be joined by Dr. Rashid Buttar for another information packed Advanced Medicine Monday! First up for out medical all-stars is the subject of Cancer treatment, and the avoidance of harmful radiation, toxins filled protocols being utilized by allopathic oncologists around the country. Is the new 21 gene test OncotypeDX, which helps accurately predict whether women with breast cancer can be treated without chemotherapy, a step in the right direction? Now something that is defiantly in the wrong direct, are the results from a new study which recommends that Pregnant women diagnosed with cancer do not need a termination and can start treatment immediately without worrying unduly about the effects of drugs or radiation on their unborn babies. Who comes up with this academic garbage? Back to a positive development in the world of cancer treatment domestically, a new large study has exposed something both RSB and Dr. Buttar have been screaming for years, the fact that computer-assisted detection used in most U.S. mammograms adds absolutely no benefit to breast cancer screening while actually substantially increasing costs! Now into the world of sci-fi, as what was once thought to be science fiction has come one step closer to fruition, as DARPA, the secretive research arm of the Department of Defense, has funded a project that involves implanting microchips into soldiers' brains, with the hope that they can one day enhance performance on the battlefield and repair traumatized brains once the fog of war has lifted. Should we feel any better that its currently only be tested on volunteers? And to end the night on a bang, the medical establishment is finally starting to let the truth slip out, as a medical expert has come out this week, pointing to the fact that the evidence is starting to tie hormone-disrupting chemicals to obesity and diabetes. All this and more! Http://

Sep 27, 2015

Toxic weight loss tea causes Hepatitis, Chris Barr and Selenium Awareness Month, plan to provide radiotherapy for all, NASA's space flu shots and more!
To start off the day RSB will talk about a ridiculous story out of the British Medical Journal where Doctors say a teen's bid to lose weight by drinking tea left her with serious health complications, including acute hepatitis. What was she drinking out of the canteen of homeless people! Or could it have been an adulterated sub-par brand with filler ingredients? RSB will also be joined by health historian and creator of GTF Chromium, Christopher Barr to discuss Selenium Awareness Month, also known as prostate cancer awareness month in the mainstream circles. Is the entertainment media trying to do their part in promoting the bottom line of the allopathic aristocracy? RSB will discuss how in the season premiere of "The Simpsons" on Sunday, Homer Simpson will be diagnosed with a pretty unusual health condition for a cartoon character: narcolepsy. What really causes this sleep disorder and what are some holistic ways to treat it? RSB and Chris Barr will also discuss an intriguing new study from China which supports previous research showing an association between adequate dietary selenium and heathy thyroid function. Mr. Barr will also give his insight on what else the study found regarding how that low intake of the mineral, reflected by serum levels, correlates with increased risk of a variety of types of thyroid disease. In hour 2 RSB will once more break down why its health insurance could be the most dangerous thing to have in America, as new research has put fourth the scary prospect that a simple capital investment of -184 billion, undoubtably by the American taxpayer, could make life-saving radiotherapy accessible to most people who need it by 2035 and even save the millions of lives. Sends chills down your body! Speaking of chills,, RSB will once again rock your coolers with the topic of breast cancer. There is no question that mammography identifies breast cancer at an earlier stage when compared to older techniques like the breast exam, however, the key question to ask is, "Do women who undergo mammography have a lowered mortality rate compared to women who do not undergo mammography?" Reported in a recent study in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers studied 16,120,349 women over the age of 40 who resided in 547 counties across the U.S. during a one-year period. The researchers correlated their findings with breast cancer incidence and mortality data during the ensuing 10 years. The scientists found a direct correlation between screening mammography and breast cancer incidence. In fact, they found a 16% mean increased incidence of breast cancer in women screened with mammography. You heard it right folks, widespread mammograms are probably not the best idea for the epidemic of breast cancer we are seeing in our nation! Http://

Sep 25, 2015

Ear infection, hot flashes, Dr. King's Healing Revolution, epidemic of childhood steroid use, Dr. Tel-Oren: skin lesions not scary and more!
Happy end of the week! RSB, Super Don and Op-ED will begin by breaking down a story close to home to begin, as RSB's son decided to finally mention to his parents that he was feeling discomfort in his ear, following an incident 4 weeks ago which led to a fellow student at summer camp sticking pine needles in his lobe. Luckily RSB's wife was quick to evaluate that he simply had residential inflammation and had Elijah lay on the ground to have sovereign silver poured into his ear. Needless to say Elijah is doing fine now, but its always interesting when you, or your own family forget to utilize the protocols and resources at our disposal, and the RSB home is not immune to this paradigm! On the subject of holistic supplements being utilized in the home Op-ED has a question about what menopausal women could utilize for when the time comes in life for his wife to experience hormone imbalance problems. RSB gave his star recommendation called Hormonal Changease Formula, created by Dr. John Christopher originally to help those with the onset of menopause. Last story from the home is a gem brought to our attention by Elijah, regarding a freak occurrence of multi colored honey in a famous bee keeping region of northern France. Further investigation has determined the color was caused by Bee's consuming left over MandM shells from a nearby production facility! Turns out toxic processed GMO garbage really is contributing to the decrease and disruption in bee populations around the world!In hour 2 RSB, Super Don and Op-ED will start off with a 'Triplet of Duh', as the first duh lays out a new analysis of more than 70 existing studies with the conclusion that when people diagnosed with cancer are at higher risk of cancer death as their physical activity falls, research that has shown that adults consume more food when it comes in bigger packages or is served on larger plates and last but not least, research have proclaimed the discovery that toddlers often spend more time wobbling than walking or running because their legs are shorter! RSB will also be joined by Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren to talk even more about skin lesions, the over-drugging by dermatologists, internal organ connection to skin health, and preview the Skin Lesion Educator Certification Workshop held in Sarasota this Sunday. How can a biopsy convert a benign skin lesion into a metastasizing cancer tumor? Could it have anything to do with inflammation? What about the downside of nitrogen burning tissue off by freezing it? Get ready for some more empowering information to bring the power to heal back where it belongs - with you! Dr. T will help us identify dangerous trends in skin health that area not commonly known to brainwashed practitioners of the allopathic skin profession. Do doctors practice a standard of care of standard of scare? Do they take the Hippocratic oath or a hypocritical one? Is it first, harm or first, do no harm? Why are invasive medical procedures of the last 100 years referred to as traditional while methods used for thousands of years are called alternative? Time permitting; we may even cover the issue of colorectal cancer and how to reverse it 1005 of the time in 3, 6 or 9 months. Got polyps? No problem. Get ready to learn how to help yourself and others! Remember also Dr. T's extremely generous charitable work with children in Nepal. Lastly be sure to attend Dr. T's seminar in Sarasota Florida September 27! All this and more! As always, remember, The Power to Heal is Yours! Http://

Sep 24, 2015

Jonathan Emord, Norm Singleton, Cheryl Chumley, John McAfee Cyber Party 2016, future security, GMO buy natural and more!
RSB is joined by Jonathan Emord, Norm Singleton and Cheryl Chumley for another liberty filled Sacred Fire of Liberty Hour! With the audit the fed bill making it to the senate floor will Senator Mitch McConnell follow through with opening it up for discussion and a vote? This month marks the eight-year anniversary of the bursting of the housing bubble and the resulting stock market downturn. The words from Ron Paul's mouth in the aftermath of the crash have only become more stingingly true and we seem to be lining up for round 2 of the economic roulette, `The best result we can hope for is that the economic necessity of getting our fiscal house in order will, at last, force us to give up our world empire. Without the empire we can then concentrate on rebuilding the Republic.` In the spirit of fiscal responsibility, Campaign For Liberty has joined a collation of organizations on a letter demanding that Congress adhere to the spending caps imposed by the 2011 budget deal, as we drive dangerously close once more to a government shutdown. In hour 2 RSB will be joined by cyber security legend John McAfee, to discuss his 2016 presidential bid under the new Cyber Party, and the real reason behind the interesting inability of the U.S government to keep their networks secure, in lieu of another major Office of Personnel Management hack which has hemorrhaged 5.6 million individual fingerprints out onto the open net. RSB will discus Suja juice company, a California startup and one of the fastest growing natural juice brands in the country, and how they are adding Coca-Cola and Goldman Sachs to their lineup of stakeholders as 50% partners! RSB will also break down a bombshell attack from the British Medical Journal as they have now published an article published Wednesday how the U.S Dietary recommendations report, which is used to set the nutritional guidelines of the country, might be biased and could come from an incomplete survey of the current research. In light on the coming flu season, and the admitted inefficiency of the annual available shot, researchers have found that flu actually develops in the roof of the mouth and that it is spread through coughs and sneezes. Tonight we have the "Triplet of Duh", as the first duh lays out a new analysis of more than 70 existing studies with the conclusion that when people diagnosed with cancer are at higher risk of cancer death as their physical activity falls, research that has shown that adults consume more food when it comes in bigger packages or is served on larger plates and last but not least, research have proclaimed the discovery that toddlers often spend more time wobbling than walking or running because their legs are shorter! As always, remember, The Power to Heal is Yours! Http://

Sep 23, 2015

Autism 'spontaneous mutation', Brandy Vaughan, Merck and SB277, Trump 2nd, Ty Bollinger Outside the Box, Obama nation divide, Vit D and more!
Researchers have found that rare mutations of a set of genes could be responsible for roughly half of all autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, cases. The researchers have concluded that "spontaneous" genetic mutations most likely happen to genes that are essential for normal brain development. RSB will break down where the truth lies on the subject of neurological disease development, and what if anything does this new research actually represent. RSB will also be joined by Brandy Vaughan, a former Merck employee turned whistleblower and founder of the Council For Vaccine Safety to discuss her path to realizing the truth behind the dangers of adjuvants in vaccinations, and the harrowing harassment she has endured since quitting her job as a drug representative and courageously joining in the fight for health freedom! We will also cover some exciting updates on the SB277 referendum as the petition hits 300,000 signatures and donations have almost reached the estimated goals to really bring the heat up on the fight against medical tyranny! Donate here! In Hour 2 RSB will be joined by Ty Bollinger for another fantastic Outside The Box Wednesday! We all knew the politicians would take a bite at yesterdays 5500% drug hike scandal, well Hilary Clinton was first up to the plate as the Democratic presidential candidate proposed on Tuesday a 0 monthly cap on out-of-pocket prescription drug costs and other measures to stop what she called "price gouging" by pharmaceutical companies. The Obama Internal Revenue Service is at it again, persecuting and punishing groups who are politically aligned with opponents of the president, his party and their left-wing ideology. This time the tax agency revoked the nonprofit status of a veterans benefit group that hosted and sold tickets to a recent foreign policy speech by GOP presidential frontrunner and billionaire businessman Donald Trump aboard a decommissioned battleship. On a good note on that subject though, Donald Trump has agreed that Americans have the national right to bear arms, in a recent policy clarification. The language of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is clear. The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed upon. Period. On to a less popular topic, its not a new notion to put fourth that Barack Obama's presidency has fundamentally divided America. This is followed up by a recent Gallup Poll which has reports that 49% of us now believe the federal government is an immediate threat to our rights and freedoms. The biggest gripe is that government is too big and tries to control every aspect of life. RSB and TSB will weigh in. Our health experts will also weigh in on the selective hit piece by huff post on Vitamin D, and clarify how you cannot overdose unless you are taking in-organic forms of the supplement, or are physically burning your skin when exposing yourself to the sun! Lastly RSB and TSB will discuss a new study which will make our office potatoes happy out there, as researchers have concluded that fidgeting might actually be healthy for you! All this and more!

Sep 22, 2015

Coca Cola enlisted to sell vaccines, Martin Shkreli defends HIV drug price hike, Liam Scheff and Dr. Tel-Oren on safely reversing skin lesions and more!
If 2015 has reaffirmed nothing else, its that we have officially entered crazy town as a country. The newest circus show to grace our nations center stage is a decision by The World Health Organization (WHO) to sell vaccines with the same misleading propaganda utilizes in peddling the legal drug, Coca Cola. To overcome a growing worldwide resistance to vaccines, the UN's WHO, has essentially enlisted the marketing advice of the proverbial "council of doom" also known as the International Food and Beverage Alliance, whose 11 members comprise the world's most "successful" marketers, to also include Pepsico and McDonalds. Maybe the most problematic factor, other than the adjuvant neurotoxicity, are the results from a new study which lay out why you don't want to be preemptively walking around with a compromised immune system, which is a standard side effect of inoculations. In the new study scientists have purported that humans emit a "microbial cloud" of bacteria wherever they may be. Germaphobes beware! In hour 2 RSB is joined by Liam Scheff and Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren to talk about skin lesions, the over-drugging by dermatologists, internal organ connection to skin health, the cranial nerve link to skin health as well! What is the physiological explanation to mind-body medicine? Dr. T reveals it! Did you ever wonder why some warts behave so strangely that they can disappear almost instantly while other remain stubbornly for months even after treatment? Why are immunosuppressant drugs never the answer? What about cancerous skin lesions like melanoma? Is there a way to prevent and/or revere it naturally? What about diet? Do people claiming to eat paleo/primal actually eat like their human ancestors of old? What is the appropriate diet for your physiological uniqueness? IS your body giving you the right signals when you are eating the wrong foods? We'll talk about the function of the liver, pancreas and gall bladder along the way. Why is it that too much dietary protein can be dangerous? Paleoanthropological perspectives may provide critical insights missing from fad diets of the 21st century. Why are there no vegans in nature? Flexibility in diet is natural. We'll also take a moment to discuss Dr. T's extremely generous charitable work with children in Nepal. Lastly be sure to attend Dr. T's seminar in Sarasota Florida September 27! All this and more!

Sep 21, 2015

Cannabis assists organ transplant recovery, Ronda Rousey: 5 year pot suspension politics, Dr. Buttar Advanced Medicine, tonsils, cancer and more!
The spotlight on rising drug prices just keeps getting brighter with lawmakers filing bills and holding hearings, presidential candidates devising anti-price-hike plans, doctors campaigning on social media, think tanks devising cost-benefit measures. The controversies are doing pharma no favors with consumers, either, most Americans blame drugmakers for their own rising pharmacy bills. The last thing pharma needs right now is a scandalous price hike to turn up the heat even further right? But that's just what Turing Pharma and its CEO, Martin Shkreli, have on offer, as the company just bought a standard-of-care drug for toxoplasmosis infections, Daraprim, and promptly decided to jack up the price by 5000%! Theres a reason RSB says the worst thing you can have is health insurance, because you will end up broke AND dead! On that subject, of course Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton, plans to unveil her own fix to this contrived problem and undoubtably pit the bill to the American citizen through centralized taxation hikes. On the GMO front, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Washington have decided to join Vermont is a fierce stand against GMO's through labeling selections to differentiate at the retail level. In hour 2 RSB is joined by Dr. Rashid Buttar for another Advanced Medicine Monday! First on the plate, following the mention of the polio vaccination in the 2nd GOP debate, a fervor of disillusion and criticism has hounded after Presidential candidate Donald Trump after he dared to break the social norm and mention how one of his employees children developed autism after receiving the shot. Dr. Buttar and RSB will lay down the true history of the polio vaccine, especially in India, and why you and your family may want to forgo that "preventive medical option". The doctors will also discuss a new study which tried to address a long left paradigm in modern culture, that being, what the Food and Drug Administration calls a 'breakthrough' drug is often not the same as what a layperson would call a breakthrough. Do you think the FDA use this misunderstanding often to their advantage? After answering some of our fans questions, RSB and Dr. Buttar will end by dissecting an interesting new study which shows something both have explained into depth, regarding looking to allopathic surgeries as a solution to issues only holistic medicine can effectively treat. The study showed that children who have their tonsils removed to treat sleep apnea are more likely to suffer breathing complications than kids who have the procedure for other reasons.

Sep 20, 2015

Trump: Blamed for next disease epidemic, Homeopathic meds for Babies, Stephen Heuer: The model of nutrition and everything wrong with it and more!
Are you sick and tired yet of how every time someone dares on a national level to associate vaccinations with anything but splendid miraculous reviews, they are chastised as being responsible for helping beckon in the next bubonic plague outbreak? RSB and Super Don sure are, and they will address how the mainstream media is doing just that to Donald Trump, after he courageously defended his anti-vaccination position during the 2nd national GOP debate and brought once again to the national stage the fact that there are clear and concealed links between vaccinations and the development of neurological disorders such as Autism. Some may think that vaccinations aren't open for debate, and anyone who brings the foregoing of them up is simply playing into the politicalization of an important children's health issue. Here at The Robert Scott Bell Show we will tirelessly continue to virulently and unabashedly bring the truth about vaccinations to the forefront, and we will not rest until this barbaric practice is finally exposed for what it is, a worldwide eugenics experiment backed by voodoo science. In hour 2 RSB is joined by Stephan Heuer, the founder of Synergistic Nutrition and Inventor of One World Whey, to discuss the quintessential topic of everything that's wrong with the current model of nutrition as applied today! What does it really Take Nutritionally to Have Maximum Energy and Feel Your Very Best? Why is the liver so important to every aspect of our health? What does the liver require for optimal function? Why is both conventional and organically grown food failing to nourish our bodies today? Trace mineral supplements have been on the market for years, people have taken these supplements for years and yet still suffer from disease. What's missing in this picture? How important is Calcium in soil health? What are some of the roles that calcium plays in human health? So will any calcium supplement do? What about the concept that calcium in a contributor to calcium deposits in the joints and tissues? How to people get started on taking the correct calcium's/mineral colloids and vitamins based upon their pH readings? Tune in to hear the answers to these wonderful questions! All this and more! Http://

Sep 18, 2015

The Flu Shot: Why you should abstain, Trump: Autism linked to Vaccines, Dr. King Healing Revolution, Dr. Nuzum and The Lymphatic System and more!
RSB and Super Don urge you to take a chance on the failed flu shot. Actually, that is what the CDC is attempting to convince you to do! How well did they do last year? 13%? And they are hopeful that this year's concoction will be better? There's hardly anyplace to go but up. But we say, up theirs, not yours. At what percentage of failure would be reasonable enough for the CDC to finally say that the vaccine is not the best way to protect against flu? 3%? 2%? We predict that 1% would not be low enough. "We know that there is a 99% failure rate, but you people just have to be more diligent about sneezing in to your elbow, like Elmo has been saying for years. And then get your shot, too, because 1% is still better than 0%. Oi vey. Then we'll tackle the GOP's dangerous debate about vaccines and autism. Why is the mainstream media apoplectic over an adult discussion about spacing out the shots a wee bit? After all, they typically praise doctors in a worshipful manor. How dare neurosurgeon Ben Carson agree with the Trumpster over too many shots given too close together! And what is up with that Ophthalmologist Rand Paul claiming that parents should have the freedom to decide what is right for their children!? Dangerous debate? Do you love talking about the lymphatic system as much as RSB does? This hour we welcome back to the program, Dr. Daniel Nuzum, to reveal even more of the properties of fulvic acid in health and healing. Doc Nuzum is featured in the Truth About Cancer Series, with even more to come during the Global Quest for the Cure! Why does the lymphatic system drain upwards as long as you keep moving? How is lymph fluid like butter? How can the Equalizer Fulvic Liquid spray impact the lymphatic flow when applied topically to specific areas of the body? We'll reveal where to spray it for maximum benefit. It's also great to ingest for the extraordinary benefits to the microflora living within your GI system. Did you know that fulvic acid has a profound and powerful impact on mitochondrial function? Even more primary than that, it has a critical positive impact on thyroid function, activating the key to the ignition switch for cellular energy functions. This facilitates proper signaling to all cellular functions! Super Earth Energy is also available to support this adaptogenic necessity.

Sep 17, 2015

Trump: Vaccines may be causing Autism, Lisa Heyrend SB277 referendum, Jonathon Emord and Norm Singleton for Sacred Fire of Liberty and more!
Its time once for another Sacred Fire of Liberty with Jonathan Emord and Norm Singleton! First on the plate to discuss with RSB was last nights 2nd national GOP debate, and what a debate it turned out to be! Nearly every candidate decided to take a proverbial drive by on Trump in one way or manner, and though there seemed to be a concerted effort to suppress the more libertarian, break off conservative republican rhetoric, the Trump mister raged on unimpeded. Interestingly enough, during his exchange with fellow presidential hopeful Ben Carson, the issue of vaccines causing Autism arose in discussion. And though this left much of the allopathic community in a heat of despair, Donald Trump actually got away with saying "We've had so many instances, people that work for me. Just the other day, two years old, two and a half years old, a child, a beautiful child went to have the vaccine, and came back, and a week later got a tremendous fever, got very, very sick, now is autistic." on CNN, live to millions of viewers. Its a shame he didnt mention, the Merck whistleblower Brandy Vaughn, Brian Hooker and Dr. Wakefield, and the recent congressional admission by Congressman Posey. But we will take what we can get! Big Victory last night for "real" vaccine awareness! In hour 2 RSB is joined by vaccine justice crusader, Lisa Heyrend, a working mother of 2 young boys, small business owner and valiant volunteer area coordinator for the Orange county SB277 referendum. She is hoping, like the rest of us in the healing freedom movement, to bring continuing awareness to SB277 and make a final push for signatures. The goal of the referendum is to halt SB277, the mandatory vaccine bill, until the 2016 California voting cycle! Also don't miss the community OC Dept of education meeting on Sept 28th where you can have your voices heard regarding equal education and parental rights! RSB will also dissect the reports from a reanalysis of an old study regarding an antidepressant drug which was purportedly safe for children and adolescents, but has now been found that they failed to report the true numbers of young people who thought of killing themselves while on it. In what has to be one of our greatest moments of duh from the establishment medical community, RSB and Super Don will try to hold back their anger and laughter regarding, as a drug company proudly announces they have finally come up with a diabetes pill which has been shown, for the first time, to reduce deaths among patients taking it. And to end the night with another chuckle, researchers have found that heavy drinking increases the risk for injury and alcohol-related cancers. All this and more! Http://

Sep 16, 2015

Neil Miller of Think Twice: Vaccine update, Rand Paul: No 2 GMO labeling, TMB Outside the Box Wed, kid punished for dad's vax activism and more!
As RSB was setting up reservations for the next months Health Freedom Congress conference at Hamline University in St. Paul Minnesota from October 18-20, he found himself on the line with an average public bystander who was having second thoughts about she had been told about vaccinations. As the conversation progressed forward RSB quickly released that this nice lady wasn't buying the medical propaganda anymore and was wide open to hear the truth regarding holistic medical care solutions. To fast forward to the crescendo, it not only turns out that she lives in Dallas, TX where next months Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice for Disease Prevention conference will be, but she may also be gracing us with her presence at the Dallas convention! Doesn't the world just work in such beautiful serendipity sometimes? While on the subject of vaccines, RSB will be joined by Neil Z. Miller, a medical research journalist, Director of the Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute, and published author of several books on vaccines including Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Health Practitioners; Make an Informed Vaccine Decision for the Health of Your Child and Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective? In hour 2 RSB is joined by Ty Bollinger for another mind blowing Outside the Box Wednesday! First on the plate, who is Robert Califf? President Obama just nominated Dr. Robert Califf as the new head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this week. With his ties to pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers, are we about to see a new era of the good ole boy medical fascism? Its a good sign that Califf said that only less than half of his yearly salary last year came from research funds from the pharmaceutical industry. It wasn't like he was the Deputy Commissioner at the FDA or anything at that time. Theres some good news to share about cancer survivors, as people are beginning to look to raw food and organic lifestyles, as their new long term survival protocol! While on the subject, ever wonder what is the main killer of our Hispanics brethren? You guessed it, as a new report confirms that heart disease is still the leading cause of death in the United States overall, but cancer remains the number one killer of U.S. Hispanics. And as we see the cancer rate spike almost 300% in the country, it turns out Americans aren't content with the "Major advances that have been made in the fight against cancer" as a study shows that most Americans want more federal funding allocated for cancer research.

Sep 15, 2015

RI Lawmakers ask schools to oppose HPV mandate, Kevin Folta's receipt for Monsanto money, Stuart Tomc of Cannavest: Breaking News and more!
The passing of a mandatory domestic vaccination law for public education, marked a distinct shift in our country. For the first time in our generational history, parents who had lived most of their lives completely oblivious to the repercussions of their lack of political participation, were now directly being faced with the direct ultimatum, to either shut up and hand over their parental rights, or vote loudly with their feet and voices! Now that roughly 2 months have past since that fateful dictation, we may actually be seeing the beginning to a real resurgence against tyrannical medical fascism! Rhode Island Representatives, Justin Price and Robert Nardolillo, are strongly asking school districts to tell the governor to reverse a requirement that middle school students in Rhode Island get the HPV vaccine. In Oakland, California, an emergency school board meeting was called by a member of the Oakland Unified School District to discuss whether or not they will comply with California's recently passed SB 277 mandatory vaccination law, which eliminated personal and religious belief exemptions for students in public and private schools. In hour 2 RSB will be joined by Stuart Tomc, Founder of CannaVest, to deliver some Breaking News on the Cannabis Front! First on the plate is the now severely discredited Kevin Folta, the University of Florida professor who was exposed as a paid academic shill for Monsanto. Well if we didn't already have enough evidence to commit him in the court of public opinion, the actual receipt of transaction, between him and Monsanto, has surfaced! RSB will get Stuart Tomc's take on the story of Gary Dixon, a 65-year-old disabled vet, who has experienced decades of health problems after being exposed to Agent Orange, and how he was told by his doctor at the Veterans Administration (VA) that he could no longer receive painkillers because a drug test determined that he had cannabis in his system. RSB will also pick Stuart's noggin for his take on the reported progression of a new experimental cannabis drug for treating schizophrenia. And to end the hour in classical fashion, RSB will share how a UK string quartet provided traffic stranded drivers on the motorway with an impromptu roadside concert! Now that's the kind of road side service we can get behind. All this and more!

Sep 14, 2015

DARPA developing Human Vaccine Bio-factories, Adv. Medicine Monday w/ Dr. Buttar, #1 Health problem of soldiers, heart-gut connection and more!
Its no longer an understatement to say the modern world we live in is a crazy place. The technology has become futuristic, the lines of transparency between government activity and the public scrutiny are seemingly non existent, and now DARPA has announced that they have been researching a new method of vaccine production which would involve giving the body instructions for making certain antibodies. Essentially creating walking, living human bio factories! Apparently the postulated rational is based around the theory that the making the body its own bioreactor will drastically increase the speed the vaccine could be produced when compared to traditional methods and the result would theoretically be a higher level of protection. The one question left on the table though is, who is going to be the human guinea pig for these arguably exclusively unethical and dangerous trial tests? While on the subject of vaccines, meet Cyrus Poonawalla, also knows as the "vaccine billionaire", and they call him that because he has single handily made billions of dollars in the biotech industry producing pediatric vaccines. And just when you thought you needed more reasons to believe that vaccine producers may only be in it for the money! In hour 2 RSB will be joined by Dr. Rashid Buttar for another riveting, information packed Advanced Medicine Monday! RSB and Dr. Buttar will tackle a subject that has researchers, physicians and patients absolutely stumped, that being prostate cancer. Its often considered the most maddening and elusive of foes. Its the third-most common cancer in the United States, behind breast and lung cancers, and its course is less predictable than either. It can remain dormant in a man's body until he dies decades later from something else, or it can spread aggressively and kill him. Allopathic researchers at Thomas Jefferson University and elsewhere think they are coming closer to solving it through increasingly sophisticated genetic studies. We'll see what our all star panel of healing experts has to say about that summery! We'll also pick the docs brains on a new study which would be funny if it wasnt painfully true and ravaging our society, as Western medicine finally admits that children who are exposed to insecticides at home may actually have a slightly increased risk of developing leukemia or lymphoma. Well duh, people don't wear masks when they spray those chemicals for the aesthetics! All this and more!

Sep 13, 2015

China localizing socialized medicine, D.C to regulate Fitness Ind., Colloidal Silver approved by NASA as space antibiotic, Vitamin C hydrogen and more!
Its been said that in the 90's and even into 2013, before Obamacare really started taking hold, that American medical care was the best in world. Ya there were issues, but they were microcosmic in comparison to those we are currently facing in regard to outlandish co-pays, inflated cost for surgeries, hospital stays and pharmaceuticals and limited choice of quality providers and practitioners. Socialized medicine has without a doubt dramatically changed the quality of care, we as Americans have access to domestically, but how much worse is it going to get? How is socialized medicine working for communist countries who have had their healthcare systems in place for decades? Well in communist China, their country is aiming that by 2017 all patients with serious illnesses will receive treatment within their own county, in a concerted bid to overhaul a seriously over-burdened healthcare system where wide gaps between urban and rural care often mean people travel hundreds of miles to seek help in cities. Is this what we have to look forward to? In other news, it seems a battle is brewing in Washington as the capital city prepares to do centralized government does best, over regulate. This time the target is the personal fitness industry, as D.C plans to adopt the nations first rules on trainers through their city panel, the Board of Physical Therapy. In hour 2 RSB will be joined by Paul Barattiero, of Echo Water, to delve into a bombshell decision from NASA, as they break a trend which has been used for years, regarding iodine as the International Space Station's water cleansing agent of choice. Instead, they have finally elected to use what the Russian's realized to utilize for water purification purposes from the beginning, silver. Its no shock to RSB that the Russian's water purification process has always been much more efficient than that of the U.S. On the front of the fight against breast cancer, RSB will break down a follow up story to our previous coverage of the lunacy of preemptive mastectomies, based on genetic testing results, as a new study finds that screening all women for gene mutations that increase the risk of breast and ovarian cancer is too costly to be feasible, and would literally need to be reduced by 90% to be cost effective.

Sep 11, 2015

14th Anniversary of 9/11 and The War of Terrorism, Healing Revolution w/ Dr. King, Chris Barr: Power of GTF Chromium, homeopathy, malaria and more!
RSB, Super Don and Op-ED start the night off by discussing the importance of remembering what our country stands for as well as what happened 14 fateful years ago, as we slowly but surely slip away from the "Give me Liberty or Give me Death" mindset as a nation. Our good friend Liam Scheff has also come up with a thought provoking image to the left which is covered in Chapter 1-4 of his book Official Stories: Counter-Arguments for a Culture in Need, on this very subject. Get ready for a somber, yet practical reflection of the 9/11 events from 14 years earlier on today's Healing Revolution with Dr. Frank King as he and RSB discuss preparedness from a mental, emotion and physical perspective. Although the 9-1-1 Stress Control formula was created as a comprehensive homeopathic to reduce the impact of stress, it also addresses multiple aspects of injury, shock, trauma and emotionally challenging life events. How do we prepare the next generations for the inevitable life challenges that are part of our earthly existence? If a degree from Harvard or Yale could make it all go away, then people with higher degrees would have been freed from stress generations ago. It's not the degrees you have, but the temperature. In hour 2 RSB and Super Don will begin by dissecting the truth behind a new report from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington which purports that the leading causes of death among Americans are not pollution and harmful chemicals in their air and water, but rather bad habits which includes smoking, poor diet and a lack of exercise! RSB will also breakdown another study from Malaria Journal which claims that one million Africans will catch malaria this year because they live near a large dam. Its a shame they don't know about RSB's homeopathic malaria remedies to include Cinchona and silver hydrosol! RSB will next delve into the question, could Chromium really be the most critical of trace elements missing from the diets of the American people? In fact, anywhere Type 2 diabetes is exploding, nutritional historian Chris Barr claims that there is a serious GTF chromium deficiency. We'll revisit the significance of this humble and misunderstood trace element today so that your future health will be much brighter. We'll cover the proper form of chromium and how to take it to impact your body's functions in a profound and powerful way! Did you know the refining of whole wheat into bleached, white flour removes 91 percent of that chromium and the refining of raw sugar into white sugar removes 98 percent of that chromium? All this and more! Http://

Sep 10, 2015

Jonathan Emord and Norm Singleton Sacred Fire of Liberty, California EPA: Glyphosate cancer, Jonathan Landsman, holistic oral health and more!
RSB will be joined by Jonathan Emord and Norm Singleton for another Sacred Fire of Liberty Thursday! First on the plate, the California EPA announced today that it plans to label glyphosate as a chemical "known to cause cancer. This, on the heels of The World Health Organization's announcement recently that the chemical is probably carcinogenic to humans, is absolutely wonderful news! In other news on the front of dismantling the GMO agricultural behemoth Monsanto, a French court today has upheld a 2012 ruling in which Monsanto was found guilty of chemical poisoning of a French farmer, who testified that he suffered neurological problems after inhaling the U.S. company's Lasso weedkiller. Campaign for Liberty has joined the case challenging the legality of Attorney General Kamela Harris's demand that non-profits give her a list of their major donors in order to receive her permission to operate in California. Jon and Norm will break down how Harris's actions violate both the laws protecting taxpayer privacy and the 1st Amendment. In hour 2 RSB will be joined by renowned healer, Jonathan Landsman, who will share how one doctor cured stage-4 cancer without chemo, diet or supplements in just 7 weeks, how one woman cured herself of TWO life-ending diseases despite being told there was no cure, and how to cure cancer, even after natural protocols, like the Gerson therapy, fails! RSB will also share an update to the story we covered earlier in the week involving University of Florida scientist, Kevin Folta, who was caught taking direct bribes from Monsanto for favorable academic research. It turns out that after being exposed as an academic whore, Kevin Folta proceeded to unleash a bizarre series of tweets showcasing his mental instability. An interesting example is his tweet today, "Natural News now promoting use of Craigslist to incite local violence against me",citing the reposting of a humorous Craigslist ad somebody wrote: "Folta of UF was paid by Monsanto to Lie." The Craigslist post also emphasized, "ADDITIONALLY MONSANTO PAID HIM,000 TO WRITE THIS ARTICLE." As we can see, there isn't a hint of violence anywhere in the text. All the violence seems to really be coming from him as he decided to notably call the Food Babe a "food terrorist" and compared her to a dog because she dared to suggest Folta was on the take from Monsanto. Http://

Sep 09, 2015

RSB live w/ Ty Bollinger from Vitality Bistro, Outside the Box, homeopath Dr. Solara, Splenda breast milk, vitamins for mad prisoners, bras and more!
RSB will be broadcasting live today from Vitality Bistro, in Mount Dora, FL with the man, the legend, Ty Bollinger, from The Truth About Cancer for another mind riveting Outside the Box Wednesday! To start the day off RSB and TSB will break down the lunacy behind a new study, which purports that because of the grand legislative piece of socialized medicine, also known as Obamacare, many more Americans are surely going to get diagnosed and treated for chronic conditions, such as diabetes. Good thing allopathic medicine has their buddies big pharma standing by to fill the pharmacological driven prescriptions, which are surely likely to follow the one path driven solutions which institutionalized western medicine has in their tool box of "care". This paradox brings us into another whole issue on the front of Obamacare, as another study finds that most Americans view access to healthcare as a "moral" issue, and that the United States should be able to afford universal health care if other developed nations can do the same. If healthcare is a "moral" issue, why don't people have access to ALL healers under a public system? In hour 2 RSB and Ty Bollinger will start off strong by getting the opinions of our resident truth warriors regarding a shocking new report from Federal regulators who have decided to inadvertently halt a five-year study on the risk of cancer in communities around six U.S. nuclear plants and a nuclear fuel site. While on the subject of things which may effect the our health at home, RSB will explain a concerning new study which has found that most of the breast milk samples tested contained artificial sweeteners. Given the high gravitas government source of the research, and the profound implications it has to the health of our most susceptible population: newborns and infants, this new study will represent something of a litmus test as far as determining how effectively the media will keep this information buried or will report accurately on it once it is released. In another study out of Boston, a 12 month long analysis has shown that children, who have a lower consumption of sugary beverages, are more likely to have GOOD cholesterol in their body.

Sep 08, 2015

Mike Adams The Health Ranger, Monsanto's bio-fortified boys, 1/2 U.S. has type two diabetes, Dr. Isaacs and the legacy of Dr. Gonzalez's work and more!
RSB will be joined by Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, and founder of to discuss todays scathing indictments from the US Right to Know organization, who has just gone public with a detailed collection of emails, which show the incredible corruption of academic "scientists" by Monsanto and the biotech industry. This document dump contains a goldmine of truly shocking revelations about blatant collusion between Monsanto and university professors, whom the biotech industry calls their "Biofortified boys." Oh yeah, did we forget to mention that these scientists also received all-expenses-paid trips to Hawaii, paid for of course, by Monsanto. RSB will also get Mike's take on the shocking findings of a new study which purports that close to half of all American adults have type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. Pair this with the obesity crisis in our youth, and were shaping up to be quite a debilitated nation! Take care of your body folks, its the only one you get! Be sure to check out and for more updates on these stories and more! And to end the hour, RSB and Super Don will dissect a new study which looked at 156 stroke patients with different patterns of brain injury. It turned out that more of those with insular cortex damage successfully gave up smoking and reported fewer withdrawal symptoms than the other stroke patients. Guess strokes may be good for something other than a warning sign of neurological disfunction! In hour 2 RSB welcomes back Dr. Linda Isaacs, for her first full interview since the untimely passing of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez. How can we see to it that his legacy of healing continues well into the future? What is our moral or ethical obligation to help one another get well and stay well? Dr. Gonzalez worked tirelessly for many, many years to make certain that all who are ready would have access to powerful healing concepts of proper diet, nutrition and detoxification. Tune in as RSB asks Dr. Isaacs to reveal some more of the backstory of how they first worked together, when she was still in residency training at Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee. He helped her overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (and more). There are fascinating stories yet to be told of the Kelley Project originating at Cornell. Why was this project all-consuming? How is it possible for a young doctor in training to see beyond the pharmaceutical indoctrination that tends to limit any vision beyond allopathic suppression? We'll discuss what made Dr. Gonzalez such a powerful messenger to transform cancer remediation and prevention therapies. While it is true that not all value comes from within medical school classrooms, very few doctors recover their faculties of keen observation, along with a willingness to question official stories. We will greatly miss Dr. Gonzalez and pray that there are many others who learn from what he was here to teach us. We extend a special debt of gratitude to his beloved wife, Mary Beth, without whom, much of his work could not have been done, much less compiled, written and published (with more to come). The work must continue! Any young doctors out there feel the calling? All this and more!

Sep 07, 2015

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and the fight against mandatory vaccine tyranny, Kathy Bates: Getting Well God's Way, Adv. Medicine Mon. w/ Dr. Buttar and more!
For our rerun episode for labor day we have a true champion for vaccine freedom and healing liberty, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is back to call out those responsible for this ongoing vaccine holocaust. Where does the buck stop? Could it be the doctors? Dr. Tenpenny is an outspoken advocate for free choice in healthcare, including the right to refuse vaccination. As an internationally known speaker, she is highly sought after for her ability to present scientifically sound information regarding vaccination hazard and warnings that are rarely portrayed by conventional medicine. Most importantly, she offers hope through her unique treatments offered at Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center for those who have been vaccine-injured. Dr. Tenpenny is also an expert on women's breast HEALTH and the use of iodine for disease. Please get her book, Saying No To Vaccines and give a big thanks for all of her efforts in compiling the science of vaccines failures and injury in one place with the Vaccine Research Library. RSB will also be joined by surprise guest Kathy Bates who has written a new book, Getting Well God's Way with the express intent to wake Christians from their medically-induced disease state slumber: How God is Launching The Book He Had Me Write -- Shock and Awe. In hour 2 RSB and Super Don will be joined by Dr. Rashid Buttar for another epic Advanced Medicine Monday! First on the plate is a new study, conducted by researchers from Bournemouth University in England and published in the journal Surgical Neurology International, which shows dementia and other neurological brain diseases are striking people younger and younger. What could be causing this strange rise in neurological degeneration? Could it be the exponentially increasing amount of mercury and other heavy metals from food and vaccines, to name a couple sources, that millennials are being exposed too in mass? This is a subject that many of our long time listeners know is nothing new, as all too often RSB has dutifully lectured about how the standard medical approach in the West is to bombard the body with drugs and poison whenever there's an ailment, rather than try to prevent illness by fortifying the body through nutrition and healthy living. This reactionary approach, or what many recognize as the allopathic model of healthcare, has led to the advent of all sorts of deadly interventions such as abortion, vaccination and chemotherapy, all of which involve death and destruction rather than life and healing. In our "moment of duh" for the day comes out of a wonderful taxpayer funded study which has purported solved the itching question of how to stop the hated-after-drinking hangover, plaguing college kids and football fanatics worldwide. It turns out the only sure fire way is not to drink! According to another small and equally irrelevant study,a moderate dose of caffeine may help combat fatigue and shave about two strokes off the scores of skilled collegiate players. Maybe RSB is in the wrong business? It seems proposing random ideas for public grant funding is the place to be right now for medical innovation! Now to a more relevant study, for our studious and hardworking audience, workplaces that encourage healthy lifestyle practices are being directly tied to fewer numbers of obese employees among millennials. Turns out your not just what you eat, but also where you work! All this and more!

Sep 06, 2015

CDC: million to combat drug overdoses, K2: from kids to zombies, Bill Gates to meet justice in India, bacteria spray, shocking for nausea and more!
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Friday a million program to work with 16 states in an effort to curtail the growing epidemic of opioid overdoses. Overdoses have not only quadrupled since 1999, but according to the CDC, more than 16,000 people died of opioid overdoses in 2013 alone. The million is expected to be focused on enhancing "prescription drug monitoring programs", expanding education and prevention efforts in communities, while working with doctors and health systems to help them make better decisions for patients. Whats there to better understand? The link between prescription opioid drug addiction and rising heroin abuse is simple, the medication is only 1 step removed from the latter! Its like giving a kid a scoop of ice cream and then standing back in bewilderment when they upgrade to a tub of cookie dough swirl!

Sep 04, 2015

Healing Revolution Friday w/ Dr. King, 8 essentials to loving your job, Prof. Karl West of the Intl. Academy of Lymphology, dust vaccinations, and more!
It's time for the Labor Day weekend edition of the Healing Revolution with Dr. Frank King as he and RSB discuss the 8 essentials to loving your job! Is it possible to learn to love what you do if you do not already? It has been said that when you love what you do, you'll never labor another day in your life. If working encompasses an us vs. them attitude, an adjustment may be necessary to change your altitude. Sing it with us: "Take this job and love it!" How can menial work prepare you for greater opportunities ahead? Can you get better while skipping the bitter? What do you do on the job when no one is looking? We'll cover how to engage the power of the human spirit to get you where you want to go. What else is essential? Nutrition, water, fitness, sleep, nature, relationships and detoxifying hidden work hazards. We'll answer a Question of the Day from Derek in the UK about certain toxic ingredients in common paints and cleaners. Remember, there are homeopathic formulations from King Bio for chemical detoxification, including Household Chemicals, Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution. Call 1-800-543-3245 if you would like more information. Have you tried Dr. King's Life Formula yet? Also, stock up now on more super foods like DK Natural Meats. In hour 2 RSB, Super Don and Op-ED will begin by discussing the lunacy behind Big Pharma deciding to add farm dust to vaccinations, and how this is actually a poor rip off from actual homeopathic protocols. RSB will also answer the second QOTD from Michelle on birth control selenium betwixt the knees and anxiety remedies. Thats right folks, it sounds goofy, but don't knock it until you try it! RSB will also give his take on a shocking admission from The New England Journal of Medicine, who have come out this week with this incredibly statement, "We believe the time has come to revisit the United States' reluctance to label GM foods," Boy the times are changing! We hope you are ready for some more in-depth discussion of the lymphatic system, as RSB gladly welcomes Professor Karl West from the International Academy of Lymphology to go deeper into the lymph than ever before. His father, Dr. C. Samuel West made it his life's mission to bring the power to heal back to anyone who could understand the magnificence of this most precious drainage system within the body. So much is still not widely known, although scientifically established, about why this system is so important. Have you known someone who appeared perfectly healthy and then following an accident or trauma is overrun with chronic disease? The reason this happens has everything to do with what the trauma does to the lymph system. Karl will reveal a deeper lay of dysfunction that is correctable if you know what has happened. Do you know about the Vacuum State and why you don't want it disrupted? What are Trapped Plasma Proteins (TPP) and their relationship to interstitial spaces? We'll discuss new and simple ways to get the lymph moving again. Why is deep breathing so important? What is the diaphragm pump? Do you rebound yet? How do you get the energy to dissociate the TPP? What is a brain massage and how do you do it? What is the relationship to energy medicine and the lymphatic system? Why is removing lymph nodes a bad idea? All this information and more can be found at Professor West's Facebook and youtube channel. Be sure to also check out the 7 Free lessons on Lymphology here. To end our week out in style we will also break the news to Op-ED that he is being upgraded from the lowly abused intern to the assistant producer of the show! Lastly RSB and Super Don will cover, a now scientifically established, age old truth, that cats really don't us humans to function. All this and more! Http://

Sep 03, 2015

Sacred Fire of Liberty w/ Jon Emord, Norm Singleton and Cheryl Chumley, Fed: audit push renewal, male mastectomies, gun named babies and more!
Its time once more for another soul riveting hour of the Sacred Fire of Liberty w/ our guests Jonathan W. Emord, a constitutional lawyer and all around patriot, Norman Singleton, a champion at Campaign For Liberty, and the one and only, Cheryl K. Chumley, an investigative journalist and renowned author in the liberty field. First on the table of discussion will of course be none other than the prospective democratic nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton. A looming question on every conservatives mind is whether she will finally be indicted for her crimes against our country and people. In a scathing report just today, a hacker has announced he will be setting a ransom of 0,000 for the extremely sought after treasure troth of emails numbering roughly 32,000, from Hillary Clinton's private email account. Will it be enough to send this far than reputable traitor to the stocks? We'll see! Next up on the platter, RSB will pick our guests brains with the age old subject of Auditing the Federal Reserve. Over the past seven years, Campaign for Liberty has been leading the charge for Congress to pass a bill which Audits the Fed. Despite passing the House three times, once as an amendment to Dodd/Frank (111th Congress), and twice as a standalone bill (112th and 113th Congress), their efforts were stymied in the Senate by then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. This fall, Campaign for Liberty will be leading a charge to a renewed push in the Senate to pass the Audit the Fed initiative, and it won't be a moment too soon! In other political news, with Hillary Clinton seemingly drowning in federal indictments, what are the chances that someone like VP Joe Biden might jump into the race? And while on the subject of presidential nominee's Donald Trump has pledges the knee of fealty to the Republican party today. Seems they were more scared about his threats to run as an independent than meet the eye! Shifting to domestic politics, RSB will get our guests take on the recent developments regarding Planned Parenthood, and whether it might be a good idea to tax this group rather than fund them nationally. On the medical front, Sen. Christopher Murphy of Connecticut has introduced a bill, S-1921, which aids and abets state politicians who seek to abrogate Americans philosophical and religious conscientious objections to forced vaccination by financially punishing States that do not unconstitutionally burden their citizenries basic human right to Informed Consent. Say a firm NO to S-1921! And to end the hour with a laugh, RSB and our all star team of patriots will discuss the recent actions by our prodigal Commander in Chief, as he has pointedly renamed Mount McKinley in the name of political correctness. In hour 2 RSB and Super Don will begin by breaking down the lunacy of a recent report touting that the "war against ADHD" is an astounding success while using the criminally bias evidence that more than a third of U.S. children with this disorder are diagnosed before the age of 6. They continue to add insult to injury by crediting this astounding increase in diagnoses to allopathic primary care physicians who are meticulously following the national guidelines aimed at treating ADHD before it begins to cause issues. How about we get some answers as to why so many of our nations children are being afflicted with this disorder to begin with! Shifting to the cancer front, its safe to say that breast cancer is much more common in women than men, since only about 1 percent of cases in the U.S. are diagnosed in men. With that said are men still at a high enough risk that they should choose to undergo contralateral prophylactic mastectomy surgery? The wise masters of western medicine seem to think so, as JAMA has reported a steady rise in this preventive surgical procedure amongst the males of our nation. They can take our breasts, but they will never take our freedom! On the political correctness front, Vanderbilt University's Women's Center will be hosting a week-long event dedicated to lecturing men about what it means to have "healthy masculinity." "Don't cry," "Have sex," "Major in business," "Play sports," and "Man up." Allegedly, these are examples of unhealthy masculinity. How about we host a week long event on how healthy masculinity shaming is destroying the self image of the next generation of male millennials! On the subject of out of control feminists, it seems Kermit the Frog has come under the bright, fiery eye of Sauron, as his pick to date a skinnier pig has sparked rage and outcry amongst the body weight acceptance crowd. And to end the night on a lighter note, RSB and Super Don will share the latest freedom crave gripping the country, naming your newborn after a weapon! All this and more!

Sep 02, 2015

UC Berkeley: panic from "deadly" measles, Anti-prepping 101, Outside the Box Wed. w/ Doc Nuzum and Ty Bollinger and his amazing film crew and more!
A student at the University of California / Berkeley was diagnosed with measles on Monday. A public health official has put out an alertcampus wide. They are especially concerned over the transit system. The city is now working tirelessly to determine who is at risk. Whatswrong with this picture? Aren't all these students vaccinated against this disease? Don't they have the necessary antibodies to deal withsuch an occurrence? I guess this notably schizophrenic behavior is of no surprise to our listeners, who were avidly watching as 100+ peoplewere diagnosed in the Disneyland "outbreak" a couple months ago, where 0 deaths and 0 injuries accompanied the endless mass hysteria whichheralded in mandatory vaccination for school children in the state. Its seems the bottom line here is that vaccination was never intended toalleviate fears, just displace them, and their scare power, to local big government. In other news, would you think you were crazy if youcould hear your eyes moving from side to side? Rachel Pyne sure did, as this 27 yr old Indiana women was diagnosed with a very real and veryrare condition known as superior semicircular canal dehiscence. "like moving your hand in water." GROSS! In heart health news, a new studyhas shown that three out of four U.S. adults have a predicted "heart age" that is older than they are, which essentially puts them at asignificantly higher risk for heart attacks and strokes. And to end the hour with a laugh, RSB and Super Don will break down a hilarious piece of satire that Mike Adams has written on "Anti-prepping 101: The top unpreparedness skills to master now for the coming collapse". In allseriousness thought, I hope this outrageous satire article has made an important point: It's way easier to acquire prepping supplies and skills BEFORE it hits the fan than to have to earn, steal, or barter for such supplies the hard way. It turns out that preparednessskills are far easier to practice than unpreparedness skills. In hour 2 RSB and Super Don will be joined by Doc Nuzum the Naturopathic Doctor behind Vitality for Life, Ty Bollinger, producer of the epic cancer awareness project, The Truth About Cancer, and his amazing film crew, Alan Ray, Jonathan Otto, Zachry Karisch, Eithel Krauss, and Travis  for another radio shaking episode of Outside the Box Wednesday! RSB will get the crews take on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration move to approve Varubi (rolapitant) which is a drug which helps prevent delayed phasechemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. Now only if we had a plethora of well researched, highly recommended, feasible alternatives toradiation based therapy for cancer? O wait yes we do! Next on the plate of ridiculous cancer news from allopathic medicine, a new long term study of older men diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer and followed with so-called active surveillance has shown that less than a third of cases eventually needed treatment. The body can naturally fight off cancer without the butchers hand of a board certified oncologist? Say itisn't so! And last but not least, RSB will get TSB and Doc Nuzum's take on the story out of California which has a disgruntled female customer of Chipotle Mexican Grill accusing the popular chain of false advertising after it trumpeted on April 27 that it was the first national restaurant company to use only ingredients that are free of controversial genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. Why can't we celebrate, as a movement, rather than litigate. Isn't it a good thing that restaurants are finally making moves and commitments to go utilize healthieroptions in their services? Its probably not going to happen over night! Http://

Sep 01, 2015

SB792: Mandatory adult shots tabled, AB1117: 5 child shot kick back has died, Cilla Whatcott of Family Homeopathy Care, People Zoo and more!
To open RSB and Op-ED will breakdown some analysis on a 3rd chemical plant explosion in Shandong providence in China which occurred last night around 11:30 pm. Is it mismanagement? Are they acts of terrorism? Could there be more to this than meets the eye? RSB and Super Don will carry on todays festivities by discussing yesterday's developments regarding SB792. The bill, which would have made mandatory vaccination a reality in California, was passed over and retained from the assembly floor vote. The opposition team submitted another amendment over the weekend directly with the bill author and through allies at the capitol. We believe that resulted in SB792 being passed over and retained. Please stand by until there is a determination if the new amendment(s) will be accepted. It was scheduled to be voted on yesterday 8/31 but additional amendments are on the table to require full disclosure and additional exemptions. Our hopes are that this may help drag the process out every which way possible, so the bill and the draconian agenda attached justly "time out". In hour 2 RSB and Super Don will be joined by Cilla Whatcott of Family Homeopathy Care to discuss her recent work with Autism, and homeopathic care in the family unit. RSB will also be delving into a major victory on the front of opposing mandatory vaccination and standing up for parental rights, as a New York Russian Orthodox mom has won the right to exempt her autistic son from getting the school-mandated measles/mumps/rubella vaccination after citing her moral opposition to abortion. The city Department of Education originally rejected her bid for exemption after questioning the sincerity of her religious beliefs during the summer and fall of 2013, but in appeals was forced to grant her the right to choose and parent according to her personal beliefs. Http://

Aug 31, 2015

Study: HIV doesn't cause AIDS, polio shot caused 28yr gut infection, SB792: Mandatory adult shots, Adv. Med. Mon. w/ Dr. Buttar and more!
Researchers have found that the progression to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), after human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, is caused not by the virus's direct effect on immune cells, but by the effect of infected immune cells on other immune cells. The discovery is changing the approach of allopathic medicine in regard to treating HIV, as researchers now think they have a method to block the progression from virus to AIDS based on this new understanding of how the infection works. But do we they really have a better understanding of AIDS and HIV, or are they now literally shooting in the dark, as they continue to try and explain the explosion of immune dysfunction across our population. In further medical news, according to a study published in PLOS Pathogens a 29-year-old man living in the United Kingdom has had the polio virus living in his gut for nearly his entire life! Where did he get polio from? It turns out the strain originated from the childhood shot he received and has since mutated from the weakened form he received in a vaccine to a much more virulent strain. How many other people have remnants of estranged viral particles swimming in their bodies from allopathetic medicine's attempt at a universal band-aid? In hour 2 RSB and Super Don will be joined by Dr. Rashid Buttar for another epic Advanced Medicine Monday! First on the plate is a new study, conducted by researchers from Bournemouth University in England and published in the journal Surgical Neurology International, which shows dementia and other neurological brain diseases are striking people younger and younger. What could be causing this strange rise in neurological degeneration? Could it be the exponentially increasing amount of mercury and other heavy metals from food and vaccines, to name a couple sources, that millennials are being exposed too in mass? Http://

Aug 30, 2015

New statin drug costs 14k/yr, goths at higher risk of sadness, Stuart Tomc from CannaVest on state cannabis freedom laws, CBD, exercise and more!
On Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration approved Repatha, the second drug in a large class of powerful cholesterol lowering medicines. Repatha is made by Amgen, and is indicated to only be used by those with heart disease and cannot lower their cholesterol levels with statins and other therapies. This new drug will cost those who use it a whopping,100 a year! The creators say that they will happily work with the payers to provide innovative pricing programs that will make it easier to get Repatha. Who can afford to pay for this? Is this going to become the norm as we continue down the route of socialized pharmacology driven public healthcare? In Other news, researchers in a new study have found a strange correlation between young people who identify as goths and a distinct increased risk of depression and self-harm. The term goth is often used to refer to teenagers who have a reputation of rebelling against the norm, in clothing or ideas for example, or avoided conforming to social ideals. If voluntary isolation can cause depression like feelings, why don't go ahead and put down our smart phones and engage those around us! In hour 2 RSB and Super Don will cover the development from Michigan yesterday, where the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Director Mike Zimmer rejected the recommendation of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Review Panel to add autism to the list of qualifying conditions for which cannabis can be prescribed in the state. It didn't take long for the skeptic authoritarian crowd to weigh in with glee, regarding this supposed victory for science against natural medicine. Http://

Aug 28, 2015

Healing Revolution w/ Dr. King, SSRI drugs link to mass shootings, Gail Tverberg and Liam Scheff on oil economics, full banking collapse amd more!
RSB and Super Don open with comments and questions of the day, including one listener who took inspiration from yesterday's new words in the dictionary. Can we come up with even more ways to point out the absurdities of allopathic medicine? Weird Al has nothing on us! What remedies should you take to Mexico or anyplace that the water might introduce you to Montezuma's revenge? No folks it doesn't include tequila worms and barefoot running, we've got some real answers! On today's Healing Revolution with Dr. Frank King, he and RSB discuss the latest tragic shooting related to psychotropic medication approved by the FDA and prescribed by doctors. Why is it that the leftist media always blames the gun? Isn't it enough that the manufacturers of childhood vaccinations are absolved of all responsibility should their products injure, maim or kill their recipients? How do these psychiatric medications stimulate poly-homicidal behaviors? In hour 2 RSB will delve into the what the insider economists are forecasting, that "Banking will collapse when oil prices go down?!!" How is that even possible? Why are oil prices falling - and why is it driving oil "Frackers" in to bankruptcy and loan default? Why are we starting to look like a poor European country and less like "Ronnie Reagan's America?". To bring an expert perspective on these intriguing questions RSB will be joined by Gail Tverberg, oil analyst and actuary, who brings her long-studied take on the interlaced networked economy - and how a shortfall in one sector brings unexpected but dramatic contraction in another. Liam Scheff also joins RSB to talk oil, petrodrilling, Saudi politics, and the sure-to-default and contract (that sounds a lot like "collapse") banking system... this hour, only on the Robert Scott Bell show. Http://

Aug 27, 2015

Sacred Fire of Liberty with Jonathan Emord, Norm Singleton, Cheryl Chumley, Trump factor, America #20 in freedom index, superbugs and more
Its time once more for another Sacred Fire of Liberty Thursday! Is the stock market crash a one day blimp or a sign of things to come? Who's to blame the Fed, Obama, Congress, China? RSB will be joined by Jonathan Emord, Cheryl Chumley and Norm Singleton, of Campaign for Liberty and MY TAKE, to discuss this and the mind boggling Trump factor, which is rocking modern politics across the nation. And it looks like the knowledge of our dirty laundry as a nation isn't staying in house, as the CATO Institute, the Fraser Institute of Canada, and the Liberales Institute of Switzerland recently put out a ranking of the world's freest countries. Guess where we found ourselves? Thats right folks #20! Not exactly what the founding fathers envisioned when they went out on the limb to create the freest nation the world had ever seen! In hour 2 RSB will delve into breaking some myths regarding the real culprits of "Super Bug" creation. Often, careless prescriptions and cattle fattening antibiotics are blamed for the rise of superbugs resistant to everything in the hospital arsenal, but that's apparently all wrong! Antibiotics fail, because we are all abusing common medicines that also have powerful antibiotic activity. All painkillers, anti-inflammatories, statins, antidepressants, and the whole list of common pharmaceuticals are the problem. We simply use too many drugs! Say it ain't so! Never forget that statins were antibiotics that were repurposed to lower LDL, "bad cholesterol". Aspirin was an antibiotic that was shown to relieve pain and inflammation. Metformin was an antibiotic that later proved useful for treatment of diabetes. Many chemotherapy drugs are antibiotics developed for cancer treatment. Diuretics were antibiotics that indirectly reduce blood pressure. Antidepressants, such as Prozac, Zoloft, etc. are antibiotics. Http://

Aug 26, 2015

Obamacare causes drug costs to soar, Sharon Schloss on chemtrails, Ty Bollinger and Outside the Box Wed, 9/11 "Dust Lady" dies, Trump and more!
According to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics, an unprecedented 90.8% of Americans now have health insurance. For now we'll leave our opinion of whether Obamacare is a good program or a bad program, whether it should be maintained, re-legislated or repealed outright out of the discussion. The point of discussion today is the blatantly clear reality that prescription medication costs are rising dramatically. According to a survey, one out of four people whose prescription drug costs went up said they were unable to pay their medical or medication bills. Seven percent said they missed a mortgage payment. One out of four stopped getting their prescriptions filled, and one out of five skipped scheduled doses. Was insuring everybody in the country, so they can see a doctor for the ailments, worth the exponentially rising costs for the drugs being prescribed by those doctors? RSB and Super Don will also be joined by Sharon Schloss from The Chembow, to discuss the interesting topic of climate engineering, its negative impact on people and the environment, and how to use "orgone energy" to clean up the atmosphere and neutralize harmful EMF. Lastly to end the hour in fashion, RSB will break down something seemingly positive the FDA is doing, as they have just warned the company which produces "Just Mayo" that they may not call the product mayonnaise if it does not contain eggs! In hour 2 RSB will be joined by Ty Bollinger from The Truth About Cancer, for another fun packed Outside the Box Wednesday! The government program that pays people hurt by vaccinations recently doled out more than million to injured victims. All were deemed victims of the flu shot, but their injuries had nothing to do with what was in the syringe. The patients were among dozens that have been diagnosed with "Sirva," or shoulder injury related to vaccine administration. They were hurt by how the shot was given, not the contents of the vaccine. It is a growing phenomenon for which U.S. health officials increasingly have been awarding compensation and is now being added to a no-fault system intended to expedite claims. So not only do vaccines not effectively help people fight off disease, but they now may also permanently physically damage your body! Wheres the upside again?

Aug 25, 2015

Errors by Medical Doctors 3rd highest cause of death, tales of two cows: organic vs factory raised, Joni Abbott and the dangers of Belsomra, and more!
In 1999, the Institute of Medicine published the famous "To Err Is Human" report, which dropped a bombshell on the medical community by reporting that up to 98,000 people a year die because of mistakes in hospitals. The number was initially disputed, but is now widely accepted by doctors and hospital officials - and quoted ubiquitously in the media. Now comes a study in the current issue of the Journal of Patient Safety, that says the numbers may be much higher, between 210,000 and 440,000 patients, each year, who go to the hospital for care, suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death. That would make medical errors the third-leading cause of death in America, behind heart disease, which is the first, and cancer, which is second. In other news, there is an update in the FDA and FTC review of regulations regarding homeopathic drugs, as last week, FTC staff announced that it has submitted a comment to FDA. The comment was approved by the Commission by a vote of 5-0. Not surprisingly, FTC staff took the position that "claims for homeopathic drugs must be supported by competent and reliable scientific evidence". In hour 2, RSB will be joined by Joni Abbott of Homegrown Health, to get a feminine take on the medical paradigms facing women in our eve changing world of medical land mines. Ever heard of a drug called Belsomra? This pretty little present from the pharmaceutical industrial complex was designed to insomnia associated with disrupted sleep cycles. A couple of "minor" side effects which are associated with the use of this pharmacological wonder pill are unusual thoughts or behavior, hallucinations, thoughts about hurting yourself, daytime drowsiness, dizziness, weakness, feeling "drugged" or light-headed, amnesia or forgetfulness, a weak feeling in your legs, and to end with,strange dreams!

Aug 24, 2015

Rod of God: U.S space weapon used against China and the beginnings of WW3, Advanced Medicine Mon. w/ Dr. Butter, 2nd cancers on rise and more!
Has a global war of power plays, cyber incursion and economic turbulence kicked off between America and China? From gathered indications, this unpopular and so far underreported development, has left those closely paying attention with eery feelings of discontent over what may be in store over the next 12 months. As Robert has said in the past, fear and paranoia do nothing more than paralyze you and your family and friends. We must be careful in these uncertain times, but always remember it is only through action and intentional control of our emotions, that we truly do those who rely on us justice. With that said, RSB and Op-ED will lay out the analysis on the possible space based weapon, pointedly named "The Rod of God", and the plausibility that what has hit another production center in China, in the industrial heartland of Shandong providence, is indeed the same space based kinetic weapon, which was utilized by the United States to strike the Tianjin chemical plant earlier this week. RSB and Op-ED will also cover another explosion yesterday, which ripped through a U.S. Army munitions storage facility near Tokyo, Japan and utterly destroyed the facility. Could this be a retaliatory attack from China? In hour 2, RSB will be joined by Dr. Rashid Buttar for another knowledge packed Advanced Medicine Monday! First on the plate for these 2 all star doctors is the interesting paradigm of second cancers, and their distinct increase as nearly 1 in 5 new cases in the U.S now involves someone who has had the disease before. Here we go again, another public opinion pool where Big Pharma shows up among the least likable industries or lands near the bottom when it comes to corporate industry reputation.

Aug 23, 2015

Mainstream media untrustworthy regarding vaccines and drugs, riots: good for the air qual, Corporate hypocrisy w/ abortion and gay marriage and more!
In its July 27 print edition, Time magazine ran a full-page color ad for smokeless tobacco, but what really got RSB's attention were all the drug ads, which continue week after week, and presumably keep the flailing publication alive. The biggest ad, an inside-front-cover three-page spread, was for Xeljanz (tofacitinib citrate), which is aimed at people with rheumatoid arthritis. As often covered on this show, unbound pharmacological treatments are not the solution to our problems, it is often the root of our problems. In the field of interesting science, civil unrest and humanitarian crises can now be detected from space! As a new study postulates that due to "lower economic activity", which usually accompanies areas in crisis or war, the air is surprisingly cleaner, based off measurements of nitrogen oxides. Is this just another attempt at selling the idea that forms of population control and eugenics being inherently good for the planet? In hour 2, RSB will talk about possible dramatic changes coming to supplement world, as some supplement companies are considering caving to a "Durbin-style proposal" for a supplement pre-market notification system. Let's hope some supplement companies don't inadvertently throw away the many successes we have had in holding Sen. Durbin's legislation at bay! In other food safety updates, Did you know that conventional spices contain harmful ingredients? When you buy conventional spices, they often contain artificial Colors, preservatives, and GMOs. Many of the spices most people buy are treated with chemicals, contain GMOs and are irradiated. Http://

Aug 21, 2015

Healing Revolution w/ Dr. King, Addyi: female Viagra's dark side, Liam Scheff's death by robots, looming economic bubble, RA, CVD and more!
RSB and Super Don open with more discussion of the technologically challenged Zombie apocalypse. What if China really does collapse the US economy through mass sell-off of Federal Reserve Notes and cyber warfare? Are you growing food yet? How much can you get locally that now comes from all over the globe? We can focus on the big scary or place our attention on living in ways that make globalism's collapse a mere hiccup. What will you choose? Ladies, ladies, please pay attention to today's Healing Revolution with Dr. Frank King, as he and RSB discuss the FDA's approval of a new (psychiatric) libido drug for women. Or is it? Why would they approve a drug that had been rejected before? We'll think clearly about the issue of female desire with a homeopathic bent. In hour 2, RSB will talk about Rheumatoid Arthritis, cardiovascular inflammation and mental health. What do they all have in common? Do doctors acknowledge the source of inflammation or do they merely attempt to put out the fires with toxic gasoline (drugs) for the liver. Metabolic wastes and environmental toxins, if not efficiently eliminated from the body, have inflammatory consequences. What about gay ibises? Huh? Yes, a new study observes that the Florida ibis, when exposed to excess environmental mercury, exhibits homosexual tendencies or behaviors. RSB will also be joined by the one and only, Liam Scheff, who almost got murdered by Walmart! Liam is back - from a near death scrape with a bicycle bent on destruction. Whose fault was it? Schwinn? China? Walmart? Or the economic model of more faster cheaper is better? Have you heard of an stock market bubble? Liam thinks the whole big, fat 20th Century is a bubble - and it's slowly deflating. Is he right? Tune in to hear the answer. What's the most important thing? Science? Religion? What about..FOOD!? Liam and Robert talk about why having food within 500 feet, growing in the ground, is the most important thing.

Aug 20, 2015

Jonathan Emord and Sacred Fire of Liberty, Norm Singleton on Donald Trump and Ron Pauls 80th birthday, Isaiah Rider: adult prisoner, and more!
RSB is joined by Jonathan Emord for another spirit filled Sacred Fire of Liberty Thursday! First on the plate for discussion is the Iran Deal revelation, that the Parchin military site will be self-inspected. Good thing we can freely trust a nation who sees nuclear confrontation as an acceptable means to an end right? How does this shake out with the news that Russia is aligning itself with Iran against the U.S.? Additionally Iranian Revolutionary Guard leader Qassem Soleimani, who played a direct role in causing the murder of U.S. troops in Iraq, meets with Putin on July 24 in violation of UN Travel ban. And to add icing to the cake Russia is rapidly supplying Iran with advanced S-300 air defense systems capable of knocking out Israeli warplanes in the event of an attack on Iranian nuclear sites. In hour 2 RSB will start off by disclosing a stunning new development in the Isaiah Rider case, as a social worker from Illinois told Isaiah Wednesday that if he were to decide to move out on his own when he turns 18 next week, he would be arrested. Guess CPS has upgraded to micromanaging their medical fascism onto adults now! During flu season everyone seems worried about catching a cold at the office, but if you've got a mean co-worker you might also be in danger of catching their rudeness, according to a new study from the Journal of Applied Psychology. In the world of allopathic cancer treatment, Former President Jimmy Carter says he has melanoma that has spread to his liver and brain, but, he's fighting it with a drug so promising that its approval was fast-tracked last year. Guess Jimmy Carters doctors haven't gotten the memo yet, regarding the clear and present dangers involved with trusting untested drugs from big pharma. Http://

Aug 19, 2015

OxyContin FDA approved for kids, NIH spends.5mil on lesbian obesity, Ty Bollinger and Outside the Box Wednesday, Campbell: GMO free, and more!
Researchers have found that far lower levels than previously thought of acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, can be toxic to humans, shedding light on how easily people can overdose on the commonly used over-the-counter painkiller. If this pharmaceutically complicit manslaughter wasn't bad enough, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has shockingly approved limited use of the powerful and frequently abused painkiller, OxyContin, for children as young as 11 years old. On a positive note it seems the mainstream media is now actively throwing Tylenol under the bus as an ineffective painkiller, going as far as saying it even fails to out perform its over the counter cousin, ibuprofen, for fevers. When will the mainstream media finally admit these drugs, and their associated side-effects are far more dangerous than the original reason they are being employed? In hour 2 RSB is joined by Ty Bollinger for another Outside the Box Wednesday! RSB will get Ty's take on the criticism being shot his way for daring to interview Cassandra Callender regarding her perilous run in with medical fascism in the form of judicially forced chemotherapy. RSB and Ty will also discuss the unassailable pseudo-truth perpetuated in the mainstream medical and scientific community, that vaccines are inherently safe and effective.

Aug 18, 2015

Super lice become immune to drug treatment, Michelle and Isaiah Rider and their medical kidnapping nightmare, Rhode Island HPV mandate and more!
Watch out "the lice are coming the lice are coming!" as new research has found head lice populations in 25 states are proving to be resistant to the active ingredient in many over-the-counter treatments recommended by doctors and schools. Who knew that insects could develop an immunity to a poison based protocol? Speaking of poison based protocols, Its the season again for children to head to their local pharmaceutical rep, I mean doctor, and receive their cocktail of shots to keep them extra safe in the unpredictable and dangerous halls of their schools. In Tulsa county Oklahoma the immunization rate - for children ages 19 months to 35 months - for 2014 was 62.12 percent, much lower than the national average. Now thankfully the vaccine supporting locals in this county aren't as blood thirsty as their counterparts in California, but the focus on highlighting areas of the unvaccinated is eerily becoming more prevalent nationally. In lighter news, from the rumbling in your tummy to the popping of a joint, the human body produces a curious symphony of sounds. Most are perfectly normal (if slightly embarrassing), but in some cases, they may actually be alarm bells! RSB and Super Don will break down which of the 13 weird noises they think are the most intriguing! And if crazy body sounds didn't suffice your hunger for hilarious content, RSB will also break down an incredibly "revealing" tax payer funded study covering the scary possibilities for people immune to contagious yawning. In hour 2 RSB is joined by Michelle and Isaiah Rider to discuss the tyrannically induced medical kidnapping they are currently going through, as they have been flabbergasted to learn that her son, taken under the preface of alleged medical abuse, could remain a ward of the state regardless of the fact that he is an adult! Do the totalitarian bureaucrats in the government know no end? Http://

Aug 17, 2015

Merck publicly admits to bribing docs, Op-ED, the Blacksmith Liberty and Entrepreneurship Camp, Adv. Medicine Mon. w/ Dr. Rashid Buttar and more!
In the famous childhood story Alice in Wonderland, the heroine often found herself playing to the rules of a crazy world where up was considered down and down was considered up. Often the modern world we all live in, shares this same form of disfunction as cognitive dissonance and huberous gambles allow corporations to openly admit conspiracy and even open crime as public record, and have no-one blink an eyelid. Well almost no one, as RSB graciously sheds light on a scathing admission from one of the biggest players in the pharmaceutical industrial complex, Merck, and their generational practice of paying off U.S based healthcare professionals who agree to positively speak on behalf of Merck and their products. RSB will also be joined by Op-ED, who has just returned from an adventure in Europe, where he attended the Blacksmith Liberty and Entrepreneurship Camp, hosted in the beautiful meadows of Trakai, Lithuania by Simon Black of Aside from enjoying the lush mountain scenery, Op-ED and 50 other libertarian minded millennials from every continent of the world, put their collective minds together and underwent a rigorous crash course, from a select panel of experts, on how to effectively build, market and grow a successful business in today's minefield of a global economy, while maintaining a liberty minded free capitalist spirit! In hour 2 RSB is joined by Dr. Rashid Buttar for another Advanced Medicine Monday! According to a new study breast cancer patients who report more side effects of their hormone therapy drugs and less confidence communicating with their doctors are more likely to intentionally or unintentionally miss a dose. Could this be further evidence that the word is spreading that these drugs are often worse than what they are being prescribed to treat?

Aug 16, 2015

Doctors hide behind statistics as Autism increases, Stephen Heuer One World Whey, new evidence in the case of dying holistic doctors and more!
Encore Episode! In Lieu of prima facie evidence beginning to poke its ugly head in the form of dramatic increases in neurological diseases, scientists are already attempting to offer explanations for those seeking denial. Writing in the American Journal of Medical Genetics, researchers from Pennsylvania State University suggest that this increase in diagnoses is driven by the reclassification of people with related neurodevelopment disorders. The real question remains, are they willing to make this same pompous argument to the parents of a vaccine injured child? In a more believable study, scientists have found that taking a hike in the woods actually decreases the prevalence of negative reoccurring thoughts. Put down those antidepressants and head to the trail! On the cannabis front, an Arizona appeals court has ruled that the smell of Marijuana is not enough to break out the dogs and violate peoples 4th amendment rights. One more step toward decriminalization of plants! In Hour 2 RSB is joined by Stephen Heuer, founder of One World Whey, to get his take on the water front of health news, and to update us on all the wonderful products his company has to offer the world! Intriguing new analysis has emerged which points to a possible reason for why so many of our close friends and holistic practitioners have gone missing or have been found dead in the past couple weeks. Could the research behind Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF), to help protect the human immune system, be the key to the puzzle? Again RSB recommends to withhold judgement until conclusive evidence arises, but with that said, be vigilant and courageous in your work to bring the truth of healing to the world! Http://

Aug 14, 2015

Chickenpox shots, shingles sham, back-to-school, Dr. Frank King, heavy metal detox, Dr. Cornelia Franz, vaccine dangers, head colds, liver and more!
How is Super Don like Clark Grizwald from National Lampoon's Vacation? We'll check in with the road weary super producer for an Austin update! Did you know that people will wash your windshield when you are stopped at a light without even asking? If you live in the country, that would be considered a strange thing to do. In the city, you're just glad it's a squeegee and not a gun. Got Vitamin D? A new study claims it is of no benefit for obese teens trying to lose weight. We just can't remember ever claiming that it was the weight loss vitamin for kids eating Ding-dongs, Twinkies and other processed foods. What about the chicken pox vaccine increasing the incidence of shingles in children and adults? It's back-to-school time on today's Healing Revolution with Dr. Frank King as he and RSB discuss the EPA environmental disaster in Colorado. Is your drinking water contaminated with unknown heavy metals? What can you do about it? Got homeopathy? We'll remind our friends in Western Colorado, New Mexico and Utah to reach for some Heavy Metal Detox! What about he mercury, aluminum and other toxins coming in via vaccines? Protect your kids by thinking twice about the shots. IF you do succumb to scholastic medical pressure, please be sure to have the VaccinoPlex remedy at the ready! Dr. Cornelia Franz is the founder and owner of the Franz Center in Orlando, Florida. She was raised in Asheville, NC and attended Wake Forest University as an undergraduate. She received her MD from Bowman Gray School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, NC, and went on to complete her Pediatric Internship in Lexington, Kentucky. Dr. Franz finished her Residency in pediatrics at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida at the University of Florida. After residency, she did a fellowship in Adolescent Medicine at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. She has been in pediatric practice in Orlando since 1985! Http://

Aug 13, 2015

Fed's cannabis cash, GMO DARK Act, mental gun control, Jonathan Emord, Norm Singleton, vaccine freedom, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and more!
It's time to rekindle the Sacred Fire of Liberty with Jonathan Emord!, as we discuss more about he federal efforts to curtail any mandatory GMO labeling laws at the state level. Sixty countries require GMO food labeling. But the US Government is moving to prevent Americans from knowing whether their foods are GMO free or not. Read the whole story and learn what you can do. Norm Singleton joins us from the Campaign for Liberty to reveal the gun control debate's descent into the drugged realm of psychiatry. Even if we may agree that those with mental health issues pose a greater risk with firearms than those without, who gets to determine eligibility? Do you trust the pharmaceutically conflicted bureaucratic oligarchy with your mental health status? Is Kim Kardashian really in hot water with the FDA? She is promoting a new pregnancy nausea drug through social media and forgot to list all of the nasty side effects. Is the FDA violating her right to Freedom of Speech, or is this an appropriate use of the police powers of the FDA? Finally, just when you thought it was safe to go shopping, Orwellians among us can't wait to turn retail malls into TSA airport-like security zones! Then we have a true champion for vaccine freedom and healing liberty, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is back to call out those responsible for this ongoing vaccine holocaust. Where does the buck stop? Could it be the doctors? Dr. Tenpenny is an outspoken advocate for free choice in healthcare, including the right to refuse vaccination. As an internationally known speaker, she is highly sought after for her ability to present scientifically sound information regarding vaccination hazard and warnings that are rarely portrayed by conventional medicine. Http://

Aug 12, 2015

Carter's cancer, #CDCwhistleblower, saturated fats, Ty Bollinger Outside the Box, garden, pharma black op, Planned Parenthood genocide and more!
Has Super Don really settled in Austin? Can he even sit down after a cross-country road trip of over 2000 miles? And no, the Shingles is still worse than a sore bottom from long distance driving! Who should not know this? Kids. Specifically, kids getting chicken pox vaccination, who are then manifesting the painful symptoms of shingles instead of the mostly mild rite of passage when first interacting with the herpes zoster varicella virus. Have you yet figured out that the vaccine industrial complex is a global criminal enterprise for profit through pain and immunological destruction? How long must we wait before Congressional hearings on the #CDCwhistleblower controversy? Snopes can't say it didn't happen unless it/they deny something called the Congressional record. It's time for Ty Bollinger and Outside the Box Wednesday as TMB and RSB send Happy Birthday greetings to 9-year-old Tabitha! One of the greatest gifts you can give your kids is to teach them how to grow food and let them loose in the garden! Got cabbage? Make sauerkraut! Plant mint and oregano and watch the kids snack on garden delectables! Http://

Aug 11, 2015

Top SB277 vaccine lies, California fracking crop water, cancer spirituality, endoscopy danger, Cyndi Lauper psoriasis, Pepsi pulls aspartame and more!
What are the official lies that prop up the illusion that passing SB277 in California is good for public health? How can mandating injection with toxins and foreign biologics ever be considered a good thing? What kind of medicine do medical doctors practice as their standard of care? Or are the left coast politicians practicing medicine without a license at the behest of vaccine manufactures? We'll review the Top 10 lies that duped dysfunctional Californians. Now that Pepsi has pulled the aspartame from its diet colored carbonated beverage, is it time to drink up? Are you buying stock in Pepsico? Saved by an 80s music icon pushing drugs? Cyndi Lauper is promoting a Big Pharma solution for psoriasis. Do "Girls Just Wanna Have Drugs?" Are there any other ways to deal with psoriasis naturally and safely? Let us count the ways, Cyndi. Then Official Stories author Liam Scheff returns to sound the food alarm! They're using fracking fluid and oilfield wastewater to grow your vegetables. Our vegetables. Did we mention: Grow your own food? "Here in California's thirsty farm belt, where pumpjacks nod amid neat rows of crops, it's a proposition that seems to make sense: using treated oil field wastewater to irrigate crops. Oil giant Chevron recycles 21 million gallons of that water each day and sells it to farmers who use it on about 45,000 acres of crops, about 10% of Kern County's farmland." Will we survive on franking fluid fuel? "As long as they're treating the water to the point where it's allowed by whatever agency governs the quality of water, I think it would be OK," said Glenn Fankhauser, assistant director of the Kern County Department of Agriculture and Measurement Standards.

Aug 10, 2015

Waiting for President Godot, vaccine-refuser jail, stoner Shakespeare, brain regain, Dr. Rashid Buttar, cancer spirituality, mercury fillings and more!
Are you planning to vote in the next presidential election? What is the litmus for your candidate? How about determining who would do the least damage to your individual liberty? Dr. Ben Carson talks a good game about freedom, doesn't he? Until the subject of vaccination comes up, where he claims that you have no right to refuse should they be mandatory. SB277 was not bad enough, but California is teetering on the edge of making adults get shots without exemption s well! Could jail time be awaiting those who refuse to comply with the CDC's recommended shot schedule? Then, get ready for some more Advanced Medicine Monday as RSB talks with Dr. Rashid Buttar about the FDA's proposal to curb mercury fillings and how it was secretly overruled by senior government officials. What kind of monsters would continue to endorse the use of the world's second most toxic substance in the mouths of children? Did you know that spirituality is a key factor in an easier course of recovery from cancer? Plus, Coca-Cola gets BUSTED for funding scientists to shift the blame for obesity away from soda! What kind of milk should you drink if you drink milk?

Aug 09, 2015

Big Pharma Freedom of Speech, radioactive boobies, buying vaccine influence, Scotland GMO ban, fibromyalgia, flexible diets, politics and more!
Did you ever think that we would side with Big Pharma on any issue? Well, the Federal courts are siding with the big, bad drug makers on a First Amendment issue and so might we. What is it about Freedom of Speech? It's there to protect everything we agree with? Nope. It's there to protect speech that is most disagreeable to someone. The problem with FDA and its minions (including the FTC) is that they operate as a restraint on the free flow of communication that they disagree with. In this case, the irony is that we support Big bad Pharma and its desire to tell folks about uses unapproved by government agencies. The question is-do they support our right to communicate the same about dietary supplements and other natural, unpatented and unapproved medicines? RSB has loads of Questions of the Day to choose from, including such topics and rheumatoid arthritis, digestive issues, dietary flexibility, yeast, selenium and more! Are refined carbs really contributors to metabolic disease processes? Even though we thought the answers to such questions are obvious, the media and scientists alike are pretending that the jury is still out. What say you?

Aug 07, 2015

Bariatric surgery silly, Healing Revolution Dr. Frank King, pe-historic fasting, plague, mumps, Legionnaire's, aloe tattoo, Amanda Haley and more!
Where's Waldo? Super Don is on the road and will drop some hints as to his whereabouts as we begin our broadcast ascent into the weekend! Is there any good news on the disease fronts in the mainstream media? There are reports on the return of The Plague in Colorado. Blame legal pot? No, Yersinia pestis (plague) never really went away. Fortunately, this bacteria spread by fleas to desert wild animals is tamable by antibiotics. But why resort to drugs when silver can do just as well or better without harming your gut? What about the mumps? It is surging at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus. Should we all run out and get MMR shots? You can be sure that the message emanating from the pharmaceutically-conflicted mainstream media. But not here. Get ready to go wild on today's Healing Revolution with Dr. Frank King as he and RSB discuss the failures of modern bariatric surgery for short and long term weight loss. How is it that medical doctors do not know that by changing the form of the GGI tract you change its function? Those who underwent bariatric bypass gained much of their initial weight back within 5 years! Would not fasting and dietary modification be a much better long-term solution? If you can no longer digest food properly, deficiency diseases can worsen and even result in cancers. In a battle royale between whole foods and refined foods, what wins? The human consuming foods that have been consumed for many thousands of years would win. Amanda Haley from Stockton Aloe1, joins RSB from a tattoo conference in South Florida. We talk a lot about drinking aloe for good gastrointestinal health, but what about for topical healing? Organink is a unique formulation that can be used during the recovery process after you get some permanent paint injected under your skin, if you are so inclined. Http://

Aug 06, 2015

Rekindling Sacred Fire of Liberty, Jonathan Emord, Planned Parenthood blood money, GOP debates, Norm Singleton, Trumpster realities, trillion autism and more!
It's time to rekindle the Sacred Fire of Liberty with Jonathan Emord! How on earth did the Senate fail to cease funding for Planned Parenthood? That which the Federal government fails to do can be made right on the state level. Three states thus far have withdrawn public monies from PP, including Louisiana, New Hampshire and now Alabama. What other battles loom in Washington, D.C. over spending and taxes? Is it even possible to draw down on the central bureaucracy excesses or will there be a seemingly inevitable boom and bust? And who will be left holding the pieces when the millions of people who depend on government just to get by no longer have checks to cash? Are you growing food yet? Are you teaching your neighbors to do the same? Norm Singleton joins us from the Campaign for Liberty returns to preview and review the first round of Republican presidential candidate debates. Is the Trumpster for real? How does a constitutionalist like Rand Paul stack up against the Republican establishment? Is Ted Cruz really a small government conservative or a poser? Will Lindsay Graham cry on McCain's shoulder? Plus, what is the Big Pharma connection to the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty? In the second hour RSB reviews a horrifying prediction related to the economic devastation awaiting a nation that invests in mandatory vaccinations without exemption. How does trillion by 2025 sound? That is the estimated cost of all associated expenditures related to autism. Where is the money coming from? Who will stand up and say no more? Economics aside, how can we withstand the moral bankruptcy of an elite ruling class that worships at the altar of the church of pharmaceutical mysticism, vaccine denomination? Http:// P=30936

Aug 05, 2015

Trump the vaccines, autism link, germ kids, FDA schizo, Ty Bollinger CancerTruth Outside the Box, CVS drug inflation, cop pot privacy, brain cancer and more!
Say what you will about Donald Trump running for the presidency, he sure is shaking the status quo up a bit. Whether you ultimately decide to vote for him, or vote at all, it is a least a little bit refreshing to see the establishment taken aback by someone who does not play by their rules. Remember, Official Stories are there to protect the officials and the Donald does not appear to be timid in calling out politicians and the media on its inadequacies. But what may be most upsetting to the mainstream elite controllers is his view on vaccinations. Yes, he says that he is pro-vaccine, but the fact that he knows and acknowledges that children are being harmed by the excessive shot schedule is causing some liberal reporters to go apoplectic. Do guns kill people or do imbalanced patients on FDA approved medications under the care of licensed medical doctors do the dirty work? It's time for Ty Bollinger and Outside the Box Wednesday as TMB and RSB talk about the CVS drugstore chain overcharging for drugs that people did not even need to begin with! They jacked up the prices for people paying with insurance while the cash customers got a deal! Maybe having medical insurance is the bad deal? Remember those cops busted for trashing a medical marijuana dispensary and eating all the pot brownies? They say that the video that captured their high misdemeanors violated their right to privacy. That's precious! Just put'em in the pokey with all the Doritos they can eat and leave us all alone! We've got a serious Question of the Day to answer from someone concerned about his father with brain cancer. Is there a way to integrate natural therapies with surgery and a gamma knife procedure? We'll reveal some options. Http://

Aug 04, 2015

FDA's sugar addiction, Steve Cooksey Diabetes Warrior 4 1st Amendment, vaccine fallacies, CBD cleared, Stuart Tomc, disc regeneration and more!
In the endless war on drugs, the government forgot to mention one that may be more dangerous than all the others: sugar. Yes, the consumption of refined sugar has created more disease, suffering and death than even heroin. Studies show that it is equally addictive and since hundreds of millions more use it on a regular basis, it's not much of a stretch to declare it more dangerous (which is not an endorsement of illegal narcotics, by the way). Considering its known addictive and disease-causing properties, you would think that the FDA would clamp down on its use in processed food. Last year, the FDA proposed that the nutrition label declare how much added sugar a food contained but refused to establish a DRV, claiming that there was no "sound scientific basis for the establishment of a quantitative intake recommendation [from] which a DRV could be derived. According to the Alliance for Natural Health, "this was correct: to imply that we need any amount of added sugar is false and misleading." Now there's a new Super Size Me style documentary called That Sugar Film. Got diabetes? Steve Cooksey, the Diabetes Warrior, used to, until he began to eat real food. Then he was considered to be a criminal by the NC Board of Dietetics for blogging about his recovery by changing his diet. What was the problem with that? Did you hear that the NIDADirector Admits CBD Is Safe Medicine? The Federal restrictions on the many forms of the Cannabis plant are crumbling in real time! Thankfully, we can already access the CBD from the industrial hemp plant in all 50 states! Stuart Tomc, Vice President of Human Nutrition at Cannavest is back with the latest scientifically validated updates on why you should consider integrating CBD into your daily dietary regimen. RSB does everyday!

Aug 03, 2015

Neil Young labels GMOs, Patrick Gaudin saving bees w/ Liam Scheff, Dr. Rashid A. Buttar Advanced Medicine, vax mandate fail NC, dietetic dummy and more!
We salute Neil Young for his efforts in defense of the GMO labeling law in Vermont, but is 0,000 nearly enough to beat back the anti-federalists in Congress ready to pass the DARK Act? The biotech industry has bought off most congress-critters so that they would unconstitutionally pre-empt and cancel any state level regulation mandating GMO labels. How many albums would he have to sell in order to counteract the moneyed influence of genetically-engineered K-street lobby scum? In Arkansas, House Bill 1395 was signed into law by Gov. Asa Hutchinson in March. The law allows children with diabetes capable of administering their own insulin to do so anywhere and at any time necessary. Children also may carry medical supplies with them on school campuses and to school-related activities. Did they really need a law to do this? How about a law to protect our children from doctors and dietitians who contribute to the very disease that leads to insulin injections in the first place? Get ready for some more Advanced Medicine Monday as RSB talks with Dr. Rashid Buttar about the failure of NC pharma lobbyists to pass a mandatory vaccination bill similar to California's SB277, which would have eliminated religious exemption to vaccines for school. Why was the state containing the pharmaceutical research triangle unable to get it done? We'll explain why progressive states are more likely to succumb to a medical police state mentality. Http://

Aug 02, 2015

Food power to the people, Liam Scheff, geiger-salmon, Chris Christie busted, Hillary pills, ADHD tree climbers, chimp detox, seniors in the sack and more!
In our efforts as a show, as a community and as a nation to minimize the impact of government on our lives, there is one thing you can do that will be the most powerful weapon against tyranny...GROW FOOD! That's right. Liam Scheff is here and we will talk about our gardening adventures this weekend. Connecting with nature is important for many reasons but in particular, your mental health. Stress works in both positive and negative aspects but extreme stress can be bad. Officials are announcing today a new study about stress that might make you tickle your funny bone. Or radiate it. Is stress about Fukushima over-rated? Is it damaging or is there nothing to worry about? I think Liam might have something to add to that! Then we will talk about NJ Governor Chris Christie, who persists in threatening people who want to have access to cannabis. Is it coincidence that he is so determined to deny pain relief from cannabis due to damage to his state economy which is flush with Big Pharma cash? In Hour 2, Hillary Clinton has released her medical records. What medication is she on and why? Big food is slowly but surely starting to come around to the acknowledgement that when given the choice, people will opt for cleaner food. We'll tell you the 6 brands that are cleaning up their act and removing unneccessary chemicals. Tune in for a ridiculous ADHD contradiction courtesy of Fox News --

Jul 31, 2015

CDC shredder, official science, Dr. Frank King Bio Natural Medicine Healing Revolution, cancer support remedies, Stephen Heuer, mercury detox, permission and more!
Is official science now the grand illusion for all robots? Are you a robot or a human being who can question authoritarian power structures that have no remorse from harming children with vaccines? Congressman Posey brought the #CDCwhistleblower into the congressional record yesterday and pleaded with his colleagues to initiate an investigation in determination of the damning claims of William Thompson, PhD. What will our elected representatives do now that they can no longer point to Snopes and claim that it did not really happen? Be sure to share RSB's words of irreverent wisdom (now on Youtube) of the Posey perspective on the CDC cover-up of discarded data indicating a very real link between the MMR vaccination and autism, particularly in young African American boys. The Healing Revolution is here with Dr. Frank King to review a study claiming that homeopathy is of significant help for patients suffering cancer of the stomach, gallbladder, pancreas, and liver. What is psorinum therapy and how might it be of benefit? What other forms of homeopathy can be used as an adjunct in cancer therapy? Are there any miasmic conditions to consider? My good friend Stephen Heuer returns from Synergistic Nutrition to help us do just that. What is the healer's journey and why do so many gifted doctors have to learn the hard way how to heal themselves first before they can truly help others? How much of what ails society may be due to nutritional and other biochemical imbalances? Why are so many people living parasitically? Get ready as we enhance you electrical and molecular properties with the 4th generation of One World Whey! RSB has a 5-gallon container on order! Http://

Jul 30, 2015

Bill Posey unleashes CDC whistleblower on Congress, media silence, Jonathan Emord Sacred Fire of Liberty, C4L's Norm Singleton and more!
Are you ready for the Sacred Fire of Liberty to be rekindled? FDA Dragonslayer Jonathan Emord is back in studio and ready to lay waste to the bureaucratic oligarchy! What is the latest on the GMO friendly DARK Act? Why is it that progressives will not stand firm with constitutional conservatives against corporate welfare? True progressives would oppose corporatism. Campaign for Liberty's Norm Singleton returns to call out the phony conservatives like Sen. Mitch McConnell who pay lip service to economic freedom while propping up global banking cartels and disallowing a real vote on repealing Obamacare. Are there any standing against such a pharmaceutical and insurance Obamination besides Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee? How else is Congress violating the Constitution this week? Perhaps by giving in more power to a liberty-killing bureaucracy known as the IRS? What else will you allow them to do to drive away with your freedom? Where is the media coverage of Congressman Bill Posey's testimony on the House floor earlier today regarding CDC whistleblower William Thompson, PhD? Thus far, we have only found one mention in the Orlando Sentinel, a newspaper that covers Posey's district. Why isn't this front-page news? It's got everything! Disease, death, corruption, scandal on an international level and more! Could it be that any story calling into question the safety of vaccinations violates the 3rd rail of medical/economic politics? When you hear of corruption in other areas of government, the mainstream news goes wall-to-wall. Http://

Jul 29, 2015

EPA Look The Other Way, Richard Pan Recall, FDA Balloon, Ty Bollinger CancerTruth, Outside The Box, Farmers Market No-No's, Fat Cartoons, and More!
A new study says millions of Americans are reaping benefits from Obamacare because they have health insurance. The question is, does having health insurance equal being healthier or does having health insurance really mean they are more likely to be unhealthier and more likely to suffer illness? The FDA has approved yet another solution for weight loss! Prepare yourself for another way to lose weight that has nothing to do with what you eat. Speaking of weight loss, can the BMI of your child's favorite cartoon character have an effect on their future weight problem? Do you like going to farmers markets? What might you be doing that would be in the 9 annoying things not to do at farmers markets? In Hour 2 we go Outside The Box with Ty Bollinger and take a look at how the EPA is allowing toxic chemicals make it into this country from foreign countries. Do you believe in the power of nullification? Some cities do as they are becoming sancuary cities and defying federal laws. The question that is being asked is when will states start to follow suit? Is it time to recall Senator Richar Pan? Some people thng so and the process of a recall is now officially underway. In addition there are legislators in CA who are talking about overturning SB 277 on constitutional grounds. Will you join in the fight? Finally we delve into the pubs and bars around the country to see how drinking is related to income and how college students may be more focused on the avoiding the consequences of drinking rather than the drinking itself! Http://

Jul 28, 2015

ENCORE - Honoring the healing legacy of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez w/ Dr Linda Isaacs, Carol Alt, Suzanne Somers and Ty Bollinger. A tribute. Plus Cassandra C.
RSB is joined by Dr. Linda Isaacs to discuss the shocking, tragic loss of her colleague and our good friend, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, who passed last night in his New York home due to an apparent heart attack. From RSB's first meeting with him at a medical conference in NYC many years ago, to his frequent guest appearances on the air, Dr. Gonzalez has inspired and helped heal millions with his dedication to ancient principles validated by modern science. Since we began broadcasting 6 days a week 5 years ago, Dr. Nick has been our most requested guest, appearing numerous times since March 23rd 2011, to his last appearance on March 5th of this year! RSB was able to develop a close and cherished friendship with this legendary healer and our hearts go out to all of his family, his wife Mary Beth and the many friends who have been made better by knowing him. We have some special guests joining RSB tonight to extend their heartfelt messages of gratitude, including some of Nick's close friends like Carol Alt and Suzanne Somers. Dr. Gonzalez's expertise and knowledge will be greatly missed. In Hour 2 RSB is joined by Ty Bollinger, producer behind "The Truth About Cancer", for another Out of the Box Wednesday. Though today is marred with somber news, RSB and Ty will spend their time remembering the late Dr. Gonzalezby discussing all the trailblazing work he accomplished in his life, especially regarding his introduction of nutrition into the mixture of alternative solutions for cancer treatment. Full Article with 1 Hour Uncut Interview with Ty and Dr. Nick Gonzales:

Jul 27, 2015

Docs outraged by chemo prices but not chemo, natural fallacies, fat summer, disobedience pays, Dr. Rashid A. Buttar Advanced Medicine and more!
Is it big news that 118 cancer doctors are up in arms about the outrageous cost of chemotherapy in a medical monopoly? Contact me when they show there outrage at chemotherapy for being chemotoxic and deadly. Otherwise, color me not impressed with their sudden economic angst on behalf of patients they deem to poison. Do you know the difference between natural and made with natural ingredients? School is still out for the summer, are fattening behaviors really in? We'll explore what could be a Moment of Duh. Have you ever thought about putting "The Power To Heal Is Yours!" on your car? We've got a story to share from someone who has and it's really cool! For all you moms and dads out there who may be dealing with unruly children, there may be good economic news on the horizon for them! Tune in and find out what it is! Get ready for some more Advanced Medicine Monday as RSB talks with Dr. Rashid Buttar, about the mysteries surround the recent deaths of a number of holistically inclined doctors. Is this a desperate play by the minions of Big Pharma, or an unfortunate series of bizarre coincidences? Do you know that there are numerous serious side effects occurring from drugs approved by government, yet they are not being reported to FDA within the allotted 15-day time period? How does junk food damage your body in 9 days or less? Our QOTD surrounds the reversal of Myasthenia gravis by mercury detoxification. Could there be links to Agent Orange in our Vietnam vets? What dangers lurk in everyday products that contain formaldehyde? Http://

Jul 26, 2015

Doctors hide behind statistics as Autism increases, Stephen Heuer One World Whey, new evidence in the case of dying holistic doctors and more!
In Lieu of prima facie evidence beginning to poke its ugly head in the form of dramatic increases in neurological diseases, scientists are already attempting to offer explanations for those seeking denial. Writing in the American Journal of Medical Genetics, researchers from Pennsylvania State University suggest that this increase in diagnoses is driven by the reclassification of people with related neurodevelopment disorders. The real question remains, are they willing to make this same pompous argument to the parents of a vaccine injured child? In a more believable study, scientists have found that taking a hike in the woods actually decreases the prevalence of negative reoccurring thoughts. Put down those antidepressants and head to the trail! In Hour 2 RSB is joined by Stephen Heuer, founder of One World Whey, to get his take on the water front of health news, and to update us on all the wonderful products his company has to offer the world! Intriguing new analysis has emerged which points to a possible reason for why so many of our close friends and holistic practitioners have gone missing or have been found dead in the past couple weeks. Could the research behind Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF), to help protect the human immune system, be the key to the puzzle? Http://

Jul 24, 2015

Dr. King Healing Revolution and homeopathy for summertime blues, CNN: food is thy medicine, Liam Scheff, KKK trolled by a sousaphone, and more!
RSB is joined by Dr. Frank King, author of The Healing Revolution, to discuss homeopathic remedies for mourning and grief, as well as the reasons and response to the "summertime blues." This is especially useful as RSB and Super Don open today discussing more about the loss of Dr. Nick Gonzalez and urge those looking for "conspiratorial" explanations to not jump to any conclusions before more details are known. RSB and Dr. King will also address the question of how do we process grief and how we create meaningful and purposeful relationships. In Hour 2 RSB is joined by Liam Scheff, author of Official Stories, to share experiences of loss and grief and how to process them. What if it is not possible to make sense of tragic loss? Let your emotions pour out! With friends who do not judge you, but bring you comfort and support in times of pain. RSB and Liam will also discuss their excellent idea to plant a tree for Dr. Nick Gonzalez, like Johnny Appleseed, to bring the power to eat back where it belongs, with you, locally!

Jul 23, 2015

Jonathan Emord Sacred Fire of Liberty, tribute to Dr. Gonzalez, Illegality of Safe Labeling Act HR1599, Zen Honeycutt, Ronnie McMullin's tea and more!
RSB is joined by Jonathan Emord for another episode of the Sacred Fire of Liberty! Jonathan will start the night off with his own tribute to the late Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, as we continue to mourn and remember this legendary healer and his exceptional work toward treating cancer patients and educating millions. This week, the House of Representative will vote on the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015 (HR 1599). This legislation preempts state laws regarding labeling of foods containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). Instead, the bill gives new powers to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to define what is and is not a GMO food. It also gives the Department of Agriculture power to approve labeling a food "non-GMO." RSB and Jonathan will break down how there is no Constitutional justification for the federal government to preempt state laws in this area, and there certainly is no justification for Congress to preempt private sector efforts to meet consumer demands for non-GMO foods, while allowing those who support the use of GMOs to do so! And even though this is clearly unconstitutional, the House of Representatives went ahead today and passed the bill to prevent mandatory GMO labeling, with a vote of 275-150. In Hour 2 RSB is joined by Zen Honeycutt, Founder and Director of Moms Across America, and Ronnie McMullin, of Life Change Tea to rock the health world and detoxify your liver. Also, David Gorski has once again confirmed his idiocy level, by stating that animal testing is cruel if it's acupuncture. Guess we'll just go ahead and ignore the rest of the horrendous tests being perpetuated on rats by the GMO, pharmaceutical and bio-weapons industries.

Jul 22, 2015

Honoring the healing legacy of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez w/ Dr Linda Isaacs, A Healthy You and Carol Alt, Suzanne Somers and Ty Bollinger. A tribute. Plus Cassandra C.
RSB is joined by Dr. Linda Isaacs to discuss the shocking, tragic loss of her colleague and our good friend, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, who passed last night in his New York home due to an apparent heart attack. From RSB's first meeting with him at a medical conference in NYC many years ago, to his frequent guest appearances on the air, Dr. Gonzalez has inspired and helped heal millions with his dedication to ancient principles validated by modern science. Since we began broadcasting 6 days a week 5 years ago, Dr. Nick has been our most requested guest, appearing numerous times since March 23rd 2011, to his last appearance on March 5th of this year! RSB was able to develop a close and cherished friendship with this legendary healer and our hearts go out to all of his family, his wife Mary Beth and the many friends who have been made better by knowing him. We have some special guests joining RSB tonight to extend their heartfelt messages of gratitude, including some of Nick's close friends like Carol Alt and Suzanne Somers. Dr. Gonzalez's expertise and knowledge will be greatly missed. In Hour 2 RSB is joined by Ty Bollinger, producer behind "The Truth About Cancer", for another Out of the Box Wednesday. Though today is marred with somber news, RSB and Ty will spend their time remembering the late Dr. Gonzalezby discussing all the trailblazing work he accomplished in his life, especially regarding his introduction of nutrition into the mixture of alternative solutions for cancer treatment. Full Article with 1 Hour Uncut Interview with Ty and Dr. Nick Gonzales: Http://

Jul 21, 2015

Erin Elizabeth and Paul Barattiero
GSK pays mil to vaccine victims, Erin Elizabeth, mystery of missing and dead doctors, Paul Barattiero, clearing Alkaline Water mythology and more!

Jul 20, 2015

Mike Adams and Dr. Rashid Buttar
Mike Adams and the anti-google search engine, bacon flavored seaweed, Dr. Rashid Buttar and Adv. Medicine Monday and more!

Jul 19, 2015

Professor Exley and the campaign against childhood aluminum exposure, Jack Wolfson and the great war against vaccines, and censorship, and more!
RSB is joined by Chris Exley, Professor of Bioinorganic Chemistry at Keele University in Staffordshire, UK. Professor Exley, will shortly be releasing a though provoking new aluminum campaign video, in conjunction with the "Makes You Wonder" campaign, to widen the public's awareness of the dangers of aluminum and the various products and exposures that increase risk for aluminum related diseases. In Hour 2 RSB is joined by Jack Wolfson, a Paleo Cardiologist, and recently persecuted medical tyranny critic. Mr. Wolfson is best known for starring on CNN during the measles fiasco a few months ago. Subsequently he was crucified by the media for being against vaccinations, and had a series of complaints filed against him, not by patients, but by doctors bidding to have his license revoked for his logical and staunch anti-vaccine views. Today Mr. Wolfson will share the updates to his case, what he's learned from the scavenging medical establishments tactics, and what he plans to do to continue to preach the gospel of vaccine truth, to all who will listen. Http://

Jul 17, 2015

Dr. King Bio Natural Medicine discuss remedies for Poison Ivy through homeopathy, Doc Nuzum returns with wisdom on the pathways of detoxification and more!
RSB and Super Don start off by reviewing his grand tour of Arizona, and what he has learned from the resilient sun child out in the heartland of America's canyons and deserts. RSB will be joined by Dr. Frank King, author of The Healing Revolution, to answer the spectrum of health and well being questions we are all wondering day to day. RSB and Dr. King will cover the homeopathy debate taking place in the British Medical Journal. In Hour 2 RSB is joined by Dr. Daniel Nuzum, as he returns with more details and wisdom on the pathways of detoxification, particularly your liver, that has over 65,000 known functions! But how many of those do medical doctors actually know? Don't wait for modern medicine to acknowledge that which you already know to be true! Did you know that plant chlorophyl is an excellent detoxifier and blood builder? Is it past time for a hemp revolution to balance out increases in environmental CO2? How can fluvial acid increase soil integrity and crop yield? We'll discuss health sovereignty as it relates to the healing arts and professions practiced under the protection of Native American tribal lands. Http://

Jul 16, 2015

RSB live Nature's Health Shoppe Chandler AZ, Sacred Fire of Liberty w/ Jonathan Emord and Norm Singleton, Constitutional Sheriff Mack, and more!
RSB broadcasting live from Natures Health Shoppe, in Chandler, AZ. In Hour 2 RSB will be joined by Sheriff Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, and a two-time candidate for United States Congress, to discuss the lawless state our countries immigration policy is currently in, and what he's seen and continues to see from his unique perspective as a farmer constitutional sheriff. Its time once again for the to rekindle the Sacred Fire of Liberty!, with our faithful compatriots, Jonathan Emord and Norm Singleton. Seems the revolving door between government and private corporations is still holding strong, as Marilyn B. Tavenner, the head of President Obama's rollout, has been chosen to be the top lobbyist for the nation's health insurance industry. Http://

Jul 15, 2015

RSB live from Healthy Habits Phoenix AZ, homeopathy vs skeptics, Dr. Koontz, Ty Bollinger and Outside the Box, 5th holistic doctor dead and more!
RSB will be broadcasting live from Healthy Habit Health Foods, in Phoenix, AZ. Come by and say hey if your in the area! "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself" is a quote often attributed to infamous Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. It captures the essence of the idea that you can literally brain wash an unsuspecting group of people by simple repeating a statement frequently and confidently. The nazi war machine used this technique to spread false information and indoctrinate the public to the norms of having soldiers on the street, food shortages, and public executions. In the modern era this technique is often employed by the mainstream media to distract, and mislead from the truth. The world of medicine and healthcare is by no means immune from this diabolical practice. This is clearly evident by the countless hollow attacks over the years by the skeptic community, against anything they deem as "alternative medicine". This weeks target of choice, is the ancient practice of homeopathy! In Hour 2 RSB will be joined by Ty Bollinger, author of The Truth About Cancer, to bring in another grand Out of the Box Wednesday! Monsanto has decided to not go down without a fight, as they announce their intent to create their own panel of "experts", to challenge the recent negative ruling by The World Health Organization against glyphosate. Http://

Jul 14, 2015

RSB live from New Life Health Center Tucson AZ, Holistic Pets, Dr. Lisa Newman rides shotgun, Dr. Lindsay and Formaldehyde Link to ALS and more!
RSB will be broadcasting live from New Life Health Center, in Tucson, AZ. Come by and say hey if you're in the area! RSB will be joined by Dr. Lisa Newman, founder of Azmira Holistic Animal Care, to ride shotgun through today's broadcast. Whether our poison is salty potato chips or indulgent candy, or other sugary desserts, we know it's not good for us physically. And we now know that it's not good for us emotional and mental health either, as a study conducted by Columbia University, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, shows a clear link between eating junk food and depression. In another paradigm shifting admission, a study has now validated what every alternative medical practitioner has been screaming at the top of their lungs for years! That proper diet and exercise really does help advert type 2 diabetes. Where does the truth lie in regard to the benefits of prolonged siting and standing, RSB and Dr. Newman will weigh in on where this paradox as one study shows, that standing at work may actually be bad for your health, while another points out that leisure time sitting may be linked to specific cancers. O the many mysteries of the lymphatic system! In Hour 2 RSB will be joined by Rosanne Lindsay, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine in Wisconsin, and proprietor of the website Nature of Healing. In a seemingly new full court press, the pharmaceutical industrial complex is sparing non in the promotion of their products, as they sell the idea that HPV vaccine is the greatest thing since swiss cheese! Vaccines aren't the only thing they're selling, as another report details the benefits we are all missing out on from not taking our daily statins. Speaking of fraudulent studies, RSB will weigh in on the validity of a study which claims that Marijuana use and approval is down amongst the youth of America. Speaking of telling truths from lies, President Obama has actually kept one of his promises for once, as he commutes the sentences of 14 people serving life in prison for drug offenses. RSB will get Rosanne's take on a recent study which seemingly put the nail in the coffin in the debate of whether Formaldehyde, a common adjuvant in vaccines, has a negative correlation with the development of ALS in children. Is Justice finally near for the vaccines injured in our country?

Jul 13, 2015

RSB live from Healthy Habit in Phoenix AZ, SB792: Mandatory adult vaccinations in California, Dr. Buttar Advanced Medicine Monday and more!
RSB will be broadcasting live from Healthy Habit Health Foods, in Phoenix, AZ. Come by and say hey if your in the area! RSB was proven right once again, as the push for mandatory child hood vaccination has now morphed, as California begins the first state to introduce a bill to mandate adult vaccination among childcare providers. Jon Rappoport has a new article up in his column, which addresses the paradoxical question of "The Individual and his future". Check it out to find out why Jon thinks we may possibly face a future without promise, without reason, without imagination, without life-force, and why the individual remains vital; above, beyond, and through any blizzard of propaganda. In the wake of the passing of SB 277 and the new bill SB792 in California, the Nation of Islam has published their alliance with the health freedom movement in the fight for clean vaccines and parental rights for all. In Hour 2 RSB is joined by Dr. Rashid Buttar for another Advanced Medicine Monday! First on the butcher block of scrutiny and analysis is a major admission from the MSM, as the FDA adds heart attack and stroke warnings to non-aspirin nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS). Next up, RSB and Dr. Buttar will break down the truth behind the HPV vaccine, and the importance behind the European Medicines Agency beginning a formal review of the shots and their safety. In the recent episode of nutritional ignorance from the allopathic community, a study has outlined that diners consume more salt and cholesterol in sit-down restaurants than they do in fast-food joints. Instead of salt and cholesterol, shouldn't we be worrying about the high fructose corn syrup and GMO ingredients? Http://

Jul 12, 2015

Paul of Echo Water, major law suit against Monsanto, Jon Rappoport: vaccines are a covert op to re-engineer mankind, and more!
RSB is joined by Paul Barattiero, CEO of Echo Water, to discuss the waterfront of health and wellness issues facing everyday people around the world. Thanks to the admitted link between Monsanto's best-selling herbicide known as Roundup and the development of cancer, another major lawsuit could be coming up against the biotech titan. The McDivitt Law Firm, out of California, is courageously taking up this new challenge, and is collecting evidence for a massive personal injury lawsuit. In Hour 2 RSB will break down why he's not loving the new bill to increase the NIH and FDA's funding so they can "approve drugs more quickly." If this doesn't shed light on the nefarious objectives of the pharmaceutical industrial complex, this next story sure will. A,000 pill for a liver-wasting viral infection, which made headlines last year, is no longer the favorite of patients and doctors. The new favorite pill alternative which was approved by the FDA and has now become available for prescription, just so happens to be exponentially more expensive! If that didn't do it either, President Obama has taken the cake, with his new approved FDA regulations, which happen to be 4 times longer than the original Gutenberg Bible! Wonder how much of that text actually relates to helping the American people? In a new study into how different foods and activities cause our body to store fats, researches found that "Ancestral diets" may actually influence the prevalence of obesity and diabetes. RSB will be joined by Tabitha Shoars, mother of the 7 children seized by Arizona DPS in the beginning of the year after an accident, to discuss updates on their case and a new crisis which has occurred regarding a judge approving the foster parents of 2 of their children to go to a dangerous part of Mexico. Lastly RSB will give us his take on the validity behind a new study which purports, what you smell and imagine to smell, may actually effect your Body Max Index (BMI).

Jul 10, 2015

Healing Revolution w/ Dr. King Bio Natural Medicine, Law of Similars used to prevent disease, The 3 Aminos, RSB, Liam Scheff and Richard Pearl rock the mic, and more!
RSB and Super Don begin by breaking down the irony of the U.S governments stance on drugs. With one hand the, Library of Congress decided to give the "big ole stoner", Willie Nelson, the prestigious Gershwin prize, and with the other, they criminalize him by continuing to classify cannabis as a "Schedule 1" drug! A study has finally possibly put to rest what RSB has wondered about Super Don for some time now, that "80's metal heads" turned out OK after all. RSB will also be joined for another grand episode of The Healing Revolution with Dr. Frank King. These two homeopathic "heavy weights" will talk homeoprophylaxis, a term used to describe how homeopathy can be used to prevent disease based on the Law of Similars. How and why does disease express differently when you superset with FDA approved drugs? RSB and Dr. King will also weigh in on the recent fervor to inoculate out of fear, and how driving disease deeper by vaccination is not the same thing as preventing it. The doctors will also discuss series of principles and intricacies starting with Herring's Law of Cure. In Hour 2 "The 3 Aminos", RSB, Richard Pearl (from Simply Natural Organic Café in Sunrise, Florida) and Liam Scheff (author of Official Stories), are reunited to host a pointedly politically incorrect hour of anaylis, jokes and blunt truth. Hide the PC college students because you never know when they might get offended this hour! First up, if they are going to ban the Confederate flag because it offends certain swaths of the American populace, what other flags might also need to be banned? Where does it end? The American flag offends the indians of Turtle Island. What about the rainbow gay flag? Cover your ears! The real world is not politically correct. Are you a hyphenated American? Brazilian? Jamaican? Where did these perceptions originate? Then Greece is the word as Angela Merkel finds a way to bail out the land of olives and souvlaki. Or did she? Http://

Jul 09, 2015

Sacred Fire of Liberty w/ Jonathan Emord and Norm Singleton, U.S becoming Greece, measles silver lining, more education = longer life, more!
RSB is glad to host yet another constitutionally riveting, Sacred Fire of Liberty with Jonathan Emord and Norm Singleton. Major events are happening as we speak, which hold the ghastly potential to drastically and fundamentally change our quality of life as we know it. Fractional reserve banking, first begun when a greedy blacksmith, who had be trusted with holding gold for a town, decided he would loan out debt notes on a resource he didn't actually hold. Fractional reserve banking in the modern era, much like a cancer, has grown to unrecognizable levels, all while bringing the world as we know it to the point of climatic financial crisis. As we speak, politicians are furiously debating the nearing repercussions of the Greek people possibly deciding to default on their sovereign debt. One question left on the table is, Is the U.S on the path to becoming Greece? In Hour 2 RSB will pull the curtain on the deceitful spin now being painted by the controlled media about vaccinations, as the Huffington Post proposes that the silver lining to the Disney measles outbreak was the "positive increase" in inoculation rates. I guess fear is no longer considered a form of terrorism, if you have the hubris to pat yourself on the back after the fact. Hoofnagle the Science Cat is back again with a scathing logical comparison to expand on the criminality of this touted success by the controlled left, as our feline friend does the comparative study regarding what harms us more as a society, the measles, or psychotropic drugs?

Jul 08, 2015

Two thirds of Americans distrust GMOs, Echinacea beats scamiflu, Obama to free jailed drug users, Ty Bollinger Outside the Box and more!
Great swathes of food producing fields made up our great nation from our birth, and for a very long time domestically grown food products were one of the primary exports of the United States. Well it seems the day of reckoning may finally have arrived for our now contorted and GMO driven agricultural system, as a new study finds that two-thirds of Americans think that scientists don't fully understand GMOs, and therefore cannot guarantee people are safe if they eat genetically modified food. As the flu season lurks around the corner, the pharmaceutical companies prepare their marketing campaigns to sell their useless vaccinations to the unsuspecting masses. What can we as individuals do to protect ourselves naturally? Well fret not friends, for a new study has found that a supplementation of Echinacea extract is just as effective as the antiviral drug Tamiflu at speeding recovery from flu infection. In Hour 2 RSB will be joined by Ty Bollinger for another Outside the Box Wednesday! First under the magnifying glass of scrutiny, is a doctor who was literally killing for profit, as former Michigan oncologist, Farid Fata, faces long overdue sentencing, for giving chemotherapy to his healthy patients. RSB will also get Ty's take on the buzz around Donald Trumps purported documented attempts at exploiting tragedies for political gain, via his twitter account. Does this possibly mean that "he's fired"? Just as the great news about alternative medical protocols for eliminating type 2 diabetes were beginning to circulate, the University of Pittsburg has shot back with a laughable statement that Bariatric surgery is the most effective treatment for treating type 2 diabetes. Note they said "treating" not "curing".

Jul 07, 2015

Settled science found unsettling, doctors caught exposing patients to life "threatening diseases", mammograms don't reduce breast cancer and more!
When does settled science leave one feeling so unsettled? When a study concludes that almost all doctors work while they are sick, essentially breaking the news that a group of physicians were caught red handed exposing patients to potentially life threatening diseases for financial gain. Irony ever sounded so ridiculous? In another study, the age old question, regarding who was most susceptible to getting addicted to narcotic painkillers has finally been answered, as people with a history of smoking or abusing drugs are named at highest risk of long term use. Now thats all cleared up, can we focus on alternatives to the criminally addictive narcotic medication altogether? But wait theres more, as another study which sought to waste research money has also been able to make the break through discovery that, the combination of diabetes, heart disease and strokes can cut up to 15 years off of ones life expectancy. In Hour 2 RSB will continue his onslaught of medical madness exposure, as he breaks down a new study from researchers at the University of Virginia, which challenges the basic medical beliefs behind the causes of Atherosclerosis, or a buildup of plaque in the heart and blood vessels. If deeply seated medical beliefs can be wrong, why are people still being treated like criminal agitators for questioning doctors and doing their own research? Http://

Jul 06, 2015

Jim Carrey vocalizes the truth about vaccines, Hoofnagle the Cat debunks the skeptics, Dr. Buttar and Advanced Medicine Monday, and more!
In the wake of last weeks historically draconian removal of vaccine exception in California, those who see this move for what it is have been hitting the streets, via twitter and social media, to voice their objections. One such voice was the comedy legend, Jim Carrey, who stirred the preverbal nest of pro-vaccine zealots far and wide, with a series of tweets and comments regarding SB277, vaccine related damages, and the evidence connecting their use with the development of neurological diseases in children. Unfortunately when we get passionate we sometimes make mistakes, and in Jim Carrey's case, he accidentally used a photo of a child with tuberous sclerosis, who did not actually develop his disease from a child hood vaccination. But like the honest fellow we suspect he is, Jim was quick to endow a full apology to the family. In Hour 2 RSB is joined by Dr. Rashid Buttar for another information packed Advanced Medical Monday! Many this week have been alerted to vaccinate by the first North American measles death since 2003, but was this death actually caused by lack of a vaccination? RSB and Dr. Buttar will also weigh in on the mysterious and ominous deaths of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, Dr. Bruce Hedendal, and Dr. Teresa Sievers, and the conversations beginning to circulate speculating the cause of their suspicious and untimely demises. Erin Elizabeth, of Health Nut News, has also dug up some further information, relevant to this discussion, as she highlights how 2 more doctors have gone missing over the last weekend. Are these deaths simply unfortunate coincidences, or is there an active attempt to silence doctors who dare to speak the gospel of Health Freedom? Http://

Jul 05, 2015

Mercury detox, Stephen Heuer, Murthy Muppet of Oz, Food Babe words, cholestoslow, IBS, Carnivora, Amanda Thomas, UK dog doo DNA and more!
Elmo for Surgeon General? Or is it Dr. Murthy to be the next Dr. Oz? Pharmaceutical apologists can't stand the success of Mehmet's daytime Oprah-inspired show so they are looking for who could replace him and be more of a true believer in the religion of pharmaceutical (pseudo) science. The attacks on the Food Babe continue. Why? Because she claims that certain chemicals are more dangerous than skeptical science geeks are willing to acknowledge. Are you ready for a UK update? Our health correspondent from across the pond, Amanda Thomas, reports to us on the upcoming elections, Brand versus Cameron, bedroom taxes, dog poop DNA, the Royal baby watch going to the dogs and Red Bull addiction. Then RSB talks with Stephen Heuer about successful mercury detox strategies and protocols. We also have another Hometown Healer, Ron Lee, who over came severe skeletal pain and numerous spinal surgeries with the help of a botanical extract. You might have heard of it (hooray for Carnivora!). Finally, Cassandra C. is coming home after her kidnapping by the state to force chemotherapy on her. What does the future hold? What's really going on in Baltimore? The C.O.O. of the Orioles has some cogent comments on the situation. Http://

Jul 03, 2015

Independence Day Spectacular w/ Michael Badnarik, Rosanne Lindsay and Dr. Frank King, reigniting the Constitution and Republic within us and more!
RSB will be joined by the author of "Good to be King", Michael Badnarik, Naturopathic Doctor Rosanne Lindsay and Healing Revolutionist, Dr. Frank King of King Bio Natural Medicine, for an Independence Day spectacular! As many of us head out tomorrow to enjoy fireworks and wave our flags in celebration, something which used to be common knowledge has almost faded from our memories. That important concept is that our Inherent rights do not come from the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, or any paper document for that matter. Freedom was never dictated by regulations and statutes, but by a common sense mentality and the establishment of moral relationships. What good is the Constitution if you don't have the Constitution within you? Do we have a Republic if we've lost our inner Republic? Founding father John Adams said, "You have Rights antecedent to all earthly governments; Rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by Human Laws; Right derived from the Great Legislator of the Universe." In light of new draconian laws, such as SB277, which forces vaccination on children in order to qualify for attendance in California public schools, did we really win the war of Independence from England, or have we only traded one tyrant for another, in the form of new laws and statutes.

Jul 02, 2015

Jonathan Emord and Sacred Hour of Liberty, SCOTUS: Obamacare, gay marriage and mercury, ADHD overmedication, Jim Carrey vs skeptics and more!
Its time again once more for another Sacred Hour of Liberty with Jonathan Emord. RSB and Jonathan will utilize their vast constitutional knowledge and deep love for liberty, to deliver some hard hitting analysis on the waterfront of legal reforms, shaking the foundation of our country over the last week. To start off they will be dissecting the SCOTUS's wrap up of Obamacare, as it has once again affirmed this deceptive abomination of constitutional law, as legal and just. They will also break down the angles and legality of the federal legalization of gay marriage. How does the 10th amendment play into this decision? In another interesting turn of events out the SCOTUS, the EPA's attempt to curb mercury contamination, in regard to power plant emissions, was stuck down in a 5-4 decision. They will also weigh in on the lunacy which is currently afoot in Greece, as the inventors of Math, are now being crushed by the weight of fiat currency lending. Is the U.S next? RSB and Super-Don will address the skeptic response to Jim Carrey, as Dr. Paul Offit attempted to publicly "debunk" the actors recent anti-vaccination tweet campaign. Don't worry though, our feline partner in crime, Hoofnagle the Science Cat, is hot on the case as he lays out the proverbial smack down on Dr. Offit, and his disingenuous attempt at honest analysis.

Jul 01, 2015

California passes draconian law on vaccination, Ty Bollinger, Outside the Box Wednesday, 3rd Med Doc found dead, Alt medicine a religion and more!
Other than ringing the bells for active civil disobedience against tyranny, RSB will be spending some time today answering questions from listeners regarding treatment advice for what to do if one is suffering from "water on the brain", and how to holistically treat Diabetes. With all the stresses of the world, which can from time to time take our bodies for a hormonal roulette spin, RSB shares his take on how frequent daily care of your body is the key to keeping your brain healthy. Its time again for Outside the Box Wednesday, with the one and only, Ty Bollinger, producer of "The Quest For The Cure". RSB and Ty will be discussing the most recent authoritarian declaration out of the skeptic community, as one of their fabled pompous crusaders, Steven Novella, attempts to sell the notion that, Alternative Medicine is really actually a religion, attempting to impose itself on science. Should RSB go ahead and consider trading in his stethoscope for a shiny hat? On a both somber and ominous note, Teresa Ann Sievers, a practicing medical doctor who was employing a holistic alternative approach to her treatment protocols, has been found mysteriously dead monday in a her home. This is now the 3rd prominent alternative medical practitioner in the last 2 weeks, who has met an untimely end under dubious circumstances. Our prayers and condolences go out to the families of these fallen heroes, and may their kindred spirits live on strong in all the works of those fighting for medical freedom in our country.

Jun 30, 2015

1000th guest Peter Breggin MD, psychiatric shooter, medication mayhem, Sacred Fire of Liberty, Jonathan Emord, Norm Singleton, EU crash and more!
Who would be the 1000th guest on The RSB Show? It would have to be someone who has dedicated his life to the betterment of human health without FDA approved pharmaceutical drugs. In light of another horrific shooting being linked to allopathic medication, we could not think of a more appropriate guest at this moment in time. Please Welcome Peter Breggin, MD as we discuss the relationship between psychiatric and painkilling drugs and their link to suicidal and homicidal ideations and tendencies. In Hour 2 RSB dives into an interesting Op-ed by Dr. Bhavesh Balar, the chairmen of CentraState Medical Center Cancer Committee in Freehold, NJ, titled "The Three Reasons So Many People are Getting Cancer". RSB will also put in his 2 cents regarding Mcdonald's new hiring of propaganda shill, Robert Gibbs, President Barack Obama's press secretary during his first term, as their chief communications officer. RSB will also be joined by David E. Gumpert, food rights activist and author of "The Raw Milk Revolution: Behind America's Emerging Battle over Food Rights" to break down the creamy updates in the battle for legalizing raw milk nationally.

Jun 29, 2015

Rand Paul moves to privatize marriage, Mary Jane legal in Oregon, Joni Abbott and parenting freedom, Dr. Rashid A. Buttar and Adv. Medical Monday and more!
RSB has returned home after his exhilarating and knowledge filled trip to the I-ACT Conference in Nashville. His stories of epic colon cleansing protocols are sure to keep those dedicated to self healing on the edge of their seats. The real question is though, can Super Don keep his composure during this segment! In lieu of the SCOTUS decision on the definition of marriage, President candidate Rand Paul has come out at the national level with the same sentiments which we have seen out of Alabama and RSB, that the government should consider getting out of the marriage business altogether. RSB will also discuss the unique paradox which has presented in the gay marriage issue, that the practice of begging the government for a license to marry isn't really freedom; it's enslavement to Big Brother. In Oregon, Super-Don is about to be an incredibly happy Oregonian, as Marijuana becomes legal in his state on Wednesday! Lastly on the Cannabis front, RSB will share how the U.S government plans to determine the frequency of usage since legalization in Washington, by the creepy, yet ingenious, practice of analyzing sewer samples. RSB is joined by Joni Abbott, host of Homegrown Health to discuss the world of gut health and millennial trends. RSB and Joni will share their thoughts of the upcoming gut health documentary "A Probiotic Life", and why people should always strive to further their understanding of gut flora. Http://

Jun 28, 2015

RSB live from I-ACT Nashville, Amanda Haley and aloe healing, Dr. King and endocrine health, Paul B. and H2 benefits, Ty and history of cannabis and more!
RSB wraps it up from International Association of Colon Hydrotherapists conference in Nashville with special guests Paul Barattiero, Ty Bollinger, Amanda Haley and Dr. Frank King. RSB will break down today with his guests the zeitgeist behind youthful aging, endocrine health, molecular hydrogen and freedom of healing speech. Amanda Haley, of Aloe 1, will share her knowledge about youthful energy, the healing properties of aloe vera and an amazing story of her recovery from an infected spider bite without resorting to antibiotics. Dr. Frank King, of The Healing Revolution, will share his practicing expertise regarding endocrine health and healing. Dr. King will also discuss test kits that are available for all health care practitioners to help determine the most appropriate remedies for their patients. RSB and Dr. King will also share their passion for healing and the hallmark agreement that laughter is the best medicine! RSB and Dr. King will also reveal the pathways of hope and faith and the fact that "the gifts of healings" are yours for the receiving. Tune in for a special announcement about the Healing Revolution Summit in Asheville, North Carolina June of 2016! Be the first to know! Paul Barrattiero, of Echo Water, joins RSB to discuss the woes of dehydration and the benefits of ionized water in regard to enhancing the bodies absorption of molecular hydrogen. With summer in full gear, and everyone scrambling to look and feel their best in the sunshine, detoxification is the place to start and nothing kicks it into gear like H2! Http://

Jun 26, 2015

Live from Nashville I-ACT 2015, Dr. Gilbere and allopathic medicine dangers, Bollinger's killer salad recipe, Dr. King and hydrotherapy, ISIS attack and more!
RSB will also chat with Super Don and Op-Ed about the waterfront of news which has transpired while the health world has been powering forward in fellowship and knowledge sharing in Nashville. First up is a major development from the Supreme Court, who published today that same sex marriage is now to be considered a constitutionally protected right. Aside from the religious implications, RSB will share his wisdom on the ramifications this ruling has on the inherent rights of the states to determine their own laws, laid out in the frame work of the 10th Amendment. Op-Ed will also break down the tragic series of attacks by ISIS today in France, Tunisia and Kuwait which claimed the lives of at least 60 people. Will the western world continue to bicker amongst themselves about seemingly irrevelant issues as this group of barbarians continues to brutalize innocent people? RSB is joining us live from Nashville at the 2015 I-ACT Convention. RSB will chat with Dr. Gloria Gilbere D.A.Hom, author of "I Was Poisoned By My Teeth", about the dangers of allopathic medicine, including the creation of MRSA. How can hair analysis help in diagnosis? They will also talk about the importance of education on the road to health, and explain fibromyalgia a way that even medical doctors don't fully understand. RSB and Dr. Gilbere will also dissect how Invisible illnesses confuse people because visually they look healthy and normal. Ty Bollinger and his wonderful partner in crime, Charlene, will also join RSB as the festivities in Nashville wrap up, to share a special recipe for a salad that even your kids will love! Dr. Frank King, author of "The Healing Revolution", joins RSB to acknowledge colon hydrotherapists as the real healers that they are.

Jun 25, 2015

Jonathan Emord and Sacred Fire of Liberty Thursday, SCOTUS upholds Obamacare, California eliminates personal belief exceptions and more!
It seems our country has come to a serious crossroads. With systemic corruption reaching a tipping point and American culture being diluted and censored left and right, the only thing that can save us, is seemingly us ourselves. RSB is joined by Jonathan Emord for another constitutionally filled Sacred Fire of Liberty Thursday to break down this predicament we are finding ourselves in as a nation and discuss their take on the recent updates in the spectrum of justice and liberty. RSB and Jonathan will dissect the precedence shattering significance of the supreme courts reaffirmation of Obamacare, which has passed its second review by a vote of 6-3. In Hour 2 RSB is joined by Michael Haley of Aloe1, Paul Barattiero of Echo Water and Seth Quinto of Sovereign Silver to collectively share their perspectives on the waterfront of the worlds "nay's" and "yay's". RSB will give us his take on a story out of Montgomery, Alabama where 86 children have been hospitalized with similar symptoms of nausea, vomiting and other digestive troubles. Could this be another example of an outbreak of a mysterious illness inside a group of vaccinated children? RSB and his guests will also chime in on the recent disconcerting news out of California as lawmakers there today approved one of the toughest mandatory vaccination laws in the nation, legislation that would eliminate the option for parents to keep their children from being vaccinated based on religious or other personal beliefs. Http://

Jun 24, 2015

Sugar diets hurt learning, Dr. Bush and gut health 101, Ty Bollinger and outside the box Wednesday, Amazon flag banning, GMO jellyfish lambs and more!
RSB will cover how unhealthy gut flora created from high-sugar diets can also impair learning and memory. Also in the GI realm RSB will be sharing an unheard interview from Autism One with Dr. Zach Bush MD, CEO and Co-founder of Restore For Health. Buckle in as RSB and Dr. Bush delve into an action packed hour of gastrointestinal health recovery information. They will talk science and evidenced based medicine and how to determine the findings that are legitimate breakthroughs versus pharmaceutical propaganda. Are we near the tipping point? Where its the God factor in science? In Hour 2 RSB is joined by Ty Bollinger for another Outside the Box Wednesday! First subject up for scrutiny is the blatant idiocy of e-commerce giants Amazon banning the flag of the Army of Northern Virginia (aka the confederate flag) from their e-commerce platform, after caving to the recent wave of social pressure regarding the strong opinion of some that this symbol is offensive and racist. The Irony lies in fact that though the confederate flag is considered inappropriate for sale due it being "offensive" Amazon has done nothing to halt the continual sale of slave bondage simulated rape contraptions depicting women being tortured and physically abused. Guess Amazon has decided to turn down the new slogan of "50 shades of no-way" and has fully adopted 50 shades of HEY!

Jun 23, 2015

RSB Live from R.Thomas in Atlanta, Reggie Black of Better Way Health, Kevin Boulton of Organic Racing, TTP fast track, racial politics and more!
As the memories of last years good ole fashioned bird head sitting feigns from our memories, RSB is renewing that grand tradition as he broadcasts to us live today from the R. Thomas Deluxe Grill in Atlanta. RSB will be joined by other veterans in the fight for medical freedom to share their wisdom and some delicious food at this top notch vegan establishment. RSB will also be joined by Reggie Black of Better Way Health to discuss the journey his company, and the health movement has gone through in the last year, in the mutual challenge of sharing the gospel of Cancer Truth and alternative treatment protocols across the world! RSB will also be riding shotgun with Kevin Boulton of Organic Racing, to share the inspiring message that "Food is Fuel" and to discuss his crusade to capture the attention of the American public and introduce them to Organic Foods, Natural Products and Sustainability. RSB will also impart his insight regarding the dire news that the senate today voted 60 to 37 in favor of fast track authority to be granted to President Obama in regard to the sovereignty killing Transpacific Trade Partnership. RSB is also going to address the recent salvo of racial diversionary politics being rough shot over the American public. RSB will break down how the race baiting media outlets and leaders left no time in the wake of the tragic events out of Charleston, SC to reinvigorate a push for violence and censorship in the name of political correctness and safety. One example of this new agenda is surfacing in a campaign to demonize and erase the Confederate flag from products being sold in retail outlets across the country. Http://

Jun 22, 2015

FDA vs. NIH, Doc Nuzum keys to detoxification, Dr. Rashid A. Buttar and Advanced Medicine Monday, 24hr marathon blood poisonings and more!
From the feuds of the Capulets and the Montagues to the animated exchanges between vegans and bacon enthusiasts, epic rivalries have been sprinkled throughout history. RSB has one to share today which may make the record books, as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has laid down a litigatory gauntlet with the National Institute of Health (NIH) with the publishing of a 483 page, secret inter-agency health inspection. RSB will also be joined by Dr. Daniel Nuzum NMD. to discuss the importance of having practicing physicians who keep the pulse on healing, remain nimble to modify existing formulas and keep improving based on changing environmental conditions. RSB and Dr. Nuzum will also break down the significance of the 7th generation of Super Earth Energy, the potential of Fulvic acid to serve as a powerful chelator and powerful antioxidant, and the 3 keys in recovery: Stabilization, Detoxification, Fortification. RSB is joined by Dr. Rashid Buttar, for another Advanced Medicinal Monday! Out of South Korea, bystanders are being forced to wear masks in public as the MERS outbreak there has claimed 2 more lives. On the "government funded propaganda" side of the house a new poll conducted by Health Day News has proudly reported that only 1 in 5 want to actually see the unconstitutional Obamacare subsides eliminated. Last on the chop block RSB and Dr. Buttar will chime in on a medical error out of Scotland which caught doctors misdiagnosing zinc deficiencies and actually inadvertently causing copper deficiencies in their treated patients.

Jun 21, 2015

Shane England of Real Food Warriors, Remembering Dr. Bradstreet, Super Don and Op-Ed on stress management, Texas calling in their gold and more!
RSB is joined by Shane England of Real Food Warriors to break down the good the bad and the ugly of essential oils, and their many unique uses in ones journey to a healthy lifestyle. Shane England and his wife Steffanie for the past five years have been on a crusade to improve the lives of people by teaching them how to use food, herbs and essential oils to reverse many different health issues and concerns. They are passionate about educating parents who they feels must know the power that foods have to hurt or help their growing children. "If you can milk it, fish it, hunt it, grow it, pick it, or gather it -- that is REAL FOOD" is their rallying anthem, along with spreading the wisdom of why its quintessential to shop local and support farmers and ranchers in your direct vicinity. In Hour 2 Super Don and Op-Ed will be taking the reigns from RSB, who's on the road heading to the I-ACT Convention in Nashville TN. Super Don and Op-Ed are going to delve into paradigm of stress relief and relationship management, and go over some things people can do to stay calm with their family and friends as they attempt to share the counter cultural info we cover here at the Robert Scott Bell Show with others. Super Don and Op-Ed will also break down why they feel the skeptics are becoming irrelevant as more and more prima faca evidence continues to surface undermining their previously adamantly held stances. They will also break down the irony surrounding Captiol Hill, the proprietors of the pesticide peddlers Monsanto, being swarmed with over 15,000 honey bee! Http://

Jun 19, 2015

Epigenetic miasm, Dr Frank King Bio Natural Medicine Healing Revolution, elder weight loss, Liam Scheff's dentist, David Young Sounds from Higher Consciousness and more!
Ready for the weekend? Message to grandma and grandpa, despite what doctors may tell you, please avoid immunosuppressant drugs used for weight loss. Not kidding. We try to be nice to doctors, really we do, but when they want to destroy the immune systems of the elderly in order to have them shed a few pounds, politeness seems out of the question. Suffice it to say, we are not fans of eugenic weight loss centers. Lose toxic weight by eating healthy fats and organic foods! The Healing Revolution is here with Dr. Frank King as we discuss the brilliance of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and his theory of miasms, which predated modern genetics by nearly 150 years! Now contemporary geneticists acknowledge that your genes do not express in a vacuum - there are actually environmental cues and triggers that alter gene expression every day. So much for genetic determinism! Cupcakes at the dentist's office? Liam Scheff, author of Official Stories, comes back from his first dental visit in two decades with thoughts on the business of dentistry - and what's missing. But he's got shiny teeth! Then, to X-Ray or not to X-Ray? We'll ask the Pacific Ocean how it's feeling about radiation. On this half hour of the RSB show, with Liam in tow! Experience the healing music and deep meditations of Grammy-Nominated David Young. To celebrate 25 years of creating transformational, healing music and selling over 1,000,000 copies of the 55 albums he recorded from 1990-2015, David is sharing his most spiritual vocal songs on this one album. Spirituality has finally become mainstream with over twenty million Americans doing yoga and meditating each week.

Jun 18, 2015

Peter Breggin MD, Jonathan Emord, Norm Singleton and more
1,000th guest Peter Breggin MD, psychiatric shooter, medication mayhem, Sacred Fire of Liberty, Jonathan Emord, Norm Singleton, EU crash and more

Jun 17, 2015

Retraction revolution and peer reviewed science on trial, The new "Pegan Diet", Ty Bollinger CancerTruth, DDT cancer risk, freedom gardens made illegal and more!
Peer reviewed science, long touted as one of the untouchable golden calves of the academic aristocracy, is finally facing an honest analysis by the mainstream media as the New York Times this week published a piece titled "Science, Now Under Scrutiny Itself". This scathing piece has confirmed what many veterans of the health freedom movement had suspected for a long time, that not only are there an exorbitant amount of studies which cannot be replicated, but more often than not, a popularly cited study actually turns out to be retracted/pulled without the academic communities knowledge! A rap song on this subject by Science with Tom, absolutely hits this point on the head, especially with his ending "Data too good to be true? Then I guess we got more to review. Replication is always cool. But open data could solve it too." RSB will be joined by Ty Bollinger for another Outside the Box Wednesday! RSB and Ty will begin their treck into the wilderness by shedding the light on another innocuous attack on the Codex Alimentarius, being propagated by Senator Claire McCaskill, as she attempts to harass retailers who sell purportedly "dubious" brain supplements. They will also discuss another crack in the dam of the pharmaceutical cancer industrial complex, as a study from Berkley university uncovers DDT pesticide used years ago may have raised breast cancer risk of local residents. RSB will also get Ty's take on a boondoggle out of the left field of nutritional misconceptions, as concerns are raised regarding Low-fat milk being seemingly scarce in poor neighborhoods. Isn't this a good thing?

Jun 16, 2015

Parents choice ear infections crime, FDA bans trans-fats, Laura Cellini Vibrant Illinois PAC, Dr. Whatcott on homeopathic prophylaxis and more!
A common question, rhetorical or otherwise, that critical thinkers like RSB are asked about western medicine is, "What's the harm?" It's seemingly an effective ploy for short term alleviation of some aliments and has clear applications for trauma care. But what about the side effects of the often experimental synthetic drugs used in these protocols? RSB is joined by Laura Cellini, Chairmen of the Political Action Committee (PAC) Vibrant Illinois to discuss the valiant efforts of Laura and her organization, as they uphold the pillars of healthy living through legislature and educational campaigns. Sometimes things go wrong, and its a tragedy when anyone dies, but what is a greater tragedy, a child dying possibly to complications which arose from an ear infection? Or a grief stricken mother and father being charged with homicide after losing their child to unforeseeable complications associated with the unpredictable world we all live in? In Hour 2 RSB gives us his take on a recent article by Time Magazine, which purports to give us a fair cost benefit analysis regarding 9 health foods that apparently aren't worth the money! In light of the story we spoke of earlier RSB will be joined by fellow Homeopathic Doctor and author of "There Is a Choice: Homeoprophylaxis", Cilla Whatcott, to break down what options mothers have to treat and care for their children naturally with homeopathic remedies. Join us at a special conference on Homeoprophylaxis in Dallas, Texas October 2-4, 2015! Lastly, the day would not be complete without some off-the-wall intriguing news from the realm of Super Don, as a study from a team of British and Papua New Guinean scientists concluded eating the brains of dead relatives could help build immunity to dementia!

Jun 15, 2015

Hospitals caught marking costs up 1000%, ADHD menopause, Echo H2O Paul Barattiero, H2 for colon cancer, Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, obesity epidemic and more!
For-profit hospitals have been caught marking up prices by more than 1,000 percent, touting that there's nothing to stop them. RSB will also break down how the push to prescribe ADHD medication to menopausal women ties in to the overall systemic corruption our disease management system masquerading as healthcare. RSB will also be joined by Paul Baratierro founder of Echo Water to dissect a recent study which shows that hydrogen water may enhance the fight against colon cancer and another study purporting that americas children are prodigally dehydrated. In Hour 2 RSB is joined by the ever insightful Dr. Rashid Buttar for another mind blowing Advanced medicine Monday! First issue on the operating table is the ever growing epidemic of obesity in the world, as a McKinsey Global Institute report warns half the world's population could be obese by 2030. RSB and Dr. Buttar will also delve into the world of orthodontics as they answer how extracting a tooth can possibly lead to cardiac arrest. They will also tackle the significance of the discovery of a immune system mechanism that attacks viruses such as the rotavirus. In our "moments of duh" today, RSB will attempt to hold back his "facepalm reaction" as we delve into the stories, "Exercise, diet or both may protect against excess pregnancy weight" and Chris Christies comment that "women's viagra pill will only increase lesbianism".

Jun 14, 2015

CPS kidnaps campers, Monsanto goes sustainable, Cop eats pot brownie and threatens disabled owner, AMA censorship crusade and more!
Remember a time in America when families would freely go camping in the summertime, cook smores over an open flame and be lulled to slumber in their tents by the sounds of nature and the comfort of their cozy sleeping bags? A Michigan sheriff seemingly doesn't, evident from his facilitation of the seizure of 6 children by CPS, from a family for the heinous crime of camping without running water and electricity! In other parental-rights-trampling news, parents of an 11 year old floridian boy were arrested, and their child seized, after making the grievous mistake of leaving their son home alone to play basketball in their own yard. In Hour 2 RSB will give us his take on the announcement of a new crusade of censorship and academic bullying by the jokers at the American Medical Association, who plan to actively "defend the medical profession" by clamping down on "quack MD's" who spread pseudoscience in the media. Is censorship the new skepticism? Speaking of skepticism, RSB will share the recent exploits of our resident pseudo-skeptic slayer, Hoofnagle The Science Cat, who has been busy striking fear into the hearts of dogmatic totalitarians across the web. Homegrown Health's Joni Abbott joins in as well!

Jun 12, 2015

Dr. Frank King King Bio Natural Medicine Adrenal fatigue and Ragland's blood pressure test, Skeptics: leaky gut denialism, Chris YirmeYah Bar Yhvh Barraza silica, Liam Scheff friday food bonanza and more!
RSB is joined by fellow natural healing revolutionary Dr. Frank King, author of The Healing Revolution, to share another episode about the wonders of taking control of your health through proper diet and nutrition. RSB and Dr. King will first talk about the upcoming I-ACT Convention in Nashville, which they will both be attending in June, and the talks and speeches they are looking forward to digesting. RSB and Dr. King will then delve into the interesting world of adrenal glands and the pro and anti inflammation hormones. Can "Adrenal Fatigue" be exercise induced? Our resident experts will weigh in on this question along with expanding on the balance of fitness efficiency, sporting edge and muscle maximizer formulas. In Hour 2 RSB is joined by holistic whole food nutrition crusader Chris Barr, who will delve into the intricacies of disease treatment with holistic protocols and what he's been up to since his last appearance on the show. RSB and Chris will also address a commonly asked inquiry to the show regarding Silica and advise to healing Osteoarthritis naturally. RSB is also joined by the ever fascinating Liam Scheff, author of Official Stories, to talk food food and more food in our very own friday food bonanza! First on the plate is the palate of Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods, who RSB and Liam both like and dislike, but both agree is effective at spreading the news about interesting food, especially the Durian fruit. Http://

Jun 11, 2015

#BlackLivesMatter joins #CDCwhistleblower, Rand Paul's statesmanship, AMA Super-PAC, Paul Ryan and republican TPP smokescreen and more!
RSB is joined today by Jonathan Emord, to lend a helpful hand in keeping the Sacred Fire of Liberty burning strong. First question on the plate, is Rand Paul through? Or only for disaffected outsiders? RSB will dissect the truth behind the statesmanship as we all wonder if he hasn't given up on being the "reasonable about criminal justice" republican. In the world of medicinal tyranny, RSB will give us his take on the intentions of the newly inaugurated President of the American Medical Association, Steven J. Stack, MD, announcing the formation of a Super PAC to help put more physicians in positions of political power. In Hour 2 RSB will excitedly share what many have dubbed the "awakening of the sleeping giant" as the African-American community joins the fight against SB277 and the Tuskegee-like crimes of mandatory vaccines that ultimately have destroyed black and white lives alike. Being a subject close to RSB's heart, he will analyze a plethora of questions which have arisen in the wake of this adjoining in the days to come, but today he will specifically address, "Is the black community finally waking up to vaccine discrimination?". RSB will also break down the lunacy surrounding one of the more popular products of "for-profit pharmacology", as a study links heartburn medication to increased heart attack risk.

Jun 10, 2015

SB 277 passes committee, Dr. Christian Bogner and Cannabis Autism treatment, Chimp boozing, 2015 Gates letter, Pentagon loses.5 Trillion, Ty Bollinger CancerTruth and more!
RSB is joined by a fellow patriot in the medical fight, Dr. Christian Bogner, M.D, author of "The Endocannabinoid System as it Relates to Autism" and co-author of a petition to add Autism as a qualifying condition to obtain medical cannabis. From testifying at the Michigan general assembly to running the Facebook awareness page "Let it Grow for Autism", Dr. Bogner is taking the path less traveled in the battle to bring real solutions to those being butchered by the Medical aristocracy. RSB has some disconcerting news o


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